Bug Sue

Close to my cubicle there is a phone located in an aisle of assembly’s production area. Late in the afternoon when most of dayshift has gone home it becomes very quiet throughout the building. Sometimes during that part of my shift I am frequently sitting in front of my computers monitoring tests and filling out spreadsheets. If I’m not tapping away making racket on my keyboard you’d probably never know I was there. At least I assume you’d be oblivious to my presence. Especially if you were being loud and obnoxious, babbling insanity non stop over that nearby phone.

That’s what a blonde haired lady whom I call Bug Sue does on days when she bothers to come in to work. She either doesn’t care if anyone is listening to her nutty conversations or she’s too jacked up on Meth to notice. Bug Sue is a classic Meth Chick(tm) if I ever seen one. She’s weathered in a bad way like a worn out middle aged stripper. Her hair is usually unkept, she’s got sores all over her arms, and her clothes are dirty. Whenever Bug Sue is around I try to avoid becoming entangled in conversations with her. To be honest I don’t even want to be within fifty feet of the woman. I keep a low profile.

The reason why I nicknamed her Bug Sue is because she’s covered from head to toe in bugs. Naturally. Why else would I call her Bug Sue? Some of the creatures are purely imaginary, and some are very real. Little remains of her mind thanks to being burned out on Meth. Her imaginary bugs are big enough that when she thinks one is crawling on her skin she tries to scrape it off. Scraping can be performed with anything from fingernails to a screwdriver. It’s all good. That’s where some of the sores on her arms are coming from. The real bugs are too small for Bug Sue to see with the naked eye. Those bugs are called Scabies. Scabies are microscopic mites that burrow into an infected person’s skin causing sores. As you can imagine, Bug Sue has many different kinds of scabs and lesions visible because she is constantly scratching at herself. Scabies happens to be highly contagious. Another reason for me to stay away from her at all times.

I learned of Bug Sue’s scabies from one of her colorful phone conversations. Apparently she picked up a bum from under a bridge or down by the railroad tracks and brought him home to have lots of rowdy sex. He’s no longer homeless thanks to Bug Sue’s kindness and he has rewarded her with plenty of fresh hot-off-the-miscreant scabies. Mmmmm yummy. Lately Bug Sue hasn’t been able to drive herself to work though because her car done did broke down. So she has been hitch hiking to and from the factory suckin’ off lowlifes for transportation. This has also been brought to my attention thanks to Bug Sue’s mentally ill phone use.

While all of this behavior makes me cringe, I wasn’t too concerned until yesterday. When Bug Sue arrived in the area she brought a can of bug spray with her. That was entirely unexpected. It appeared to be of the Black Flag/Raid variety. Straight up poison. She set the can of insecticide on her workbench and proceeded to build an instrument. As Bug Sue pulled PC boards one by one out of their protective packaging, she hosed down each board with poison. The circuitry was completely contaminated with chemicals that are not good for electronics. In fact those boards were most likely ruined causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Bug Sue claimed PC boards were infecting her with critters. To prove it she placed a white paper cup on her workbench. The paper cup was for trapping bugs as they crawled off circuit boards onto her arms. She happily announced capturing a few of those pesky beasts.

Shortly after a supervisor had Bug Sue removed from the area I walked to her workbench. Peeking inside that paper cup insect jail I saw nothing, of course. I concluded that Meth-vision was required in order to see the captive bugs.


~ by factorypeasant on July 28, 2006.

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  1. Eeeewwwwww!!
    While it is true that Bill and Dave’s was full of good people, it was equally full of fidiots. It was never boring, that’s for sure. Makes me wish that I captured some of these people on paper myself.

  2. i just threw up in my mouth a little….


  3. lb- i agree. most of the employees i had to deal with were very competent, hard workers. over the years i made many friendships and generally had a pretty good time. however, they aren’t much fun to write about. it’s the freaks, fuckups, and losers that make for interesting writing and stories. don’t you think?

    this incident went on for far too long and was exasperated by Halfshirt. he failed to deal with Bug Sue so things dragged on and on. one guy, Eric H. kept complaining directly to management (if i remember right) and they ignored him.

    Shitf00t also had a real problem with Bug Sue when he found out she was using his desk chair at night. i mean, he was really angry. can’t say as i blame him because he could have become infected with her filth.

    management should not have allowed Bug Sue to stay with us as long as they did. there’s no excuse for it.

    terry- neat. and don’t forget what i told ya about ditching books at the library. that shit is for reals.

  4. i think that was my mom,,,

    you best treat her nice!



  5. you stop!
    leave my brother out of this.
    he is the innocent one here!

    sherri j.

  6. If I recall correctly, Sherri J. was bragging about what an animal Tony was in bed in that really long 100+ comment post. Now Tony is Sheri J.’s brother? On top of all of Tony’s other flaws, it turns out that Tony has wild passionate sex with his own sister. I don’t think even Shitfoot ever accused him of that. Fan-fucking-tastic.

    Vernon D.

  7. Shitf00t reminded me the other day that Bug Sue was his girlfriend. yeah!

  8. Howdy Ya’ll,
    Been lookin’ fer ya, I heard ole’
    Tony was kickin it over here cause
    Boomer wus lookin fer him…..
    That tru???????????????

  9. aight everybudy,,,
    that IS NOT ME writin that junk and sherri IS NOT MY sista,,i dont know who knows what they aint suppose to know but one thing for sure is that that other posting with the intials,, tr is not me.do not use my name and other thing is why.why does everyone want to fuk around like that all the freekin time.this is gettin dum and patetic.let it go startin now


    ruff ruff ruff.i feel a silent but
    deadly coming on. im going to rub my wormy mangy itchy dog butt on sherrif’s knees. poot : doggy gas

    Deputy Dawg

  11. boomer,,,
    are you tellin shariff or whatever to go after me,,,whats up???

  12. i’m sorry tony. iwas confused. i didnt mean it. im sorry. i love you. forgive me.

    sherri j.

  13. I see what is going on here. I am the real Sherry J. and I was asked again to make a few comments on Anthony’s behalf. These previous messages from “TR and Sherry j” are not genuine. They are fakes. I am the real Sherry and let me tell you something, that man who I call a friend, companion and one hell of a lover is sweet and nothing of sort that is painted of him on here. Believe me when I tell you that he is not gay. He proves his manhood to me whenever I let him and I will tell you ladies you don’t know what your missing. All he wants is his name to be left out of this bizarre discussion which does appear to me to be a smear campaign waged against a nice guy who no one bothers to get to know. But of course this is the internet where this sort of thing gets you guys’ rocks off. I have a tip for you all: Maybe if you get a real life, you won’t have to verbally assault a man you don’t even know.

  14. sherri,,,thanks very much.

  15. Sherry,

    Your excellent punctuation, grammar and spelling skills are getting me so hot.

    Please post a photo of your hands.


  16. sherri j. is right… i need a real life! but at least im not bangin’ my sista!


  17. I met Anthony several years ago and I was told to write a few things about him.
    Contrary to what is being said about Tony, he is sweet,adorable, and an animal in bed contrary to all stories that were written about him. He has all the right moves and knows when to use them when he is on the tap floor or toll booth.

    Last week he let me have cutsees at the welfare line each day. He also gave me a very very generous gift card for Walmart and he is planning on flying me and my other boyfriend to Bakersfield for the week.

    I cant understand why anyone would dislike someone because he is retarded and homosexual.

    Rodney M.

  18. dammit!
    i already told you bullys to leave
    us alone! you will regret this bs!



  19. assholes!

  20. i fat up with this dum bs,,,
    i aint say not one thing and you all are tryin vary hard to get me on my nerves,,im much beter then that,all these anons and mafukin asholes for trying to front and dont give any resons or nothing.yall are week and dum.i backed up all my shit and not one can back theres.
    someway somehow in some way i know boomers the one thats doin this with si and sholaces to probally.dont mater cause i gots the homies,,benjis,cnotes and the ladies,,not to mention all my music and all my cloths that most only see on mtv and cargills.thats what you have and live wid it den.no body never ever steped up,,not even the time when i told boomer and he just went stright to the dam silly one linars that aint funny and no of my homies thought so to.you all are dum and keep playin while i holla at the ladies and rack in the cash,im out and have fun in your comp world borfinas,,im better then that,,i can tell you that for sure,,
    later non backing frontin sticks

  21. one last thing,,,
    my homies wanted to unlesh terror plan 2 to give boomer and his clones the same medacine as beforeand i said no,,that proves that i got more class and i asked one of my laddys to speek out and everybdy now is making fun with stupid bs,,that proves it.
    bunch of idotis to the highist decree.

  22. Tony was born by cesarean birth. Not that you notice, but he leaves the house through the window….club foot first.

  23. yup. My man has a clubfoot thats why he be at the club with his homies. My man gots moves that makes his club feet wanna club. Got anything else to say funny man? Nice that you stole that from JMacs-I’l make sure to let him now someone is copying his material.


  24. thanks for helping us out glock.
    we really needed it. i dont know how a man that can fuck my brains out cant spell worth a damn. but i love him anyway. tony,where are you taking me out shopping next sugar daddy? tahiti
    sounds good. all of you fools are just jealous because my man can support a whole posse of street walkers. any of
    you slices want some of the wet hoochy coochie. im 2 blocks south of the airport. internet special: name your price! just ask for “cherry forever”

    sherri j.

  25. Sherry sounds so hot!

    I’d be really into a freaky slut that is down for publicly talking about her incestuous hook-ups with the mentaly handicaped.

    With a gal like that I won’t have to break her in too much for the freaky, nasty things I want to do with her.

  26. priceless!

    although i wouldnt be able to get it up fer her unless i knew that they werent bro and sis. i could deal with it if they were first cousins.
    thats hawwwt! spread the hiv+ yo

    zodiac killer

  27. yo sherri j.

    fo reels? i down fo dat! post yo cell#


  28. lisen up freeks,,,
    great nite at the dj booth sogo head and make all the dum assonine comments youll want,,the deal is is that nothin what anybody says dont matter nothin to me and thats is that jack,,you think im bother by any of this crep???i stil got all the stuff that i mentioned before and then some,,now what stil aint nobody sayin nothin bout nobody that aint here cause it aint-got it???,,,i still gots my squeezs and then sum and everythin.guess what,,4cnotes from mixn tonite another 7 cnotes from the biz tomorra now what???i gets game and flava on AND off the table,,si gone,sholecesgone and boomer gone,,now what???im still here come on come all,.ask me what going on this weekend with wesley bielski and youall know who im talkin about,,got a feedin frenzie at coba carbinada,,,what now???i might by ANOTHER RIDE on friday and im a dummy??stick to the comp and step cause i like it lik dat CUZ I GOTS IT LIKE DAT.on top of that i won a 100 cakers from playin bones with sir leanard and the house master lee ‘hit and spin’ nelson..if yall are that thaen you know the deel and i m through talkin to chumps that dont know what or where time it is
    yo ll have a good life in the comp world

  29. to my dearest sherri j.

    hoe go home and wash out yo beaver.

    to spinmeister. yep i heard of all dem fools. wait no i didnt. i never even heard of tr?

  30. Hello everybody

    I’d like to tell you what a wonderful guy Anton is considering he called me at 3 AM to do so. Anton smooth talked me a few months back into a mercy screw. He was so smooth that he promised to take me to Disneyland for three days. We were gonna stay at the Grand Californian. I took time off from work to get ready to go and Anton calls me up on the very day we were to go telling me that his work needed him and we would leave the next day. I don’t hear from the bastard til 2 days later. He tells me some emergency came up and was sorry. I wasted me 2 days off waiting around for the jerk just to find out he was at The Mill with his friends clubbing and trying to pull the same lines on the women as he pulled on me in hopes of getting a sympathy screw. It gets better, he calls me up and sets up plans for the next weekend with some other floosie while trying to two time me. Last night he tries to guilt me into sex and when that doesn’t work, he asked me to write some stuff on this website. Little did he know that I also found out about Delisha who he was “working on”.

    Anthony, if your going to play me like a fool you got to be more careful you idiot. Jannelle told me the whole story and how did you all of a sudden get a british accent? Pretty sad how as you got more drunk you couldn’t keep your gangsta/accent thing straight.

    I want confirmation that you set up reservations for that trip you promised me by tomorrow morning. The only difference is that I will be going with Terrell. At least he will last longer than 2 minutes,little man. If you don’t set this up then I will have to go into all the other things that you would not want written on here. Your a rich little spoiled brat who knows how to make people feel sorry for you. Thank you for sending me this link where “I just had to” post some bullshit on here for you. Is this ok you two timing manipulating, lying, insecure son of a bitch? I think it is. Check your answering machine for details on my trip that you need to book. I’m giving you til tomorrow morning.


  31. Let me echo the comments of Anonymous a couple of comments earlier. Anthony, Factory Peasant has been kind enough to post several photos of himself and some of the pleople he hangs out with. Look at them. He’s also left enough clues about the community he lives in, the job he has, and who he hangs out with that, while I’m not going to blow the actual city and company he works for, it’s clearly not in the hood and the electronics company he works for is not Death Row Records or any of its competitors. Take a look at the picture of him and four friends posing in front of the Oldsmobile and ask yourself, “Do any of these people know who ‘Sir Leanard’ or ‘Wesley Bielski’ are?” (I’m assuming both names are misspelled). While you hang out with guys named Skeez, Glock, and J-Macs, factory peasant hangs with people like Bizkits and Adult Baby Diaper Man. In other words, people who don’t keep up do date with Vibe’s Top-Ten record spinners. Thus, when you name drop, please include a description since you are mistaken in your belief that we all know who these people are. The one exception is Dangerous D, who worked at a rap station, but is, as you’ve read, retarded.

  32. Kara,
    Thats cold blooded and uncalled for. You so wrong.

  33. damn,

    that girl kara put some j4 on the flames here! you go girl! fo reels


  34. Moneys gone I’m gone. Bye bye anton

    sherri j

  35. sherri j.

    come on by my way. i got a ten spot
    for ya’ that should be good a for at least a week. wink wink. parTyfavs are extra.


  36. damn you won dog,

    you wiped the floor with these slices. now you can leave with honor. those fools aint even sayinnothin!they been gone and aregonna
    stay gone. god job t.r spinthatshit
    for me this weekend.


  37. toni
    its time for tea and crumpets old chap! Dont forget Shakesparen theatre comes on at 9’oclock.

    The Butler

  38. Wait a minute. WHO won? Two of the ladies he’s always bragging about have joined Skeez in completely abandoning Tony. One, like Skeez, is blackmailing him, threatening to publish embarassing information unless he buys her and one of his homies a plane ticket or something. I assume that the “floor wiping” that our good friend Spam is referring to is the fact that Tony knows Wesley Bielski and we don’t. I agree that that was a solid knee to the groin and it threw me off my game for a little bit, but it doesn’t really qualify as a floor wiping.

  39. we are waiting outside the club
    chillin til sir gimps alot strolls
    by. then we pull out the sawed offs
    and start pumpin 000 buckshot.po-po
    gonna have to do a dna test to i.d this mofo.not much will be left.

    pin you later,

    trenchers’ mafiosi

  40. Psssst it’s me tony your old friend and long neck lover, Wild Turkey. Forget these fools my man and come to me, I’m the only one who truly understands you. All these so called friends and lovers they don’t have your best interest in mind, they just want to embarrass you and laugh at you. I’ll take care of you just consume me tony consume me to your hearts content. Remember how I used to get you laid by any woman you wanted? Yes that’s right take some of me in and let your imagination run wild then run into the bathroom drop your drawers, close your eyes then you would have her. Just remember not to consume too much of me before hand or you will get whiskey dick and you will be beaten that sucker all night and get open sores again.

    Come to me tony consume me, consume me I will make this all go away. I can also make you an awesome dj.

    Wild Turkey

  41. Call me crazy but Im sorta attracted to Tony. Kinda like the fascination some people have with scott peterson, charles manson and kato kalin to name a few.He’s the internet bad boy and in deep trouble. Im also ape shit over vladamir Putin…anyone else feel the same or am I just crazy?

    Shelly j.

  42. i find myself strangely attracted to tony also. i dont know why???

  43. tony!

    do you ever read the good book my son? do you remember the story of
    daniel trapped in the lions den???
    think about it deep and hard. our
    lord will show you the true path to
    righteousness. pray for strength &
    HIS protection from these venomous
    heathens… but then again YOU threw the first stone. AMEN
    i’ll be praying for you tony!
    remember the lord sees all. he is
    watching YOU!

  44. I have the same problem shelly. I’m bonkers over Hugo Chavez, Bill Clinton, Karl Sagan,Herve Villachez and Bob Sagat…boy what a small world!

    Shania j

  45. I too find myself attracked to Tony….wierd

    Steve j

  46. my mommie was a prostitute. just like sherry j. one of her ‘dates’gave her hep C while she was preggers, now i have it. im pasty,pale, very week and ill. i dont have much of a will to live anymoremy liver burns with hep C. but after reading this post, i can feelgood about myself. knowing that agrown “man” out there is weaker than me. this is better than make awish foundation could ever be!!!

    thank you tony rutledge!

    you are my hero



  47. thanks little girl.
    actually i prefer streetwalker or
    escort. your kind words have helped
    me think about my life and how i
    should change it. so… its fire
    sale down here on the corner! $10
    BBBJ’s and FREE bitchslaps!

  48. mkay i see all of dem loonys is out tonight whetever,,,right vern liked you never hearded of thos people i talking abot,,,next you tell me you never haerd of the dibolical lipchitts or teh oof coler moosings of tod fillmore,,yeah dats right i hangs wit them too,,,as soon as you do ur littl enter net search on them you be the first in line to suck my stick,,the resto f this stuff is just stoopid and not tru,,,

  49. tony R.

    rocks da house i love him!

    did i just get hypnotized into saying
    that??? do si do???


  50. ooohhhh, sheri……….
    you talkin’ bout’ kato katlin agin’ ???? He got that rumpled hair and butter face??? Gawd girl,
    quit it now!! you know you caint’ talk that way!!

  51. Ok I give up.Who the hell is lee “hit and spin” nelson and wesley bielski?

  52. Yes, you are correct Tony, the next thing I’m going to tell you is that I have never hearded of either “dibolical lipchitts” or Tod Fillmore. I took your advice and did an enter net search on “dibolical lipchitts” and not surprisingly, nothing came up. Just for the hell of it, I also did an enter net search on “Diabolical Lipschitz” and wow, you guessed it, nothing came up there either. I imagine there are a few other spellings of “Lipschitz”, “Lipchitts” not being among them, but I didn’t bother with them.

    My enter net query on “Tod Fillmore” was more rewarding. There were lots of them, the most famous of which was Dr. Tod Fillmore, the dean of the English department at Oxford University. He could be a good resource for you Tony. Hang out with him more often. Maybe he’d be wiling to proofread your posts?

    So, seeing as once again you are a complete poser, your stick will have to stay in your pants for the time being. I won’t be sucking on it just yet, and apparently neither will Sherri J. or Kara.

  53. he so hott!!!!

  54. bIG Milton’s a gOOFY gOOBER……

  55. Vernon
    I think the pevious tony post you are replying to is a fugassi.Notice the deliberate misspelling of “the”. I did a quick review of other Tony posts and found this one in question as suspect. My guess is someone is taking advantage of Tony’s situation and that Tony has bigger issues to worry about aka getting Terrell and his prosti to Disneyland before more personal info about him is divulged.

  56. Yo Vern!

    You have some brass balls making fun of someone else for bad spelling. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! In your last lame post alone, I caught the following.

    hearded instead of heard
    dibolical instead of diabolical
    enter net instead of internet (several times)

    Dude, instead of making fun of others to make up for your own inadequacies, take a fifth grade ESL class and learn how to spell yourself. Factory Peasant, great blog. I hate to see it ruined by hypocrite assholes like Vern.

  57. MK- thanks for the compliments on the blog and all. hope you dig the stories.

    don’t worry about the crackpot ‘locals’ in here commenting their brains out and dishing out constant beatdowns upon one another. the shit isn’t wrecking anything and it’s actually quite funny. so kick back grab a beer and enjoy teh trolling flame wars. yeah!

  58. Yeah OK MK. Sure, whatever you say. I’d take you up on that ESL class except, hmmm, come to think of it, I didn’t misspell any of those words you mentioned. For a while, people who quoted Tony’s misspelled words put them in quotes to make it really stand out that they were using Tony’s originally misspelling and pointing out that it was his misspelling, not theirs. I thought that kind of slowed down the reading, so I left the quotes off, figuring that everyone would realize that I was recreating Tony’s shitty-ass spelling. Bad assumption apparently. So look back at Tony’s post and you’ll discover that the three words you noticed were misspelled the exact same way in his post. I’m MAKING FUN of him, get it? Dipshit.

    Hot Carl, you may be right. It could be a counterfeit Tony post. I hadn’t noticed the “teh” misspelling. Good catch. It’s kind of hard to tell when Tony is making an intentional misspelling versus a regular old “monkey hitting random keys on the keyboard” misspelling since I’m guessing that a full 50% of his words are misspelled in some way or another.

    It’s hard to say which posts are authentic and which are bogus, but I’m really REALLY hoping that the Kara blackmail post is true. Please, please let it be true! It would so much help me retain my faith in a loving, just God if Tony had to pay plane fare so that his former lover could screw his friend instead of him. And then, after that, STILL post a lot of embarassing stuff about him. Please please please.

  59. I heard Tony does the “Rusty Trombone” with Big Milton…
    Thats just what I heard……

  60. that bug-sue sure does sound like a
    fine hot thing. i love crab tacos.
    but that tony… boy im REALLY up
    into THAT. i got a job that needs
    doing in the basement. drop on by

    John Wayne Gacy

    paint by numbers anyone?

  61. hey! where be that 2 minute wonder
    in the sack, tony rutledge at?
    thugs just wanna know.

    Sucka M.C.

  62. I heard Tony does the “Polished Guitar” with Little Morton…
    Thats just what I was told……

  63. Hope all you slices are happy now!! Anton was arrested early this morning for indecent exposure. That’s right you fools got him so pissed off that he got stinkin’ drunk and stripped all his gear off and took off down the street. I wish me or one of the other g’s woulda been there to prevent it, but shit we got are own stuff to deal wit. It’s prolly a good thing he did get arrested, apparently when five o got to him he was tryin’ to shoot himself in the eye with a bottle rocket.


  64. omg! pricless.
    the other part of this story is
    that earlier on this fateful day
    tony was trying to finalize
    the deal on the new hummer he wanted. unfortunately it was in
    the backseat with “king of cars”,
    Chop Tobin. well, Chop didnt like
    the “hummer” that tony was giving.
    tony was accused of frontin’ on
    a bj. too bad for tony he was
    blowing instead of sucking…….
    his poor little ego was broken yet


  65. Yall are sick. I aint even gonna explain myself but ya’ll go ahead and laugh at a man who in pain. You all are boomaz who brough it on and I gots a rhyme for all you suckas…

    If I gotsta bring it to you cowards then it’s gonna be quick, aight All your mens up in the jail before, suck my dick and all them other cats you run with, get done with, dumb quick How the fuck you gonna cross the dog with some bum shit? Aight There go the gun click, nine one one shit
    All over some dumb shit, ain’t that some shit Y’all boomaz remind me of a strip club, cause everytime
    you come around, it’s like I just gotta get my dick sucked
    And I don’t know who the fuck you think you talkin to but I’m not him, aight slim? So watch what you do Or you gon’ find yourself, buried next to someone else
    and we all thought you loved yourself But that couldn’t have been the issue, or maybe
    they just sayin that, now cause they miss you Shit a boomer tried to diss you That’s why you layin on your back, lookin at the roof of the church Preacher tellin the truth and it hurts now dont it boomaz?

    Whaddup now? think yall can rhyme…hell naw. ooh and A-Man isn’t even fazed by all you clowns he taking care of business and doing what needs to be done. Fools.


  66. jmacs…

    stepin fetchit for the tony.

    how many benjis does it take to get
    to the center of your tootsie pop?
    you dont need to cover for him cuz
    we ALL know tony rang away…


  67. “…laugh at a man who in pain…”

    and later

    “ooh and A-Man isn’t even fazed by all you clowns he taking care of business and doing what needs to be done…”

    Sounds to me that tony is taking care of business while being in alot of pain.


  68. God you’re a dork JMacs.

  69. yo, vernon d i’ll try to be dumber than jmacs…

    waitin fo jmacs to leave. i got
    another trick up my sleeve.
    clubstep to the back of the house
    looked in, tony was passed out.
    i look around and then i climb in.
    tied up that bitch and gagged her
    too. im gonna clown this silly ass
    foo. look around fo shit to steal.
    find hundreds of bengis tony starts
    to squeel.3 kicks to the head shuts
    her up. where is sherri j????
    its time to fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    smash yo turntables and burn all yo
    clothes. they was fake u frontin’
    ass ho. scooped up the cash and all
    the bling. almost forgot 1 last thing. i look hi and look lo, find yo keys to the hummer its time to go. laughing as i set fire to yo shack… to bad i just stabbed you
    in the back.

    Sucka M.C.

  70. i know i know
    then tony rang away hahaha


  71. hey tony,

    unbreak my heart. where are my tickets to the opera???????


  72. Ya know, speaking of fugazis, I just went back to that really long 119 comment post where Sherri J. first decided to put in her two cents. A few of the “Sherri J.” comments here are quite suspect, but I noticed that even in the one that backed up Tony completely, she seems to have spelled her name with a “y” instead of an “i”. Now I wouldn’t put it past Tony to misspell his own name three times in the same post, and I have noticed it spelled “Toni”, but I smell a rat. I’m guessing that someone has been juggling a few too many characters and has gotten confused. The otherwise good spelling in the posts seem to preclude being written by Tony himself. I’d be really impressed if someone who actually COULD spell was able to mimic such bad spelling. If so, my hat’s off to you, anonymous sir. I once tried myself in a fake ransom note and didn’t succeed.

    That leaves the question of who. I tend to believe it’s a guy because I’ve never met a woman who could be called a whore as many times as she has, even by strangers, and not lash out.

  73. tru dat vernon.

    i was wonderin about that ‘y’ in sherri now myself… much props to kara and “sinclair” and all the rest for their time and for helping to pound nails into tonys coffin. heheh

  74. tick-tock-tick-tock…
    almost! the clock is ticking. im gonna
    win this bet you dunce weehee!!!!!!!
    not much longer until….. i win!!!!!

    soon to be winnar!

  75. Vern-I believe the first Sherri post was authentic followed by imposters trying to bait Tony and his clubbers out.With all that has been revealed about Tony (thanks to Kara and Sinclair) I doubt he will ever show his face on here again unless he enjoys being systemically pummeled into oblivion.His “homies” seem to only add more ammo rather than defending his image which I believe has finally sunk into to tony and his group…we shall see if I am right.

    Hot Carl

  76. ok,

    back to ‘normal’ mode…
    bug sue used to stink like an ashtray. NOT your garden variety ashtray. she stunk more like a toxic dump asstray. this prize pig used to keep half smoked cig butts
    in her bra. *gross* that + b.o. +
    dumpster dust and meth-moose
    halitosis made for a pungent yet
    rancid odor.

    this ‘lady’ must havebeen the inventor of the *dumpster-dive*. i have personally witnessed her olympic style of trash trinket
    gathering. she was like a magpie
    that had every shiny useless shred
    of junk catch her eye.

    immersing herself fully into the muck, she would disappear underneath for about 5 minutes. then gleefully emerge with double
    fistfulls of refuse, usually of
    the glittery metal variety. pleased
    with herself, she would mosey back to the production line(after another smoke) and try to show off her wares.

    she used to ask me if i wanted any of it… i always said no! whatever she didnt take home,she left on her workstation…

    METH the jet-fuel of all freeks.
    i wonder if she is living under a bridge now?????

  77. I think Sherri J. has done two legit posts (one in this comment round and one in the 119 comment round). Clearly, all but at most one in this round are bogus. You could be right that they ALL are. ALL of her posts make Tony and her look bad. I just see the two (what I believe) true posts as making him and her look bad without the author necessarily realizing it.

    It’s quite obvious that many of Tony’s defenders are the same person. This can be established by a line by line analysis noting similarities in writing style, or with less effort, by a proof by contradiction. Assume that all the pro-Tony posters are in fact different people. There have been about a dozen different tags. This would imply that Tony has at least twelve defenders. Cutting that number in half to leave off the people who still think he’s a douchebag, but are genuinely offended that people are picking on someone who is mentally retarded, that still leaves Tony with six friends. Assuming that half of those 6 are not really friends and are simply posting because Tony is paying them, that still leaves three people who are willing to come to his defense out of pure friendship. In other words, Tony has three actual friends. Impossible.

    It is fun to try to figure out who’s who in this whole thing. One thing I am sure of though is that we haven’t seen the last of Tony and his minnions. Numerous people including me have lost bets predicting Tony is gone for good, but he has proven to be quite a masochist and keeps returning for more.

  78. aight everyone lisen up,,,
    dont worry about what i do,,wory whats goin on in your house.i got everything undr control and all or everthing here that was said by the peeps that did or didnt say but saidit anyway are just plane wrong anyway.youll dont know the whole story bout kara so go on and make dumass jokes cuz it dont matter,,i got it all taken care of so just foget everything unles you like livin large in the comp world then do whats you gots to do while i do what i need to do.another thing,,,if youll were that then you would know who im mafukin talkin about if not then youll dont have nothin to back yourshit end of story,,just continue with your biz and live me the fuk out of everythin and anything you say,.
    do not use my name
    do not talk about me
    or say nothin about me.
    i told my fellas to chill out and call it done,,,got it?so if you all think im mad and upset and all this bs you all wrong as shit.im eating mafukin frish poe-me-doors rite of the fukin vines that youll only can get at the the supermaket and cans.nothin what anybody says dont meen shit to me,,lets grow up now and move along and quit harasing me,,youll dont know the hole story anyway and dont be lookin more stupid by goin on with this nosense got it???.

  79. geez what a “freeking” “idot”. Hey, Tony did kara at least let you watch?

  80. tony was in the city jail for punching kara in the back of the head. he had to hock the hummer toget bailed out.
    he also dropped the
    soap during shower time. this might
    never end???


  81. redead,,,
    thats all you got??you cant say noithin bout what i just told you bout???,,now sont you feel stupad about not able to stickin to the point instead you just want to be a stick??,,is that it?nobodys sayin nothin but you theonly won playin games,,everybody movin on accept you stick,,stop playin a redead and say somethin or quit hiding by writin dum shit,,,dummas

  82. Sombody explain this quote from tony for me.

    “i got everything undr control and all or everthing here that was said by the peeps that did or didnt say but saidit anyway are just plane wrong anyway.”

    Now what the fuck does that mean. First to figure it out gets a prize.

  83. Yo Tony thanks for driving me and kara to disneyland and paying for everything. One thing though next time you get your own room dog. I know you need some pointers and everything so you can go more than two minutes but damn dude I aint no exhibitionist.

    Peace out.

  84. yoyoyo,

    i gots another… wtf does this mean??????

    “mafukin frish poe-me-doors rite of the fukin vines”

    first one who figures this out, gets to pee on toni’s taco stand…


  85. redead,,,
    here what it means it mean you need to grab a class on reeding dumass,,,lemme translate into stupid for you…peeple who say shit just to say it but dont say it and say it anyway are wrong-got it???dumass anything else you gots to stay litle boy???

  86. hey redead,,,
    wtf means what the fuk,.dumas.

  87. Hmm. Maybe if we improve the grammar, it will make more sense. I’ll give it a try.

    “I have everything under control, and all or everything here that was said by the people who did or didn’t say, but said it anyway are just plain wrong anyway.”

    Nope. Still doesn’t make any sense.

  88. nobody nows nothin bout what kara said and the deel with terrel so step cuz youll dont know shit,,,anything else pumkass???i think so

  89. Wow, that was fast. Four posts in the time it took for me to write mine.

  90. vern,,,
    thanks bro,,i aint sayin i have the best gramar but whatever,you know what im mean and finaly somebody gets on hear not being a dumass like the redeads tryin to start bs all over again,,

  91. That can’t be it vern. lol tony just explained what he meant and said the exact same thing.lolol What a complete dumbass.I guess if he took his stick out of his hand he could type better.

  92. im out,tired of this comp world stuff and bs and punkas idiots and im startin to get realy freekin erritated,,time for my real world not like youll comp world freeks,,botom line, youall dont know the story,,keep rightin this stupid dtuff,none of my homies are laffin or think its funny anyway.

  93. Hey, thanks back at you. No, I don’t know what you mean, even after you translated it into stupid. Can you translate into stupider for me? I wanna win that prize.

  94. i got a stick for you redeed,,,
    you can start suckin it anytime punkas,,,my boys are hear and i gots to get to the reel life IDIOTS ALL YOU ARE FREEKIN IDiots,

  95. aight vern,,,
    you set me up like dat like the rest of the redeads,,thats cool vern,you been playin i got nothin to say to you bout nothin and i considder you a redead like the rest of the stecks on here,,,that cool vern,,jump on the wagon cuz you gots to folow the leader,,beep beep,,
    late redead,i aint got time to waste on redeads of the comp world when i got honies,my music and my dance to consentrate on,,be folower vern follow the boomaz of the clif cuz you cant be yourself,,
    frekin dumasssess

  96. Hey Soaker if tony does any time in jail or the looney bin will he let us drive his hummer and use his atm at the club. We need that shit.

    .38 Snub nose

  97. yo toni r.

    how much are you gonna shell out in
    drink funds to your ‘homies’ c’mon
    foo. you think these cacks are true
    friends? buy me a drink, i’ll be yo

    homey da clown

    ” i dont think so “

  98. keep the dummas comments comin,,,youall just sayin that cuz you dont know nthing,,im STILL gonna have a dope time and im not even woried at the slighest,you can take that to the bank jacks,,trust me,.did i tell you my new ride im rollin in?na youll just get even more madder and crazier.i dont even dare say who im rollin with cuz you boomers gonna get realy mad.
    bunch of rotten gel-lotens all of you,,noone has said anything that mase any sense ,frontin like youall know what time it is when its half past got it?nobody say nothin about me anymore and stick to the comp,,this ends rite now,.

  99. oh really,

    you NO makey sense. you silly boy.
    what you say? why you say? me NO
    understandee you engrish. you type
    like crazy person. when they let
    you out of loonybin??? why you so

  100. tony rutledge, fo reels

    who are you riding?


    what color is the crap you are rolling in?

    let me guess… your ‘new’ car is
    a…………. pinto station wagon!

    yep I am sooooo jealous.

    enjoy your nite paying for your
    sticks booze… sucka

  101. Boomer,

    I know your reading and posting under assumed names on here. Some of these posts have your signature all over them even though you try posting under different names. So much for the “I always sign my name to my posts.” Anyhow, I convinced Anthony to take a break from this message thread for a few days. He is getting worked up in a destructive way. Having other people post personal information does not help the cause neither.

    Boomer, We had a talk awhile back and I am saddened that everything I told you fell on deaf ears. I know I am to blame for a part of what is happening but there is no excuse for your part. You see, boomer, I made a grave mistake by divulging personal information about Anthony on this message board. My plan backfired and made the situation worse. You really really let me down boomer. I trusted you with this information and you used it along with some of the other slices to tear Anthony apart. I thought you were smarter than that boomer, I guess not. I will refrain from saying anything else personal about Anthony but I know a few others did in fact write things about Anthony that were in most part true but not all. I am referring to Sinclair and Kara.

    What I need you to to boomer, is to be the hero and step up. Do the right thing and quit this idiotic game. From the way you post, I surmise that you are in an abusive relationship, have sociopathetic issues or a loner that has a few friends and feels the world owes you something for nothing. Now is your chance to show them all about who you are. Do it boomer, rise up and take command and stop the verbal assaults on a guy who only wants to take care of his homies.



  102. naw skeez,,,
    i dont need that,,im out for cabo and need to gets out of vtown for while,,it aint all like that and boomer and his vigalanties know how to play me for a sucka every freekin time,,you saw how it all went down.,i dont need you to feelsory for me or nothin so i can handle my biz,thanks but im got it.i aint backin away skeez you know that that i handle my shit,the only thing i cant get is why boomer yeah you gots to play me like that.i would have flown your ass out hear,,showed you a good time and put you up on some tables and shit,i dont do nothing wrong and the way i finger it is you got mad because of my thngs i do and have and homies i roll with and peeps with bling,,thats me and sory if you cant get over your hangup but why evry freekin time you get to get the slices out against me.,i didnt sleep four shit last night,mixin was of and busted d-boys scratch mix all for nothin,.personelly,i dont care anymore and no mater what i say im a dummy bad dude and everything in betwen.i tried to let you know what im about and curtain peeps on here dissed me out and youll roll with it like it no big deel.you seem to not undersand me on purpose or whatever when you know that i know that you know what you alredy know about me but front like you dont know which i dnt know why and for what reson.thats why no mater what i say or try to do you and your homies got it in on me,make,twist things and such the like.i cant hang on hear and i admit that,my homies got tired of playin in your comp world and after you gots a bit of your own medacine got it???skeez forget it homes,,im cool,,i just cant hang here like you say and my boy said this is THERE house-that i understand skeez,,i apreciate evrythin but i had to front this one on my own,my way by myself the way i want to do it not by you or someone else..peace out youall,,,even you to boomer,,i accept your forgaveness so dont even feel you got to ask,youll look for my label im tryin to get out terror down producctions if anyone into hiphop.,
    late and peace

  103. Skeeza,

    From the way you post, I surmise that you are …

    Nice bit of Coffee Shop Psycology …

    You should have stuck to the things you actually know something about because I was almost listening to you for a second there.

    Tony can leave if he wants to. Since he doesn’t leave one is left to assume that he likes it here.

    Don’t you think your $2 personallity analysis would be better used to get your friend Tony to do something more constructive with his life then come here for a daily beatdown?

    He might actually listen to you, but if I was Boomer I wouldn’t be too inclined to listen or react in any positive way after reading what you said about him.


  104. going to cabo eh… sweet.

    i gots a bullet wid yo name on it.


  105. damn this tony character is indeed a retard and his boyz are add assholes. keep suckin’ sticks fellas thats what you do best.

  106. tony is a homo and he is po’

  107. well said zz

    tonyskeez do you fools capice ???

    word to fake ass gankers

  108. God you’re a dick Skeez. You, like Tony’s other friends, are among the worst friends imaginable. As the old saying goes, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” Not only does Tony have all of the problems that you now say you regret telling us all about, not only does he create a lot of problems for himself, not only are people on this blog regularly kicking his ass, not only does he regularly stupidly share personal information that comes back to bite him in the ass, but to make matters worse, you’ve shared yet more personal information about him. You’ve confirmed yet again that he is lying (not that anyone was fooled anyway) when he said these flame wars weren’t getting under his skin. You’ve also quite helpfully confirmed that the embarassing crap revealed regarding Kara and Sinclair is true. Also you’ve managed to call Boomer out yet again when he hasn’t made a peep. If he does come out, that hardly makes him a sociopath. He’d have to be a saint not to come after Tony now that you’ve baited him so much.

    Also, by calling him a sociopath, loner, etc., you’re really only commenting on your own parenting skills. Clearly, you’re Boomer’s dad. No one but my dad EVER said stuff like “You really really let me down.” Right out of “Father Knows Best” except that in “Skeez Knows Best”, when Skeez caught his other, younger, more vulnerable son Tony masturbating, instead of giving the loving Robert Young “Everyone does it; nothing to be ashamed of” speech, Skeez would take pictures and pass it around to his office buddies, then give them to older son Boomer to post around the junior high.

    I’m guessing that the one who has been false posting embarassing information about Tony is you. Hell, I’m guessing you’re Terrell.

  109. skeeztoni






    im sure you catch my drift here.
    you 2 assclowns are funny as fuck.
    i love poppin in here to see what
    you mental midgets are gonna say

    thats right tony, rang away to cabo
    but people over there will just dis’ you in espanol. you attract flies and locust wherever you go.just look at your ‘homies’ for proof. haaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaa


  110. Vern:

    Nice choice in your use of modern vernicular, really shows your intellect. Let me tell you Mr. William Tell that I came out here to apologise for my part in revealing candid information regarding Anthony. You have no right making sordid accusations that question my character and above all my purpose for speaking out on behalf of my friend.

    You haven’t the slightest inclination as to what is going on with Anthony. Furthermore, I resent the notion that you bring forth in regard to my baiting of Boomer. Since you have taken the liberty of inviting yourself into this matter, let it be known that Anthony’s slices pointed out the similiarities between Boomer and previous Anon posts. Second, since I had previous discussions with Boomer, I deem it necessary to speak to him given the history between Anthony and Boomer. Third, keep your guessing game to yourself for I really do not care who you think I am.

    What matters is that Anthony takes a break from this message board and enjoys his vacation with his friends. Now, do you feel like you need to add anything else to this discussion? If I need your advice on this or any future matters involving Anthony please be sure it was solicited by myself or Anthony. Until then, keep guessing.


  111. yoyoyo skeeze

    rock this blog like you own it…
    NO! you stfu bitch. quit being so
    damn vanilla ice on here. you must
    be the professor on gilligans
    island. and gilligan must be tony.
    you dirty manipulator. just because
    tony is too stupid to tell the wolf
    from the lamb, you gotta pull his
    strings and make him do an internet
    dance for us??? must be the aardvark that he was mumbling about
    earlier. tony needs a ‘vacation’ at
    the local psyche ward. that boy is
    nutz. calm him down. remove the glass pipe from his clutching fingers and take him to an NA meeting… SHEESH
    just remember the online beatings
    will continue. no matter what. tony
    is free to leave ANYTIME and not come back if he cant hang. the
    stupidest part of ALL this is that
    nobody on this end knows tony…
    AT ALL. why the fuck would he care
    about what goes on here??? or what
    bored people say about him. same
    goes for you skeeze, you fucking
    wingnut. go torque somewhere else.
    your services are no longer required

  112. by the way, its vernacular. you faux putz. put that in tonys pipe
    and smoke it.

    Sucka M.C.

  113. All right Skeez,

    For once I’ll do a nonsarcastic post. I have a really hard time believing that you have ever been straight with any of us. Boomer’s been straight with you as far as I can tell. Can I guarantee that he hasn’t been false posting. No I can’t. I just don’t think he has. You’re lying and you know it when you say that you and Tony aren’t calling Boomer out. Particularly since both of you, along with your “homies”, are posing as gangbangers. Gangbanging is all about calling people out. That’s what you’re doing. As you’ve said so many times, this is “our house”. In gangbanging terms, you and your gang have come into our “hood” and talked smack to one of our “homies”, Boomer. This was done completely out of the blue, insulting Boomer, who Tony supposedly does not know, on something that Boomer took a little pride in, beer making. Factory Peasant actually gave me a taste of some of that beer and it was good. Boomer’s a good guy. He stuck up for himself, won, and yes, a lot of Boomer’s “homies” rat packed Tony. He deserved it. This is how the whole thing started. Boomer never needed any help nor asked for any, but a lot of people, myself included, piled on for fun. I’ll admit that that possibly is not the most admirable thing in the world, but we did.

    Many of us also, Bill in particular but others too, when you first mentioned Tony’s problems, felt a little bad and actually believed it, and decided that, even though he started the whole thing, we were going to lay off. Not everyone did. A couple of people decided to keep it going. Boomer had nothing to do with it and yet you two for whatever reason decided to blame him. Tony kept bragging and people just have a need to put braggers in their place, regardless of their problems. Plus you’ve been such a dick every time you show up that we want to keep fucking with him. Both of you are complete liars and all of your bullshit apologies are completely ungenuine. It’s considered bad taste to accept in advance apologies which have yet to be proffered, and to blame others while apologizing. It’s also bad taste to demand reciprocal apologies. Just apologize and leave it at that. if the other guy doesn’t, that’s on him. I was the only one dumb enough to give Tony the benefit of the doubt, after all his dishonesty, to apologize myself for my role. Naturally, I got burned.

    You’ve never apologized to us and you realy don’t need to. The person you need to apologize to is Tony. You’re not his friend. That’s completely obvious.

    I’m saying all of this not believing for a millisecond that Tony is in any actual pain. This whole thing is a put on. It’s just way too over the top and even wannabe gangbangers aren’t such big pussies that they act like Tony. I don’t believe that Tony happened to run across this blog. He knows Factory Peasant personally, and maybe even Boomer. I think I actually know who he is, but for the sake of the game, I won’t blow it. If it is who I think it is, it’s absolutely hilarious. He had a lot of people going for a long time. I have a very very small window of credulity to believe that Tony actually is not laughing his ass off and the whole thing is not a joke. That small window is what caused me to apologize the first time. For some stupid reason, that window’s still there, the difference now being that I don’t care anymore whether Tony slits his wrists.

    Anyway, that’s my nonsarcastic post. As you said, you’re in “our house” so behave yourself.

  114. Heh, Heh, Heh……
    Ya’ll strokers is crackin’ my stones!
    Gotta Git….. S.

  115. “Ungenuine”. Vern, be careful when you show off with the big words. You fucked up.

  116. um..uh…excuse me….
    Is Toni “boneprone”???
    I’m just guessin’

  117. All right. Guilty as charged. “Disingenuous”. Try to focus on the overall point.

  118. Just messing with you buddy and trying to preempt Skeez. Good post.

  119. Vernon D,

    Allow me to address your queries. I have been straight with Anthony since we met long before you took interest in his affairs. If you recall, Boomer called me an enabler and indeed I was an enabler, supporting Anthony’s off the wall behavior. I tried a harsh approach and admitted that I was wrong in publishing information about Anthony here on this forum.

    Anthony is not a gangbanger as you label him. He is a DJ who enjoys the club scene, far from being a gangbanger as you so loosely stated. I will not spell out the differences between the two classifications and I trust your intellect to enable you to distinguish a club DJ-MC from a gangbanger.

    I am sorry but I really don’t care what belief system you subscribe to. But let me ask you this: If you believe that Anthony is a put on then why are you so concerned? If you know who Anthony is please spell it out and let this message board quarrel over your thesis while myself and Anthony can safely fade away from this thread and Anthony can move on without his addiction to this message board. My point Vernon is that this is a game for you; Anthony does not take it as a game. Did he deserve the punishment? Yes he did. Did he deserve to be the central topic of this thread? No. Don’t believe me, read all the “beatdowns” and discover for yourself who drew first blood. As far as Boomer is concerned, I wanted to discuss this issue with him, however, since he is not here and has never addressed my previous call I have to assume that perhaps you were right and he did not post as multiple anons.

    Anthony has alot of club friends who tried to play this internet game. For reasons already mentioned I will stop right here.

    Vernon, One point that I am in total agreement with you is that we are in your house; and having said that, I leave your house with the upmost respect.



  120. DANG,

    ive read it but dont believe it.
    skeez is gonna make it ALL stop?
    where have i read that before???
    brews, grub and lapdances are in
    order for suitable wagers.
    everybody PLACE YOUR BETS!!!!!



  121. O.K. Skeez, since you posted as a gentleman, I’ll try to reciprocate and be one myself. I do think it is a big windup. It IS a big game to me. One of the reasons it’s a game to me is because I think it’s a game to Tony as well. In other words, I don’t think I’m actually hurting anyone. As I mentioned, I do keep open the small possibility that it is not all a game and someone actually is being hurt. I don’t like to think of myself as a bully. I understand that some people are bothered by things that most people aren’t. I definitely have my own hang ups that don’t bother most people. I can see how some people can get very emotionally involved in anonymous blog wars. I’m not one of them, but I think I can understand it.

    I understand the difference between D.J.ing and gangbanging. I’ve never thought Tony was an actual gangbanger, but merely that he wanted to appear as one, which seems pitiful. Hanging with guys named Glock and the like seem to convey that to me. I have no qualms with DJing. I have a big problem with gangbangers. I’ll take your word that he’s not.

    I think that most people’s problems with Anthony are all the bluster and bragging. It’s very unappealing and it doesn’t impress anyone. I think most people respond to all of that by belittling the bragger. That is what has happened to Anthony. The very bad grammar seems to me intentional. He may have bad grammar, but I have a hard time believing it’s as bad as he writes it. It’s really hard to take someone seriously who expresses himself so poorly. If he did it without bragging, I think most people wouldn’t make fun of his bad grammar.

    I acknowledge that there have been many times that people, myself included, have made fun of Tony without him posting at all.

    Since you came here and posted this last post without an attempt at intimidation, even though I do think this is all a put on, on the off chance that it isn’t, I am going to respect your wishes and not make fun of Anthony anymore. I’ll make the same deal that you have with Boomer. If he doesn’t call me out (which, I will admit, he has not done with me), I’ll stop. Keep in mind that I have control over only myself and since anyone can post anything at any time under any name, I have no way of proving I mean what I say. I’m just giving you my word. As hard as that may be for Tony to accept, that is simply the way the blogosphere works. In addition, no matter what Tony does or does not do, I think at this point, some people are not going to stop for quite a while. Again, this may be hard for him to accept. The only person I can control is myself.

    In my opinion, if Tony really wants this all to stop, he needs to, one, stop bragging, and two, stop making it seem like it’s bugging him so much. Both of those things just invite people to make fun of him. Eventually if he doesn’t aggravate people any more and people no longer get a rise out of him, they’ll stop.

    Vernon D.

  122. yoyoyo

    i for one will never stop.



  123. “DONT STOP…Thinkin’ about
    tomorrow, DONT STOP, it’ll soon be here ….It’ll be better than before, yesterdays gone, yesterdays gone!”


  124. silly posters will never die, just

  125. You’re such a
    Nattering Naybob of Negativism !!!

  126. Vern:

    Your last post is credited for Anthony’s catharsis. I made a hard copy of your post and went over it with Anthony before his flight this morning. Thank you. Your post has finally awakened him and put forth his actions in plain view from a source other than me. For that I commend you Vern. I would like to address some points you made in your previous post:

    The crowd Anthony has been rolling with particularly in the last few months are in my opinion bad influences on him. Wannabe G’sters who act tough but in reality are spineless. I believe Anthony has been coached and encouraged to “live the life of a thug” so to speak when the fact is he is only a DJ. This would explain his behavior with Kara and Sinclair’s post which I will stop right here.

    As far as his poor expression of himself, I have been at his house during a particular exchange he had with Boomer. Anthony gets really fired up and I belive his mind has too many thoughts for him to smoothly process and funnel down to his keyboard. The loud hardcore rap music he tries to emulate in addition to the coachings of a certain crowd (G—-,J—-) have also contributed to Anthony’s less the average writing in my opinion.

    I believe this experience (in the long run) has been positive for Anthony. For the first time he is starting to question his direction as well as his choice in friends. His vacation away from his usual crowd will give him a much needed break from his lifestyle.

    Thank you Vern



  127. whoooa somebody give that vernon a seegar!you da man vernon!Maybe you should start charging for your counseling services.Now lets see if skeez is genuine and holds true to his word

  128. Hmmmmm…. Vern, skeez, Boomer, SenSei, Tony R., sheri J, many Anon, are possibly one and the same….
    Think about it and you will see
    what I’am talking about……

  129. applecart, they ARE ALL the same foo!
    what you talkin bout willis?
    are you saying this is a hoax.
    hahahaha sweet! good call


  130. Applecart…I see your point.the only focker that has been real quiet as of late is boomer.if im thinking what your thinking,boomer may have conCOCKted this whole thing by creating a circle of nitwits. brilliant boomer. You got me.

  131. You’re welcome Skeez. Good luck to you and Anthony. Hot Carl, thanks for the compliment.

  132. Yeah, a hoax…MAYBE….I could
    be misundertaking the whole thing.
    I just see all the backpedalling
    lately and the strange “trip” that
    Anthony seems to have conveniently arranged….who knows??
    Boomer – What say You??

  133. oops…Sorry for the Double Dip…
    I think I may have a lead on where
    Anthony may have gone….

    I’m not sure, its just what I found


  134. Couple of things I see here 1. boomer is either very smart or 2. we all are very dum for not catching this earlier.maybe a little of both?

  135. ahhh yes the evil boomer did it all…?

    its too damn i still believe in the dj
    fairy – tony … oh well time will tell???

    rev. jim jones

    p.s. we need to send vernon d. to the
    holy land to staighten out both sides
    of them mufukas!!!!!

  136. Hey All, I was just kidding about
    knowing where Anthony may have really gone.
    I was just trying to add a little
    levity to this confusing situation.
    Personally I am confused about this whole situation, I mean there seems to be such hangups about punctuation being the key to who is whom or whatever.
    I want the truth like everybody
    “seems” to want yet the parties
    in the center of this whole scheme
    are strangely silent……


  137. When this thread went off the main screen I thought the topic and brawl would die out, sure there might have been a straggler or two, but the main brawl would be over. Then after reading a bizarre message on one of the current topics that got me to thinking and sure enough I find that not only did it not end, but it continued on with a fury. I still wasn’t going to respond because it seems that the situation got cleared up thanks to Vern and Skeez.

    However it seems that there are a few conspiracy theorists out there that believe I am everyone and am doing battle with myself. Funny thought I guess, but let me assure you that I am Boomer and only Boomer. I did no anon posts on this thread and decided to leave it alone completely, sure I read the stuff while it was on the main page, but I did not respond at all and did not tell anyone to respond. Let me try and explain why.

    A couple of brawl threads ago can’t remember which one and I cannot remember exactly who said it, but someone made a comment that got me to thinking. The comment was made towards the end of one of the brawls and was something along the lines of “Boomer say something anything I need my daily Tony fix and he doesn’t seem to respond to anyone else. It doesn’t have to be a mean comment just anything even about the weather and he will surely get upset with you”. Now it is obvious that I am the main thorn in TR’s side so I was kind of curious about how long a brawl would last if I said nothing. Sure there was that really long 119 comment brawl, but that seemed to be more with TR’s friends than with TR himself. Sure I said some stuff about TR in that post, but I was thinking if I got to him then it would get to his friends, in retrospect perhaps I should have let that one go. Also looking back now it may not have been the best of plans to just remain absolutely quiet knowing the anonymity and very nature of a blog site. I could easily understand how TR would think that it was me being his tormentor during this current brawl. After all as I said before I am his main thorn.

    A comment here was made that some of the anon posts appear to be in my style, I am not sure I see it. Again seeing how anon blogs are and seeing how I am his main combatant in past brawls, perhaps this was anon’s intention. I don’t know for sure all I can do is tell you it was not me. I have never baited him or tried to get one of these fights started.

    As far as TR himself being real or made up I don’t know I have waiver back and forth on this myself. I will say this if he is real then I hope he is having a good time on vacation; relaxing, chilling with friends, and clearing his mind and all works out well for him. If he is not real then whoever did this is pretty consistent, a tip of the hat.

    What this all boils down to is that I wash my hands of the whole TR affair and will try not to get involved in any more brawls with him even if he does make his way back. Good luck to him and everything he does.


  138. SHEEEEEEEITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BOOMER !!! That YOU???
    Hell, Son, I knew you was ont ta up
    an up. All these Fisters thought dey’ had ya by the short ones, but not the ol’ Copper.
    Shoot, I seent ya comin’ way back there and knewed you would sraighted out these ole’ crooked peckerwoods sooner or later.
    Darn pesky o’ ya waitin’ fer a spell
    too. Ketch em’ nappin an then slam
    the trut down on them tiny heads o’
    Bet they’ll scratch they heads a bit
    more next time dey mess wid ole’
    Boomer, shore’……..
    Catch ya,
    SHERIFF – Moseyin’

  139. grrrrrrrrrrr!

    i just ripped out your throat and
    shat a doggy doo down your gullet!!

    rarrrr! arrrrrrr! ruffffffff!

    Deputy Dawg

    and STAY out!

  140. Heh Heh.. DD…………..
    Stop it, yer’ kirring me!!!!
    Oh my Garsh, oy’, Quit….

  141. boomer, as longin as you learnt to keep yur klammer shut things will be mighty fine round here.I knew yous da man that can git the yob done on accounta them slow pok ranch hands aint got the sperience to bring in the herd back home.You did it,I tip my brim to you sir.Id like to ride a herd with ya sum day providin the sheriff say its ok.

  142. Whatever dumbass cant even get your own shit. Keep on suckin the sheriff tit can you afford to quit?

  143. Boomer..yous aronary..I liks dat.Youd makes a great ranch boss sumday with that spunk you gots.I use all my own shit,my six shot,rope,boots and harse tackle is all mines,son.Listen boomer,ill talk with the sheriff and sees if hel put you on wit circle k ranch.as a matter of fact why dont you have a talk wit rutledge too.We can use sum good hands.But first,youll need to get brokin in lik a wild mustang.Well start you off as a buck ranch help but with alot of hard work,blood sweat and lots o tears youl climb up them ranks to become a regular ranch help.I has a meeting with the sehriff and Cuspa J Twilley III this afternoon.I hope to welocme you aboard circle K.

  144. Thanks my bitch.

    Reelin’ er in boys reelin’ er in!

  145. ALL RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!
    Hole’ on heah…..I cross the Big Gulley fer 2 days an come back and half my crew is traded off -KT I tole ya not so fast……..Ever time ya gets wit Boomer he always twists ya up in circles like he knowed sumpin, I tell ya between him an that scrawny Anthony I doan no whos what aroun heah! If I haf’ ta come down there an straiten those 2 half knuckels out I will…..Show em whose boss hoss aroun heah….Feed em they favorite dinner – Buckeye Biskets- Boomer be goin’ “YUMMERS”!!
    See – Thas how the Sheriff does it!!
    – See Ya On The Trail Boys

  146. Thanks my bitch.

  147. Dumb My Dumb…..

  148. Boomer-now i been tellin ya to keepin that klammer shut.Brakin you ins goin be ruff but ifin you wanna join the ranch then heck yous gonna get broke I guarentees it.Like the sheriff done to a youngin awhiles back…got caught on the second dey with his britches clear down to his ankles when he saw a cows udder..the sheriff done broke billy bob so much that they never found his mains.Cant have that kind on the ranch and Ima hopin you aint that kind boomer.I knows you be homesick fer them buckeye biscuits and you dont want to upset the sheriff now do you??
    see you on the ranch,son

  149. Ass My Scratch…..

  150. Boomer..good luck on the ranch.do what the sheriff and ranch hands say and you be fine.Il sees you after I gets back from BIGBEAR country to fetch your pardner who be needin some brokin in too.

  151. i didnt know cowboys wore light
    loafers???? what is going on here????
    kt, cowpies are for ‘steppin’ in, not
    chewing… got it?

  152. Anthony was in his Studio watching the light from his one small window falling on his Super-Scratcher when the door swung open to reveal Sheri J., a woman whose body said you’ve had your last disco for a while, whose face said angels did exist, and whose eyes said she could make you dig your own grave and lick the shovel clean………

  153. Sherri j,Anthony and KT must feel like lost socks in the Laundromat of oblivion.

    The good news is that my Grandmother is over eighty and still doesn’t need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle.

  154. Sherri j,Anthony and KT must feel like lost socks in the Laundromat of oblivion.

    The good news is that my Grandmother is over eighty and still doesn’t need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle.

  155. What’s she drinkin’?…
    This is whats commonly known as a
    Tony sighting………

  156. Tonys nowheres to be found that darned scoundrel.Ima likin Boomer more and more..at lest he aint runnin and stands up fightin.Sensei,i dont wants troble with boomer, he to aronary fer my blood.Mr. Twilley sez the same,mabbe it fer the best the ranch pack a hoase fer em and let him ride on outta here.He to much like a tumbleweed free rollin’owned by the wind and by no man.I liks that boomer, minds me of when i was a shyver.Ride liks the wind boomer…..yeeehaaaaaawwwwww

  157. Thanks my bitches.

    Awe lesbian cowgirls!! Can I watch?

  158. Beat my Meats!

  159. Thanks my bitch.

    You mean flick your clit.

  160. carpet munchers! rock!

    only when dey yaps is shut!

    next take video of your assestwats

    gettin reamed by hosscack. smile

    please, the camera is rolling!!!

  161. no boomer I mean paint my taint…
    Each time you post that dumb thanks my bitch I’ll respond to it.

  162. Sheriff,
    Boomer dun gone off the deep end.Someone spiked his drink with cactus juice or sumthin’.Im afraid he need to be dealt with since he rufus’n to ride out with hause and saddle…what do ya reckon we do sheriff? Is its time to break the boy or let him run wild summore before i put the peppered lasso around them knees and bring er down?


  163. Thanks my bitch.

    That dummy said “beat my meats” what, you mean you have a double shafted dildo for dual penatration.

  164. boomer,

    sip my dip…

  165. Thanks my bitch.

    KT do you ever get to fill the male role in your relationship?

  166. laff,

    kt did you lose your strap-on out
    on the range? why are you soooo
    pised? heehee

  167. Ugghhhh!

    KT’s really strecthing.Whats
    “sip my dip” supposed to mean anyway? Get off boomer’s jock
    and come up with your own pithy
    saying you turr.

    The Barrister

  168. YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW we gots one!ol shoelaces dun goof’d up an dun gots cornfused wit another name….hot damn we gots one.Tie a noose round the neck and let em’ swang…one down..he probly gots more names a postin…

  169. Tony???????????

  170. looooooooooser?
    omg you gots 1. one what though?
    are you talkin bout 1 teste?
    or 1 eye? or 1 lung? 1 brain cell?
    or a 1 inch penis???
    tell us all we want to know more.

    damn dingleberries

  171. Tony???????????????????????????

  172. BOOMER!!!!!!!!!!
    Is that you Boomer???????
    What are you doing up this early??
    Have you seen Tony R.?????????????
    I need to pass a message to him before things get out of hand again on this thread. Theres rumors coming down about him and his “crew”. He needs to know. Have you heard them? The rumors I mean, not the “crew”……”They speak for Themself. Ok then, let me know.

  173. Boomer, word on the street is that there’s going to be some big surprises coming your way. If I were you, I’d gather up your group and brace for stormy weather..I have faith in you though.

  174. yeah boyeeeeee…Thats what I be talkin bout….Git Sum!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Dis ees for ———
    “The Cut and Paste Kid”

    A todas las muchachas que tengo amó antes. En de quién viajó y hacia fuera vino mi puerta. Estoy alegre ellos adelante. Dedico esta canción. A todas las muchachas que tengo amó antes.


  176. Wenn Sie wussten, was für Sie boomer gut war, würden Sie die Warnungen vor diesen Leuten beachten. Kommen Sie bitte heraus, während Sie noch eine Chance haben

  177. Du bist korrekter Sir!!!! Zu wie schlau von dir sehen, was Tonys Freund Boomer tun sollte. Du konntest ihn der Gefahr seiner Umgang mit Sherri J. OH- gut warnen nicht!!!!

  178. amazing..boomer and his croonies are now where to be found..cmon boomer we need our thanks my bitch fix.

  179. wow
    then german. bist du? bitte mein frau
    wheres frenchy and gaelic?
    cummons we waitings

  180. i prefer dutch myself…


  181. Thanks my bitch.

    I’ll take that as a no kt. You never get to fill the male role…to bad.

  182. Heh Heh Heh……
    There ya’ll be, been lookin’ fer ya.
    BoomStik, in my circles I seen plenty an KT seen some…He knowed what he knowed so if’in ya’ll wants ta ya kin take what he say to the store….but mind ya he ain’t no foo. Ya play im he gonna play ya. Bes’ bet is ta follow what he do an make the bes’ of it. Ya’ll see what I’m sayin’. I been knowin’ that shin buster longer’n I cares to remember an fer sure don’ wind his CLOCK – ya do an ya’ll shorley regret it more’n when ya’ll did that other thing an ya’ll remember how that played out.
    Is I right o’ is I right…
    I’m right as usual cause I’m the

  183. Thanks my bitch.

    I see sensei is still poundin’ buckyeye biskets up ole kt’s chute.

  184. Ass My Scratch….

  185. Thanks my bitch.

    Kt why don’t you borrow sensei’s strap on, head on down to the barn and have your way with a mule.

  186. Bish, My Thanks………..

  187. Thanks my bitch.

    Perhaps kt and sensei prefer the double headed donger so they can go ass to ass.

  188. say there boomer..after yous finish clean’ the doggon harse stable makes sure you dont foget to water them scarlet carnations in fronta the circle k sign to the ranch.Mr cuspa j. twilley wants to make them look perdy for the president…after all it is his favorite..catchin my drift?

  189. Thanks my bitch.

    You know that I know that you know that I know that you guys know that somehting happened that you know that I know that everybody knows…and we all remember how that went.

  190. yoyoyoyo,

    its a sensay stick fest!

    it just gets dummer and dummier

  191. boomer,yous aints catchin my drift…you need to makin sho you water them carnations so they lookin perdy for such a great man as president mcckinley…you do know that he love carnations dont you?it would be a mighty shame ifin you do anything to harm them,specially being a ranch hand and all

  192. i just shat a BIG pile ‘o doggy doo
    in your beloved carnations…
    now! go smell my roses.

    ruff ruff

  193. Thanks my bitch.

    Two more bitches beat and in the stable. Don’t worry fellers there is plenty of room for ya.

  194. Hi Kiddies, Glad to see some of the usual suspects are gathered around the old campfire this evening.
    Tonight I thought I would entertain you all with a quote to help get you in the mood for what is to come on this thread…only because that is what I heard……………..

    Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.
    (H. L. Mencken)

  195. Oh yes, one more observation…..
    F_Peasant – Where did you discover this “BOOMER” individual? It seems to
    have been cut from the same ilk as “ANTHONY”….who is strangely and quite conspicuosly absent, at least on the surface and yet this “BOOMER” character is prevalent quite, if only with its 3 word lambasts (refering to its gratitude for its “bitches”).
    I was just observing………..

  196. jus’ sum moe hillbillys ready to be
    buried. yo applecart eat some horse
    apples brown and ripe. good for u

    cack you later


  197. Raincoat Groupie…


  198. click,click…. BOOM!

    gotcha cack breath. dont cry it only hurts for a minute. then your
    juice bleeds out…see you down
    below 🙂

  199. bob my nob

  200. AAAAHHHCCCHEWWW!wow getting pretty snezzy in here.

  201. “Sneezy” that is.

  202. UMMMM…

  203. peppermill? a-chooo

  204. yoyoyo 50 mill
    check dis its da bom

    fo’ shizzle

  205. help!
    my refresh button isnt working!

  206. day-am i feel like breakdancing!!!

    i guess its time to do the “robot”

    electric bugaloo to ya’all mufukas!

  207. and then “they” rang away…
    just as predicted by the whoracle.

  208. boomer,,
    whaddup bro!thanks for writinwhat you wrote even since you didnt have to write but wrote it anyway when i didnt write it when i should have.thats cool,,just wanna say thanks.i read everything skeez printed out for and,, i am admiting that i was a little pushy.i lerned alot this last month and im chillin out on alot of things that need to be chiled out on.
    cabo was awesum homes,,,had shitloads of topical drinks and even rolled with some of the natives their.15 paysos for sirvasa all night long!!!honies were sweet and hooked up with paul dimarco-if your into brews and brewin then you know what im talkin about,,dude was non stop with the ladies.nathaniel and carl “sieze and freeze” micpherson did a quick spin at the dj booth down their.music was aight for that kind of stuff-maryocchi or something but point was was that i got a breek from all this and learned to not take so seriously what people say in here.i wanna say,,,i hope things are cool and im sorry for makin fun if you do or dont work in fist food restarents,,dont matter its all good and hope everythin is cool with you.i wanna say sory for frontin and causing strive with you and you know the deal.my pop is handlin my biz and im taking care of what i need to do and things are gonna be better from now on out so thats what i happy bout.
    peace boomer,




  210. Oh my God! Did everybody finaly shut the fuck up on this thread?

    Sherry J. are you still around?

    I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings darlin’, come over here, I’ve got sometin’ sweet for ya. 😉

  211. aint even gonna respond to the drama,,
    i was lookin back at some of the stuff skeez printed out and im back into making brew again.takin a breek from the dj and shit and reading all the posts about how this and that got started got me into wanting to brew again and now i got the time away from the biz and can do it fuller time than ever before.i gots a brilant idea on making this happen thats good for the biz and me.im gonna make holiday beers for every holiday with taste that resamble the holiday,,,go look at the colendar and youll know what im talkin about.my brewin systim has nothin but stanless steel and copper tubing with brass fitings.gonna use filtered water first through the triple filter system BEFORE any brewin starts.remember what i told you bout using best quality stuff for the best results???how bout you,,,you still makin pumpkim ale??try to make other types of beer cause it will make you beter and youll learn alot about the process which i hope we can talk about if you want to change out ideas and crap.been talkin to a high profile cat in brewin (im not frontin) and gots some great ideas what im gonna due.this is gonna take a few years but i alredy have to holidays nailed down and with the system i got and the peep i know i will be able to make this the shit,,,gonna take time and got to get it right thats why having the best equip is so important,,i dont know how or if i can make that any cleere then that.my goal is start out regionaly and introduce beer for all thesporting holidays like superbowl and world series and it will have something that will remind the slice of what he drinkin.this is gonna be beter than sam adams becaus of the unequeness,marketing,,and all the contacts i gots.what you been up to???probally no good,,lol just kiddin dog take care and get rid of that plastic shit!!!!lol just kiddin

  212. i dont know why you are posting
    wayyyyyyy down here rutledge…
    ALL the posts slamming your
    pathetic ass are all topside!
    get a grip fucktard. go back to
    mexico and stay there! you are not
    welcome here *nutless*


  213. slice,,,
    tryin to start drama and buttoning in for no dam reson,,tells me that your definatealy a class b bozo or jellus bout what im tryin to do and thats makin it in the biz world while you only can rite this dum crap to try and get me on my nerves and start crap by tryin to make me think that i think that the person writng this thinks that boomer thinks that its me but i know wxactly what your thinking and your wrong.enuff said,,
    aint herd from you so dont know were you at but ill try one last time to hook up with you,,dont know where else to go cuz this was the last place i reed your stuff,,talked with sean fitts and mark westley,got some brosures on the upgrades i need to make hapen to my sysem,,gonna run me like 4gs but its all good cuz the pay of is going to be huge.got 5 brews nailed down got like 12 more to go,,after that i gots to fork over like 3 gs in ingreedents to start the process and havin it ready for tastin with reps from madaburry and assocites (jack rumeleton hal maradith).i like to talk bout this
    crap with you but i know your paaranoid about gettin out info (like i am cuz these fools on here are just waitin to hammer on me fr no dam reson except out of jellusy or whatever other crap that i aint even gonna get into and whatnot.gimme a holla if you got your own cite so we can talk bout htis and i like to pick you brain bout some stuff bout ales and crap,,i aint gonna ask you again cuz i dont know if your even hearin me out – got it???hope all is well and right me back real soon aight,,,
    peace homes,

  214. i heard that slice!

  215. aight thats it,,,
    the hell wit all of yall sticks,,im tired of tryin to kiss as every freekin time i try to do somethin right with yall,,boomer if you aint want to have nothin to say to me or at lest tell me to fuk of then i aint gonna keep comin aroud here to be put down and shit,,who do fuk is pomedor and what the hell do he know whast it is???i tired of all this crap and this just provit to,,i aint sayin it you boomer but i thought you know alot of slices hear and at least they would tell you that im tryin to get in contact with you vise a vise beer and email and shit,,im outty have a good life lowlifes,,we see who be laughing in 2 years all youll sticks can sick mine,,

  216. Anthony R.,

    I have relayed your message to the current thread, where Boomer will probably see it. Few people are reading this thread anymore. You may want to comment on more current “Bill and Dave” posts rather than here. Please consider commenting on some of the less shall-we-say intense threads instead of the posts regarding factory peasant’s parents.

  217. Damn dude if someone wouldn’t have posted a little note on the front of the blog I would have never seen this. It’s good to hear that everything seems to be going good for you now.

    Your ideas sound interesting, but more importantly you seemed to be enjoying yourself doing it and that’s what is most important. However this blog is probably not a good forum to discus these things, I tell you what I will try and set something up that will be more appropriate. How does that sound? I will get back to you about what and where it is later I have been really busy lately so it will probably not be anything to great. I’ll get back to you later about that.

    As far as these other knuckleheads fuckin’ with you, don’t pay attention to them. They are just being scrodum heads looking for some cheap thrills at the expense of others.


  218. fukk you too,


  219. tony rutledge gave me the crabs!
    and then he gave me the rotten
    crotch! and then he gave me the
    reach around!

  220. anon,,,
    i aint writin or goin nowhere,,you tryin to set me up you aint slick stick,,im here for a litle more unitl i gets a hold of boomer and then im gone comeprenday???ill help you out anyway this is a ab conversation see yourself out.now what??
    dag about mafukin time!!!i aint sweatin these sicks cuz they all bout drama and i lerned to not pay atention to these slices without homes.i been aight,,told you bout what im doin,,doin what needs to be done and getting done rite.what do you think of my ideas and plans???i wanna holla at you bout gettin some ideas about brewin and crap but slices on here are tryin to pull a snatch 184,,,i aint even gonna go there since i been there and done that,,let the fools play with the clowns,,i play with the rangmaster got it???another thing is that i aint feeliing rite bout writing anything on here bout beermaking and crap,,to many bosos and i dont trust no of them since none of them wrote what you wrote cuz they wanna keep playin and now only want drama,,and probally or maybe steel my shit.i gotta biz propositin to run by you and if aint interested cool but i need to holla at you outof this place,,start thinkin bout how you can reach me so you feel comfortable without woryin about these recluesis,,lemme know how you want to handle it and get back with me,,ill hook you if you worryin about flyin down or drivin,,just lemme know aight.
    im makin a quick round to the “shazzat longe”tonite ,,herrbotta poundin time,,im I rite or what!!!been at the beer thing 24/7 need a breek ASAP (things are going good with this),,and some honey spreadin on fresh breekfast toest wont hurt either,,
    good to here from you boomer,,dont let any of these meroovekeys get to you either,,have a greet weekend and thanks for writin back,,i ll check in tomorow maybe i can give you my info so you can at least tin can me but dont want anyone here to call me with dum clown shit,,whadda you think??

  221. yo boom,,
    been checkin in all day were you at??goin out and will chaeck tomorrow,,lemme know something by tomorow on what you want to do aight??

  222. Tony makin’ Beer….
    Yeah, Right, been there done that…

    Boomer – Tone thinks you setting him
    up but he just might be getting ready to lay the screws in your direction…
    I hear he is fairly pissed about the posts you made in the not so distant past…remember???
    I may be incorrect about this and all
    its just the way he is saying stuff. Word is he is looking to partner up and all at least according to him. I don’t know, what do you think???

    Tony – Props to you old buddy. I’m not trying to Kibosh you believe me, its just that there is so much, shall I say, FROTH, out there, I just am trying to keep the peace and see that things get done on the up and up.

  223. kranston,,
    cool,im tryin to keep it reel but its been a strugle sometimes with some ofthe peekerheads in hear,,
    were you at??i checked all day sat and yesterday and nothing,,wtf??i was checkin on my blackbery atand after a impropto sideshow that went down but was week and over in 10 minutes,.i forgot to turn of the net on the dam thing and had it runnin all afternon for nothin,.anyway i dont think you want anything done with this and now other slices are coming on and buttining in on somethin that i told you i wanted to do without everyelse listenin in but THAT aint gonna happen now is it??the deel is is that i getting magonicoled playin a chump and not sayin its your fault boom but this is turnin silly and i can understand that you aint into my plan cuz you wont even want to hear me out on what i wanted to do,,i had massagener set up and it s over with so whateevr,,i aint even woried,you got your life and i gots mines.be happy with and and best of luck,,i got a ton of crap to do before next month when the first set of brews will be almost done for the eval-tri-rate fase with the froonies that had to be gone thru that just seems like a hasle to get c-notes out of you.
    best of luck and paece out

  224. Tony,
    Back at ya, stay real and you will get yours.

    I’ll stay on the side tip and “oversee” as is sometimes said on these boards.

  225. kranston,
    aight whatever
    still havent herd from you,,were in the fuk are you at???dude,im flyin outta town on biz related to the reel biz and maybe ill try to get somethin going with the beer thing aka abita beer and how they got it going on except for the markeeting and whatnot.might checkout a rep from chuck papazeon(brewers asso) ofice,,ill see how much time i get but i aint gonna be writin on here no more,,why too many slices climing in on the action is what im thinkin.im on a lunch breek and hope you rite back before i split outta town,,are you pissed off at me or something and if yea then why???whatever,you aint rightin back so fogetit have a good life im done

  226. hopefully boomer and tony will develop a lasting and meaningful friendship despite their past squabbles and stated differences. I will make sure that it will happen and at any cost. I have no problem removing as much froth as needed to see a bud blossom into a beautiful flower.

  227. Whats a froonie?

  228. Like clockwork,Boomer is nowhere to be found-excellent call Kranston you hit the nail on the head with that one-when are you going to unleash “the goods”??



  229. dear 8000 or kippers ???
    whatever you call yo’self…
    i gots some “goods” for ya’.
    they be wet, steamy and ripe.2
    almond shaped meat nuggets
    wrapped in a flesh colored sack.
    all yours for da askin’. teabag
    not included.


    p.s. get back at me if you be
    wantin’ to sample my wares

  230. No way anon, there isn’t a friendship there or the potential for one. Rutledge is being set up but good. Revise your numbers-I only see 200.

  231. is a goonie related to a froonie?
    or is it a moonie??? i eat food
    with a spoonie. baboonie? balloonie

  232. DAMN Shitfoot!!!! You got me again! I was wondering who the hell “loonie” was and thought I’d just…..click on his name and find out.


    P.S. Fool me once, your fault. Fool me twice, my fault. Fool me three times and I’m probably gay.

    P.P.S. I was really guessing it was Devil-T.

  233. Interestingly enough, clicking on “slice” doesn’t result in what I thought it might. C’mon folks, see for yourselves……:)

  234. hehehehehe


  235. Well dude like I said earlier, I’ve been busy lately so I do not check the blog much. Especailly on the weekends weather is to nice for that stuff.

    Anyway, I think I misunderstood what you had originally talked to me about. Sure if there is a forum out there or anthing you would like to chat in about this stuff, then sure I would participate when I could. As far as getting personally involved I don’t think that is a good idea, not my thing.

    However from the looks of it the resident trolls are back so have I could see where you may not want to participate in a public forum. I don’t blame you, but if you change your mind let me know.

    Seeing how you say your out of town I don’t imagine you are reading this any time soon.


  236. Very well,
    We have the loonies, froonies,
    S. Foots, Slices et al…..
    And rounding it out is Boomer…..
    Tony is obviously filling the table, so to speak, with all prerequisite “PLAYAS” as is sometimes said on this and other forum type forums.

    I am not unsatisfied with this situation yet there seems to be at least one “MEMBER” missing, but no matter, lets now open it up for the time being, I’ll monitor from
    side areas……

  237. thanks my bitch

    sensei tries to hide but we see and smell it’s nasty ass

  238. no no thank you sf.

    “a double edged sword is sharp on both sides” Remeber that next time you go off pretending to be smart know it all.

    Maxwell Rubenstein

  239. i thot this thread was dead…
    i guess the rumors are correct

  240. and I quote “Thanks My Bitch”

    Excusme this thread is so very far from dead as was said…
    I think Tonys point was well made and should be contemplated by those concerned with issues left un attended by previous posters: Boomer included.

    We are waiting…………
    I am watching……

  241. boomer,,,
    whaadup dog,how did all of these and/or those other slices get on here??i knewit soon as i try to say somethin or anything they are on to me like a xaset misile..its gettin old and lame man.now i know that you were streight cool with me from before and it was all the other cats tryin to front and pretend to be you when you were not playin or frontin at lest unitl i got you mad at me,,now i know and should have knowen along time ago,,sory bout all that noise from beforedog.wraped with some cats about you know what and saw you know who and basicaly i got to hurshize up some more you know what(dont wanna say shit on her because of the other lolifes on here lookin for me and shit-got it??totaly aight with what you said and i understand what your sayin but remeber what i said when you told me about not sayin anythin or at lest not wantin to get involved??its cool with me.i still like to holla at you of this dam thing )i aint tripin trust me and i know how to handle them and sory if the other cats are tryin to front you but you know how to deel with them,,trust me you do.
    i need to get some other homies to try out my shit when it redy in next week but ,,the brothas i roll with coud drink sistrine and say it good to,you know what im sayin???im out 9g’s alredy and another 3oo cakers today on somethin that i have no idea with the fuk is goin on,,i just hope no one is tryin to get over but gotta do it to see if it work.all im sayin is that i think its gettin over my head and need to wrap to someone who know about the baseics and can say the things you say like you do,,all up front and crap,,.if this works,,then its boolyawn city,,and if it dont then im out about 12g and nothin i can do but let my homies drink the fuk out of it.aight boom,,hope all is well and ill ry to hook up with you somehow,,maybe if im were you at on biz you can meet me at the airport,,or somwehre so we can wrap about this stuf and crap.im still mixin but got my eyes on the prize with this and layin low from all the noise,,clubbin,honeys,and the other crap.i gotta lay off the swelich though,,but hittin it hard this year,,you know anyway catch you later,,

  242. What the fuck is this dumb ass kranston talking about?

  243. dont worry…you’ll soon find out…”bob”

  244. dont worry…you’ll soon find out…”bob”

  245. hey bw dont sweat that asshole the only point he has is on his head. know what i mean a regular rabble rouser.

    Have you seen phil h. in a while?

  246. R.C.,

    Phil Haney? Is that who you’re talking about? I haven’t seen Phil since I got out of the navy. Jeff was back home in Ohio last week and was thinking about dropping by, but he didn’t have time.

  247. boomer,,,
    im ignoring the drama being played out on hear,,i aint gonna say shit nomore bout you know what only to let you know that my brew got picted for some gig thtas scedhuled in oct somethin by amel and 2 hundred other slices.my pop put it on the list for bevarages and he pick that over the other ones,,,now you know what that means,,i hope the shit turn out cuz the hole thing what im doin is on the line.i got the keg and the hollyday brew set and be done in a few weeks,,think about layas of flavas and youll know what its about and the same with the rest,,best thing to describ it is like think about hollidays and in generel what tastes do you taste???right???if it do good,,then i can go ahead and keep goin if not then it over..my pop say if they like it he front up more for me to make more and get his beamcounter to work out the numbers and whatnot,another thing,,,
    rember each holiday is diferent with flavs and yes thier is a way to capture it in the beer,,im tellin you and you can fill in the rest(punkins and cramberrys)im gonna lose on the deel but its more to get the word out which is what i want to do and try cuz that will prov that i keep it goin or stop,.im gettin excited dog but i need to stop sayin shit bout this on hear but want to let you know and dam wood be cool if we can hook up somday,,

  248. toni keep your klamery shut and all things will be “fine”.That goes for Boomer as well.

    “The day of reckoning begins with a day of beckoning.”

  249. Yeah I see what you mean R.C. this guy is just talkin out his ass. No wonder it stinks in here. Did you siphon gas out of this knumbskulls car or something?

    As far as Phil no I haven’t done his show in a while. How about you?

  250. tony are you still there?
    getting ready for the hookup…
    write back if you are there ok?

  251. anon,,,’
    yea im here and geting redy for what hookup???who wanna know???why???
    in case you see thisim headin out so for the nite,,gonna pull the scrunch face on any homily honie that comes at me like last nite,,that was hidyus.i aint gonna say no more crap about the deel i talked about before but if things hapen ill tell you generelly,,ill be back early tonite maybe 3 or so and if you up gimme a holla and ill wrap with you without all these slices that are tryin to intimate me,,, and set me up and maybe you to since someone is startin troble with you to it seems like,,anyway i check you out lateer,,

  252. another thing,,,
    i aint shuttin anything up to no one or nothin,,,got it anon???

  253. http://grimacebuttplug.ytmnd.com/

  254. POOT!

  255. Good Day Boychiks….
    I see everyone is presntly accounted for……
    From the “Sides” I am hearing a lot of “Chatter” from Bob and Kc. Well, thats a given. Academic actually considering what Boomer has been saying in conjunction with Tonys scpiel……I wonder if Tony is ready for Boomers participation?????
    From past experience, Boomer is quite a Blaster and “Re-arranger” if any of you get my meaning…

    All should be cool if all stay cool…

  256. HI Boys’
    Have I got a secret for YOU!!!!!

    Lets make mud…!!!!
    Anally Yours –

    Heidi the Bricklayer

  257. Hey Tony, where is Sherry J.? I can’t stop thinking about her. You’ve got to help me out man, I think I’m in love.

    Kippers said… when are you going to unleash “the goods”??


    Some how this link doesn’t look work place friendly …


  258. zolazantac,,,whatever
    came in a litle late last night so didt check to see if you wanted to hookup and whatnot but me,, slam and my boy sandman stayed late drinkin and poundin oisters at housemaster nelsons house and you know what happened next,,yup I gots maofeed,
    long story short,,I think I got big problems goin on as of today with my plans,,,
    my pop calls my up and had to get to his lawers office with him,his biz partner and had to sign some papers about MY brewin idea and whatnot,,I wasn’t in the mood and still hung over hardly no sleep and now ol boy is tellin me that I sined the rites of my ideas to my pop and his biz parner,,,wtf???i don’t freekin rember evfer seeing anything like that just thinking it was legel mumbo jumbo,,,
    .my pop biz partner and my pop offered a payout to me for money into to my equipment and a lump sum payout or if I say no then I get a percentige of any profits from the beer sales,.but my pop and his friend and bizz partner like the idea and alredy have a lot of orders for havin it for the gigs but the freekin part about is is that ALL THAT IS MY IDEA,,MY FLAVS AND MY IDEAS and I FEELIN LIKE IM GOT IN FREEKIN SOLD OUT,,wtf???im not gettin how this all happened,did you ever hear of anything like this before or is their any beer lawer that you know of that deel with or have deeled with this type of problem before??now ol boys has a beer cemist or whatever he want me to work with and hand over MY SHIT,,im redy to freekin punch someone out.boom serisly what do you think,,I need to talk with someone like you who is independent and not knowin anything about the biz,,my pop and his partner and best friend,,I alredy talked with blast and skeez and they say it be beter for my pop to handle it but THIS WAS MY FREEKIN IDEA that’s the problem I have with this hole dam thing,,everythin I wanted is being taken away from my hands like mafukin crabs arms gettin yanked of by some fatass redy to be aten..thats how im feelin.on top of all that amel,,cat who wanted my brews for the gig rember I told you last nite,,is pullin the ol borf and gorf and he think I don’t knowit but today just proved it and now I freekin steemin more and more.on top of that like that aint enogh that I got to deel with,,genelle keep callin me leeving dumass massages on my phone,,like a dumass I eneded up giving her my number after I got tore up and gave her the scrunch,,log story short,,im aight either way boom,,as far as cash-money go,,i gets yearly allowance from my g-ma tax breek for her,,my pop hooks me up every month,,biz money rollin in and if I decide to do this deel then that’s more but the point is is that this was my dreem and Im feelin like i gots realroaded like a muthafuka.im gonna cruz on out need to think things out alone without anyone for a while,,roll out in my bmw and tear it uplistenin to erin johnson the witchdoctor(check him out boom he good and help me to calm down).
    ill check you out whenever,,rite now the way I feel you haven’t bothered to rite me back and I ALWAYS am tryin so I relly don’t give a fuk what you do anymore

  259. Hey dude didn’t think you would be back from your trip so soon, so I have not been checking this comment section.

    Hey I threw up something really quick that might be a better venue to talk at, don’t have to worry about the trolls it’s my site and I will delete the bullshit. There is not much to it yet however should be enough to get the conversation started. I will be adding to it when I get time with a wider array of topics. Anyway just click on my name or you can cut and paste this link http://boomers-beer-blog.blogspot.com/

    As far as your problem there I really don’t know about the legality of such things so I wouldn’t be of much help. Good luck with that.


  260. zz- the visuals in that link are work safe, but the audio sure as hell isn’t. wear earphones @ work or wait till ya gets home.

    TR- real sorrowful for ya there. real real sorrowful. beer lawyers will knoe wat 2 du.

    Boomer- that yer real linky there? we yap later.

  261. poot?


    Wha you step in SON??????????

    AH knowed ya likes em’ dirty buh where ya’ll been this time??????

    HuH?????? Ya’ll been creepin’ wit tha’ ole’ boy BoomStik agin’ ain’t ya????? Sho nuff’ I knowed it!!!!

    Humph’ Take my peepers off’in ya’ll a coupla days an’ look at’cha.

    Whas’ a po ole’ SHERIFF ta do???

    Ya’ll know da DRILL………

  263. i think sfoot stepped in your open mouth…

  264. Heh Heh…
    Thas a good’un son….a good’un…
    But be kinda hard ta do when he be waist deep in your’n……

    Better luck next time cabrone….
    See ya on’t ta other side o’
    da Big Gulley

  265. hot dog

  266. hot dog?really now…you just make them carnations pretty before the president rides in.You dont want to make him upset now would ya?Bad things will happen son.

  267. Hot dog

  268. hamburger.

  269. “I left my heart”….cmon hotdog boy sing it.


  270. double cheeseburger no pickles!

    and a chili-DOG!

  271. ‘wit a pretzle!!!

  272. Hello,
    I see the circle is closing at last.

    I have a question ———-

    If a BOOMER in a forest is walking …
    Can He hear Tony Rutlidge???????????

    I don’t know, I was just wondering?

  273. AC
    not sure about that but a good sound belt strapping accross his britches a dozen times and you’l definately hear him start singing soprano.Now then Where is toni?

  274. Hot dog

  275. cheese filled hot dog + bun!

  276. papaya king! hot dog! these slices
    suck and blow

  277. hey everybody,
    lets get on the dance floor and
    DO the “robot”

  278. Mr western skyline aka turnup truck is yelping hot dog.Whats a turnup truck?do you mean turnip truck?Now that you have your own place how bout staying in your own backyard.You wouldnt wanna get into shall we say a “working over” before,during or after you go wandering off now would you?

    “ZZZ…kapow.The boom comes AFTER the lightning strike”


  279. Hot dog

  280. Thats right keyboard soldier..just keep pushing it.

    “The strike happens when one least expects it..like a thief in the night.”

  281. why did the hotdog cross the road?
    it was stuck up applecarts ass…
    get it?

  282. I’m leaving my backyard now dad and I wanna be a Keyboard Soldier one day. I hear that my drill Sarge is an old kook by the name of The_Outdoorsman. I don’t know whats going to happen but when I finally become a Keyboard Soldier, I’m hoping that The_Outdoorsman can drill my sargeant!

  283. why did The_Outdoorsman cross the

    he had the munchies and wanted a
    “cleveland steamed” hot dog, fresh
    out of crapple-carts ass. yumyum
    its too bad he lingered over apple
    carts buns, i hear they are gettin
    married soon!

  284. boomer,,
    im on the other bored rite now,,

  285. toni
    best keep outta here son if’n you know’n what be good for you.

  286. bwuaahahahaaa

    you a bully deeker!

  287. Fine, I’ll post it over here:

    Poo Poo with the Poo Poo

  288. cant post on boomer’s blog. He’s “screening” his posts and only posting the ones the fit his “criteria”.Pretty lame man.

    This blogs rocks, total freedom of speech!!!

  289. Yes, You are correct in your statement about that “Other Blog”.
    I have been watching it and knew that it would be shut down to most posts in a short order.
    The major players were venting and
    are hopefully in a “MooD”.

    This site is open I hear and should provide the necessary space for continued dialog especially in regards to the mysterious disappearance of Boomer. I question his recent “New Blog”. My concern is that “Boomer” as was originally created is not who actually set up that blog in the first place. The style and musings
    he has put forth are in a subsurface way quite unlike him…

    Well, further observations are the order.
    In service;

  290. Interestin that boomer is as quiet as a prostitute in a confessional.It seeming that the mystery surrounding boomer and his blog continues to deepen as time goes by.Why would the man shut it down??yup,thats what im thinking too.

    Trouser explosion

  291. Hi Fellas’
    Welcome back.

    Guess What?????????
    I posted a secret on that other beerblog and they got nervous and erased all the posts thinking nobody would notice they were singleing me out!!!

    Beerboi got jealous….
    Ha Ha Have a anally good day.

    Heidi the Bricklayer

  292. this reminds me of several druids that myself and herr docktor schmidt became acquaintenances only to have the rug pulled from under our feet.perhaps this situation is the same no?
    so if the scenario is in fact a chance that boomer is beerboi then boomer must know toni as well no?Follow das logic and see for yourselfs although I have been proven wrong before but das shutdown of the board and boomer’s absence along with girlyman toni has gotten my head a headache-oui ya youi!

  293. mustard covered HOT-DOG

  294. le mutard de ot dogg, moi???

  295. ya mein frauline

  296. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  297. Looking, looking, waiting,

  298. what the z??? is that mess?

  299. nigger?

  300. wtf redux?

    who are these fools

  301. yeah, foo trippin on dey sef
    need ta step’

  302. He didn’t let her c8wc right there was seated on. Jesus, you think we should c8w9 not had not to bring.

  303. What is this, code? Leet-speak? WordPress kicks ass. No more searching around for recent quotes. Why are you posting way down here?

  304. nigger

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