The Cone Of Silence

Work took a turn for the dumb again today. I was back in MI/EI running boxes through final verification tests, no major issues and things were pretty smooth. I got bamboozled by Miss Auschwitz while I was finishing up some shipping documents. Stupid bitch totally took me by surprise- a sneak attack. My sincere hope was that she would not attempt to fuck with me again especially after the epic beat down she got from management over the ergo lift incident. Probably seeking some petty revenge, she made it a point to barge into my area babbling about something she called “The Cone Of Silence.” I had no idea what the fool was getting at until she started focusing in on my HIPOT gear. Slowly I got the gist of what she was trying to do.

Part of the final testing at MI/EI includes a safety test with a HIPOT instrument. HIPOT is a nickname for High Potential. Basically what you do is hook up a piece of gear and you flood it for a specified period of time with high voltage supplied by the HIPOT instrument. It’s a special piece of test gear with only one function- voltage output. During the high voltage portion of the test the box you’re flooding with juice should not develop a short to ground. What this means is, if a device did have a short to ground and you made contact with it by touching the frame you could receive a hateful load of voltage. Shock the shit out of you. In some cases it might be enough to kill you outright. So, if the HIPOT test passes there is no short to ground and that’s what we want. If the HIPOT test fails and the gear trips killing the power then you have a big problem. Something in the box shorted out. The dangerous part of the whole test is if you as the test operator happened to be touching the box while the shit fails there is a chance you could get fried.

Miss Auschwitz informed me that per the ergonomics department new safety regulations all test stations that provide HIPOT must now be clearly marked with warning signs, and a goofy safety shield has to be installed all around the test rack. Special ESD mats also have to be present. She referred to this new unseen safety shield bullshit as “The Cone Of Silence.” I have no idea where she came up with that stupidity. From her description of what the Cone Of Silence is, it’s a new mechanism that has clear plexiglass shields and stands about six to seven feet tall. As she was ranting about the details I knew the whole initiative was going to be a colossal waste of time. I let Miss Auschwitz talk herself out without paying much attention to her inane chatter. Before she was done though, she noted that since I did not have the HIPOT warning signs, a special ESD mat, and a new Cone Of Silence retard shield that I could no longer perform any more HIPOT testing until I got them.

Fuck that noise. She is not going to shut down the line over this horseshit. No way. I have month end shipments to make or else. Factory Peasant vs. Miss Auschwitz round three is about to begin….


~ by factorypeasant on February 24, 2010.

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