Radio Silence

Haven’t heard from Jacinda in over a week.

Every night after work we’ve had long phone conversations. That’s been the routine for a while now. Jacinda doesn’t have much going on from day to day so we talk about old times together, mutual friends, bands each of us likes and dislikes. Sometimes she complains about the neighbors in her apartment complex. Many of them sound like total freaks the way she describes them. Jacinda can’t stand her apartment manager, apparently. Last time we spoke I brought up the possibility of driving to see Jacinda soon, which she seemed happy about. Going there for a visit would mark the first time in more than thirteen years since we last saw each other. I estimate it will take me about four hours to reach her town from here. Not a bad drive if I leave early enough in the morning. It may turn out to be a fun adventure.

Since that conversation I haven’t heard from her at all. I have to admit I am a little concerned. Trying to avoid the perception of becoming a pest I have not left more than a few messages on Jacinda’s answering machine. Calling repeatedly is probably going to piss her off, especially if she’s okay but just doesn’t want to be bothered for a time. I can’t help but wonder if something bad has happened to her though. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary during our conversation on that final call before everything went radio silent. I know she has relatives near where she lives. I assume if Jacinda did really need help her family would be there and step in to save the day. Maybe I will try to call them in a couple more days If I don’t hear back from her. I can probably find a listing for them online.

I threw one of those Indian necklaces into a box with some more compilation CDs for Jacinda shortly before she stopped returning my calls. Can’t help it, but I realize that might have been too much too soon. Perhaps she thought it creepy and weird. Guess I’ll have to wait and see what she does next.


~ by factorypeasant on November 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Radio Silence”

  1. i dont think Jacinda is interested

  2. Haven’t read your blog in a while. Sorry (but not surprised) about Amber. Break-ups can be difficult… but sometimes they are for the better.

    Look forward to reading more about your exploits, in particular the work stuff. I always got a kick when I read your posts about “the office” craziness. Eerily familiar to many, I am sure.

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