Jacinda Jukebox

I’m in regular contact with Jacinda, we usually talk in the evenings a couple times a week. She sounds bored most of the time and keeps complaining about the sorry radio stations in her local area. Since she doesn’t have a CD collection or anything to listen to besides shitty college stations from Chico I decided to put together a care package of discs to listen to. The best way to do it up I figured was get one of those car CD binders that hold thirty or so discs. They’re small enough to fit in a glove box so that would make it easy to box up and ship via mail. I bought one and got a bulk pack of a hundred blanks. Then it was time for the difficult part. What to put on them? And what order should the tracks be in?

Making compilation collections of music can be tough. You’ve got to think about what the person you’re making the compilations for likes and dislikes; plus sneak a few favorites of your own in that won’t be too disruptive to the overall theme. Jacinda and I both had similar tastes in music which would make things somewhat less of a pain to put together. We had some common interests like punk, gothic/death rock, and industrial music. I chose to start with the gothic stuff, making discs with Christian Death, Bauhaus, Malign, The Sisters of Mercy, 69 Eyes, Chrome, Android Lust, and a bunch of others. On the Industrial side I made up discs of Front Line Assembly, GGFH, Skinny Puppy, 16 Volt, Diatribe, Godflesh, Sleep Chamber, and more. Included in the audio care package was a notebook. I hand-wrote in all the song titles and numbered each CD with a corresponding page so she would be able to quickly look up whatever it was she would play on her stereo.

Where I really got into time consuming compilation projects was with the punk stuff. It’s challenging to think of the best two dozen or so tunes from a band like the Dead Kennedys and put it into a cohesive collection. But, I had plenty to work with and lots of time on my hands so each night after work I picked a punk band and put together one anthology of each group’s work. Even though it was tedious I did have some fun listening to some stuff I haven’t heard in years. I raided my Misfits collection, The Cramps, TSOL, Agent Orange, Sonic Youth, Big Black, D.I., etc.

Nearly two weeks later the whole project was nearing a total of 32 CDs. There were a number of one-offs I added like Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Pixies, and Cocteau Twins. Standards like them never seem to become tired and boring. In a way I was trying a shotgun effect hoping to throw in enough material that there had to be a good enough chance Jacinda would be into it.


~ by factorypeasant on June 14, 2009.

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  1. any fuck emos?

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