Hi Pattie and Mike,

I got this escalation from one of my employees and promised I’ll come back to him with some explanations.

Are you aware of this?

Mike, why don’t we have those documentations available on our site?

Please let me know what your take is on this.


Top Cat
FY05: How will We delight our Customers today?


Top Cat,

I did get a call about this. Mike G. (Santa Clara) has responsibility for this. He is creating a new policy and I’ve given him my input. The issue resides around our policy that customers cannot allow downloads of our manuals. It’s actually quite interesting (amusing?) because customers can put them on a CD and send them to someone, or even sell them — they just can’t allow downloads off the web.

My suggestion is to allow BAMA to have online versions of our manuals (at a minimum let them put manuals that are 20+ years old) and change our policy. In return we want a copy of all their Bill and Dave’s company manuals so we can put them on our website. We are always scrounging for all manuals and we’ll put any medium quality PDFs on our website (there is a smooth process to get these into Lit Station and onto the web within a one week timeframe). I believe that BAMA would welcome the offer to put these old manuals on our site. Most customers come to our site first and will have increased satisfaction if they find them on our site.

Top Cat, some of these manuals are available on our web site — although I haven’t done a thorough analysis. We just put 150+ more obsolete manuals on our website. We are trying to balance the requirement for increased customer satisfaction with financial business results. We chose the 150+ manuals based on a thorough analysis of “most often visited product pages that didn’t have manuals online.” There will always be some very old, low volume products not available on our site. I actually welcome the work of BAMA and other groups that have interest in keeping documentation for our old, old products.

Hope this is helpful. This is a small site but it brings to light the passion customers have for our old products. I consider this a great opportunity to raise the awareness on the value of our old documentation. We just got our web ACS survey back. The #1 request, by a large margin, was to increase the content for our old products.



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