BAMA Rescue: Legal Threat

Returning to my desk I decided to hit the BAMA website and see if I could find a copy of our lame-ass legal threat letter. Sure enough after logging onto BAMA’s site I scrolled down about one third of the way to find in bright red letters a news article linking to a .pdf copy of our lawyer’s stupid shit. Reading it made me realize how adept we are here at shooting ourselves in the feet. I was also kinda angry. So I followed up with an email to Top Cat that better summed up my thoughts. I didn’t even give Top Cat the few days wait to see what may or may not happen. Fuck it, let’s do this now I thought. Sitting at my technical workbench I hammered out the following email:


Hi Top Cat.

Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me this afternoon. I do appreciate it. To follow up a little further and clarify, I found a letter from Bill and Dave’s company to BAMA regarding this issue and I’ve attached it for you to read. Our Corporate Counsel, James S. mentions BAMA was “marketing” our product manuals from their web site, but I am certain BAMA was providing them completely free of charge. The problems I see here are:

1. We are forcibly removing a useful source of free public information about Bill and Dave’s legacy products that we as a company are not providing.
2. Negative public relations towards Bill and Dave’s and a perception that we refuse to offer the most minimal support for our older products.

I hope some sort of compromise between Bill and Dave’s company and BAMA can be worked out soon. I’d like to suggest that we make .pdf’s of our obsolete/legacy product manauals more available on our main external website. This would eliminate situations like this from happening in the first place, and be useful to customers as well as our own employees. I believe it would also foster a perception that we continue to offer valuable information and support long after a product is no longer in service life.

Thank you,

Factory Peasant


Via email to:

Re: Copyright Infringement

Dear Sir or Madam:

It has been brought to our attention that you are marketing via your web site materials as to which the copyright rights belong to XXXXXXX Technologies, Inc. These include but are not limited to manuals for XXXXXXX (formerly Bill and Dave’s) products.

This will confirm that XXXXXXX owns the copyright rights to those materials and to all other such materials for Bill and Dave’s company or XXXXXXX test and measurement products. XXXXXXX has not consented to you copying or distributing them. If you were not previously aware that a copyright owner has the exclusive rights to copy of publicly distribute its works, or if you have been under the mistaken understanding that you have XXXXXXX’s consent to do so, this is to correct that misunderstanding. Further, any implied consent is hereby revoked effectively immediately.

In the absence of a license from XXXXXXX, you must immediately stop copying, publicly distributing, and advertising these materials, and remove them from your site.


James S.

Corporate Counsel


~ by factorypeasant on June 26, 2008.

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