Blood leaked heavily out of my finger. It stung badly, the pain was like a new kind of motherfucker I had never experienced before. When I fell backwards off a step-stool in my garage one of my Masonic rings caught on a bicycle hook. The gold ring split along a bottom seam where two halves joined. It pried apart just long enough to open, slip past a hook I mounted in an overhead rafter and then bite down hard into my skin as it dragged from the base of my finger nearly to the tip. My weight careening backwards toward the ground provided plenty of force to slice me like a razor. I stood there holding my hand firmly as red oozed around my grasp dripping onto the concrete. Struck with a sense of irony about the situation I found myself in I thought how yet again Autumn was responsible for ruining another beautiful weekend. At least this would be her last opportunity to wreck my shit.

Autumn asked if she could leave two bicycles here. Her brother salvaged both of them from the county dump. One was a women’s frame from the 1960s, black, nearly complete. A three speed vintage cruiser with a chrome headlight on the front fender. If you put some air in the tires it was probably okay to ride. The other was a patchwork of metallic painted mis-colored parts and rust cannibalized from a few garbage dump gems. A rat-rod beast. I agreed to let Autumn keep them here until she could come back for them at some future date. I don’t have much room in my garage to stack them against a wall though so the only short term option was to buy a couple sets of overhead hooks from the hardware store around the corner and mount them into beams running under the garage roof. I lost my balance while placing the third one. Clumsy me. Now I get to bleed everywhere and still manage somehow to hang up broke dick bikes I want nothing to do with. One-handed bicycle hanging is going to be an adventure today.

I think I might need some stitches.

Autumn arrived at my door promptly on time earlier this morning. She was carrying two bags worth of items that belonged to me, left stranded at her apartment. A package she brought contained a set of black iron curtain rods and matching jet black curtains. She had them in her bedroom for the past couple of years. In exchange I had stacked a bunch of stuff that belonged to her next to my front door. Neither one of us had much to say. The moment was unpleasant, awkward, and painful. I invited Autumn to come outside and sit with me on my patio to try to talk but it was no good. Within minutes Autumn couldn’t speak and she said she had to leave. She was on the verge of crying, I thought. So was I. Autumn picked up everything I left for her. She walked quickly out the front door as I watched her pass by the patio on my front walkway to her car. Autumn drove away. I became severely upset.

I couldn’t move. No muscles in my body were working so I sat frozen, immobilized in my chair. A morning cup of coffee was untouched right in front of me on the glass table. By the time I started to snap out of it I took a glance at the kitchen wall clock. Autumn left about two hours ago. There wasn’t anything else to do really. It’s over. Might as well make an attempt at being productive and get those god damned junker bicycles hung overhead in the garage. That’s what I was thinking.

Staring at all the gore in my hand wasn’t making anything better. I stepped into the kitchen and turned on some cold water. Dunking my outstretched hand under the faucet produced a burning sensation I would have preferred to avoid. After rinsing it I grabbed a clean dish towel that was nearby and wrapped my hand in it tightly.


~ by factorypeasant on May 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “Nothing”

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  2. rough times 2.


  3. Dude,
    There are way better ways to give her the finger.

  4. good point there Barley.

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Uncomprehendingly!!

  6. Uncomprehendingly – reference an earlier post titled “All Or Nothing.” The relationship was over and this was my first taste of what nothing would be like…

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