Autumn Doldrums

We’re at a standstill again. Nothing new there I suppose. Autumn and I had a lousy time of it this past weekend due to another heavy discussion about our relationship. As usual Autumn became all weird, I think she’s trying to break up with me. She is doing a lousy job. Like an idiot I continue to try to find solutions. Autumn offers little but counterpoints and arguments. Both of us went out to lunch at a chain Mexican restaurant in the newly renovated mall next door to her apartment building. It’s a short walk across a parking lot from her street. Just as we sat down to eat together Autumn said some shit that really upset me. I started to lose it right there in the restaurant and I had to get the hell out. There was no point in staying. People were starting to stare. I felt completely out of place and embarrassed. We left.

Back at Autumn’s apartment the impasse in our situation only became more complex. It’s entirely frustrating dealing with her, I know she’s playing games. Her diatribe of complaints are always the same and it makes no difference how I attempt to work with her on the things she doesn’t like. Sometimes I feel as though Autumn is deliberately setting me up for failure by bringing up issues with no possible fix, no way out. We sat in her living room talking for a long time. Talking didn’t help one bit. I felt twisted up and rotten inside. Another weekend ruined.


~ by factorypeasant on March 4, 2008.

One Response to “Autumn Doldrums”

  1. I my friend have been there with a lady or two…once the unending hell comes raining down in response to attempts to repair a broken situation it’s over.

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