Tracking Down Jacinda

Some months back I found myself online again, late at night performing more private investigation work on Jacinda’s current whereabouts. Every so often she crosses my mind and I wonder what happened to her, where she lives now, if she remembers me. Usually at least a few occasions a year I spend a small amount of time searching. I suppose problems with Autumn give me more opportunities to think about past relationships. I wonder what could have happened in my life if I had been successful with a previous long-term girlfriend. As years have passed I discover more and more web-based resources for tracking people down. It’s interesting while at the same time kind of spooky so much personal information is easily obtained on people. The last time I did an online search for Jacinda I found a phone number in Oregon that I thought was probably hers. I wrote the number down and put it away. Tonight I decided to call that number.

Nobody picked up. I talked to an answering machine, leaving my name and number. The outgoing message was a guy’s voice that had a slight southern drawl to it I thought. Probably her boyfriend or husband. I said I was an old friend of Jacinda’s and that it had been thirteen years since I last saw her. Didn’t say much else. I don’t know if I will hear anything back, but I felt good about trying to get in touch with her. There are still some things I wanted to say, things I need to get off of my chest. When we split up everything was such a mess. I never saw her again after that.


~ by factorypeasant on January 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tracking Down Jacinda”

  1. Oh man i KNOW where this is going, its a wild ride. Cant wait. On the up side i think its really brave to make that kind of effort to get hold of someone after so long, i also think it shows one of your stronger personality traits and that is being loyal to your friends and following through on the things you want to do…also you are a greasy dirty caviar clan member…kinda like shitfut.

    be well bubba, your next few posts on this should be interesting.


  2. Brown noser. Don’t think that last insult undoes the rest of your post, which is overwhelmingly sucking up to the author.

    On a side note, why must you always be so pessimistic about Factory Peasant’s potential love connections? I have a good feeling about this one. I think this Jacinda chick may be just the woman for FP to settle down with. Go for it. Don’t let DT talk you out of it.

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