From Zero To Sixty

It’s weird.

Every weeknight when Autumn got home from work I’d call her. She was always there, in her apartment after work spending time reading books and eating popcorn. We would yap at each other for hours some nights. Our regular scheduled time to socialize with each other. Reliable, you could always count on it. Not anymore. Most evenings these days Autumn is out, spending time with that obnoxious friend of hers. Autumn doesn’t call until eleven. We talk for a short time and then she’s off to bed. Her galpal lives somewhere in the hills East of Berkeley with her husband and a couple of kids that should have moved out on their own long ago from the sound of things. Autumn told me they have a trampoline in the backyard that she likes to jump around on. They sit and watch movies. I guess she eats dinner with these people each night, then eventually goes home. It’s like Autumn has gone from a complete standstill- zero to sixty with her friendship to Miss Obnoxious.

Both of them went out drinking together the other night. Really got hammered from Autumn’s description of things. They hit a few places to booze it up and then sat in a gutter on a sidewalk somewhere. Miss Obnoxious lost her purse which included all her credit cards and some cash of course. What a clueless dunce. When Autumn told me about that scene over the phone I couldn’t help but feel happy that skank was stupid enough to lose her shit. Made me grin. Honestly I don’t understand what it is about this woman that Autumn finds so fascinating or interesting about to want to hang out with her all the time. Seems strange to me but I can’t say why exactly. Just is.


~ by factorypeasant on December 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “From Zero To Sixty”

  1. If only they had decided to see what it’s like to be blind by trying to walk home with their eyes closed…

  2. Whymihn!

  3. update y0 bl0g f00

  4. workin on it s1f00t…

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