Autumn’s New Friend

The office where Autumn works recently hired in a new person that Autumn has taken quite a personal liking to. The new-hire is a woman Autumn’s office was somewhat familiar with already due to the fact that she worked for a colleague/competitor in the same field. The business they are in is a niche corner of the financial world. Socially Responsible Investment is what Autumn calls it. I think of SRI’s business people and customers more as Financial Conscientious Objectors though. It’s like they’re a bunch of little kids who are sore losers. They don’t like the way the game is played by everyone else, so they confiscate the ball and go home with it. Basic gist at Autumn’s office is they find *politically correct* investments for customers to put their money into that fits each individual’s moral or ethical views. Have customers put their money into companies that focus on renewable energy sources instead of Standard Oil, for example. Helps some people sleep better at night I guess, knowing that their cash isn’t going to perceived evil corporations. Problem is though, some of these alternative businesses and companies are not successful. I sometimes think of SRI as selling modern-day Snake Oil, or twenty-first century Carpetbagging.

I’ve read SRI started near the tail end of the Vietnam War. Most people I have talked to never heard of it before which means they haven’t exactly done a very good job promoting themselves over the past three decades. Socially Responsible Investment doesn’t seem to me like it has accomplished much in the thirty or so years it’s been around, either. Bottom line is it’s just hippies managing other hippies’ loot. Hippies are a small but vocal crowd of investors. In addition to channeling customers’ funds away from politically incorrect investments SRI as a movement attempts to sweeten the deal through shareholder activism. SRI targets sympathetic investors with large shareholdings in major companies and corporations then asks these individuals to introduce resolutions at annual shareholder meetings. Rabble rousing tactics. Listening to Autumn talk about the success these methods have had on making the world a better place for everyone to live in, I am rather skeptical. Sometimes I think hippies give themselves far more credit for their actions than they deserve.

Anyway, Autumn doesn’t have many female friends. Of the few women she is close with most of them live far away so she doesn’t get to see them often. Her new friend they hired in at the office sounds like she caused some hectic personal conflicts with her former employer from what little details I’ve overheard Autumn mention. This past weekend Autumn arranged a get together with us, her new pal and her pal’s husband at Cesar’s for drinks. Things were pleasant enough during cocktail time but holy shit is that woman obnoxious. She can’t shut up. Non-stop jabberjaw action that really got on my nerves in no time. She’s also kind of clingy which makes my skin crawl. Tough to look at, too. Her skin is leathery and wrinkled from spending years in the sun, she’s got a long narrow face and her blond hair is in tight braids which looks entirely retarded on her. White folk cannot get away with doing their hair like that.

I’m not going to say a damn thing to Autumn about how detestable this lady is even though she was making fun of my glasses. If Autumn digs her and wants to hang out all the time with her, that’s Autumn’s deal. It’s important for her to have a female friend so Autumn can go out and do girl stuff instead of being with me on weekends all the time. Maybe it will do Autumn some good. I can already tell I am not going to jive with this obnoxious chick though. She’s super annoying. Being around her for more than five minutes is going to be difficult. Real unpleasant, like sitting in an empty classroom while someone drags their fingernails across a chalkboard.


~ by factorypeasant on August 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Autumn’s New Friend”

  1. Hell FP… tell us how you really feel about the lady….

  2. heh. i think i just about covered it… but wait there’s more!

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