Movie Nights At Jerry D’s

Sitting around at home by myself every day after work has become mundane. I drink bottle after bottle of beer, staring at the same dozen websites going in circles looking for something new to read. If I am not staring at my computer screen I’m staring at the wall just behind it. On swing shift when I came home from work it was generally too late in the evening to go back out to do anything. Most people are asleep by then. I decided I needed to get out more and be social. Not far from my place two friends, Devil-T and Jerry D share a small two-story townhouse together. Talking with them a few weeks ago about my desire to get out and hang with people we decided to start a weekly movie night on Wednesdays around 9pm. They offered to host the gig at their place which was mighty cool of them.

Jerry D, The Devil known as T, and myself all have similar tastes in film. We really dig zombie movies, Sci-fi, and Japanese Anime. We’re huge geeks. Each Wednesday more people have been showing up over at Jerry’s place making the whole deal more fun. Stash-Tard-O is usually there as soon as he gets off work along with Rick & Anna, Jeff Speewack, and Anson. Anson always passes out cold on the floor minutes after coming in though. At least he doesn’t snore. There’s plenty of good beer going around and lots of snacks to grub down on. It’s been good, I should have thought of doing this with friends a long time ago.

Near Autumn’s place in Berkeley there’s a mall only Asian-owned businesses are allowed in. One of them specializes in bootleg DVDs from Japan, China, and Korea. Lately I have been buying anime and horror films from that shop to bring over to movie night. Some of the stuff is surprisingly good, but it’s always a crap-shoot because most of the time I have no idea what I am picking up. The official versions of these DVDs probably won’t hit retail shelves in stores until next year though. It’s fun watching television shows and films you’re not supposed to have and that nobody else will likely get to see until many months later.

~ by factorypeasant on August 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “Movie Nights At Jerry D’s”

  1. I only made a couple of them, but good times!

  2. yeah man. you helped out a bunch by loaning me cool shit to bring over at jerry’s. i think one of the biggest hits there was that south korean sci-fi anime with all the cgi art in it. i forget the name of that one…

    say hi to eddie rabbit for me.

  3. Musta been “wonderful days”. Awesome animation.

    It seems the “dead leaves” anime was well received too.

  4. i forgot about dead leaves. that one is wackie. good shit tho. ain’t seen anything worthy in a long time except for Solid State Society when it was released to theaters in Japan. you still gotta see that one d00d.

  5. dead leaves rocks hard.

    man i miss them daze.

    check out ugetsu old samurai flik

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