Booger Prince

On the front end of the line there is a skeleton crew of assembly workers. Compared to the army of employees we had leading up to round after round of deep job cuts the only people left are Shitfoot, EH, and The Mole. The Mole is a little runt of a man who somehow managed to dodge every layoff during the past four years. When I first started at Bill and Dave’s company in the PC Board division, I used to see The Mole working across the shop floor on PC board lines. Eventually he worked his way up into a Material Coordinator position, but like many here he was demoted in order to save his neck from the corporate axe. He stepped down, back to being an assembler and was drop-kicked into our department. The Mole has lingered on here with us since then.

I call him The Mole mainly because he is a weaselly-looking short shit. His tiny face is pinched up and he’s got a massive overbite which always makes me think of ground-dwelling rodents whenever I see him walking through the building’s hallways. Even his voice seems rodent like. He would make an excellent cartoon voice actor, no doubt about it. The Mole is also rather shifty, he has earned a nasty reputation for being difficult to work with as well as being a back stabber. Generally, I stay away from the guy only talking to him when I must.

This afternoon Olaf burst into my area hopping around laughing, while at the same time on the verge of being visibly disgusted. He made quite an entrance coming from an aisle of test racks over by B-Rad’s workbench. I swung around in my chair to find out what he was so tweaked about just as he was telling a story to B-Rad and Deep who were both sitting nearby. From the sound of things, Olaf was over in assembly stuck in a work related conversation with The Mole. While the two of them were talking, Olaf noticed a big gold-green booger was hanging out of the end of The Mole’s hook nose. Shortly thereafter the green gob of hardened goo popped out of his nose and dropped onto his lower lip. As he continued lecturing Olaf, The Mole inadvertently ate his own booger without realizing it. Olaf watched unable to say anything meanwhile on the verge of gagging. So of course he had to immediately come over here and tell us about it. Heh.

From now on I hereby and henceforth decree that The Mole shall be known as The Booger Prince.


~ by factorypeasant on August 7, 2007.

One Response to “Booger Prince”

  1. bwuahahaha b.p. king of teh b00g3r$

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