On A Short String


Here is a message from Symtx in Texas on an OBD. When you look at the pictures look at the screw sticking out the side of the instrument. Needless to say, the customer is really upset getting this extra hardware after having several other Bill and Dave’s instruments fail in the last 2 weeks. Symtx has instituted a pre-inspection of our instruments because of the quality problems they are experiencing and this was found in that pre-inspection. The manager I talked with stated that Bill and Dave’s company is on a short string as far as Symtx is concerned. To the Field Engineer and me that means we have a really good chance of losing this customer if quality problems continue.

The manager prefers not to return the instrument because he has a deadline to meet, so we need to determine if this screw could have come loose and fallen out or if it was just something extra. If we feel it came loose, where could it have come from. Once you get back to me, I need to get back to the Field Engineer to discuss further action. I need to have an answer.





Take a look at the photos let me know your thoughts. Thanks,







An XXXXXX with SN USXXXXXXXX was received within the last few days. Since we have been experiencing so many failures of Bill and Dave’s equipment, our end customer, Lockheed Martin STS, demands that we power up and BIT test all instruments before they can be transferred to a system. When this unit was removed from the box, a loose screw was found to be sticking out of the ventilation holes on one side of the instrument. See attached pictures. Per your instructions, we pulled the case back about 1″ and removed the loose screw. Once the case was re-installed, the system was powered up, and it passed BIT test. We will test the instrument in an LM-Star system tonight, and I will let you know if any other issues are found. The loose screw that was removed from the unit is a flat head, torx drive screw. I don’t have a thread gauge handy, but the thread diameter is about .114 inches, and the screw length is about .712 inches.

During the second half of last year, Symtx experienced about an 8 to 10 percent failure on Bill and Dave’s instruments for the LM-Star program. As you know, within the past two weeks, Symtx has experienced two out-of-box XXXXX failures out of four units that were received and opened. What is particularly troubling to me, is that these systems passed power up and BIT tests, but failed tests at the instrument connectors. This means that even with the power up and BIT tests, I can’t be assured that the instruments will perform when installed in LM STS systems in Orlando.

The LM-Star program is under a very tight schedule for multiple systems during the next few months, and instrument failures are going to cause missed shipments and lots of downstream fallout for both Symtx and Lockheed Martin STS. This is totally unacceptable for this defense rated program, particularly considering the millions of dollars of instruments that Bill and Dave’s company is selling to this program.

Please instigate a Customer Feedback System report on the above issues.




~ by factorypeasant on July 20, 2007.

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  1. tarded.

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