Frisbee Girl

Last weekend Autumn and I bought a light-up frisbee for nighttime goofing off in the park. It’s one of those new kind of frisbee discs that has an ultra-bright LED in the center. The rest of the frisbee is made out of a clear plastic. When the LED is on, it floods the whole disc with an alien green color. I think it looks righteous in the dark but Autumn hates the color. She says it reminds her of new traffic signals that use the same lime green colored LEDs and she says it hurts her eyes. That’s a disappointment, but the only other color they had where we bought the thing was blue. I figured blue would not be as visible in pitch black like the green would be. Plus I am partial to antifreeze green colored lights. Oops on my part I guess.

The first night we tried it out I decided to drive around the corner from my house to a park with a big soccer field out front. It is only a couple of blocks away and I rarely see anybody out there at night. I think Autumn and I discovered why that park is always vacant after the sun goes down. A few minutes after both of us piled out of the car we walked into the middle of a scrubby-lawn filled field. As we spread away from each other I was suddenly startled by a loud droning noise next to my right ear. It sounded like a four-engine Hercules C-130 prop job was buzzing right next to my head. I reacted by instantly swiping at my ear with frisbee in hand. Something big got itself swatted, sounded like a pebble bouncing off a car’s front windshield. A couple seconds later, it happened again making me twitch and swing the frisbee like it was a disc of Tron and I was trying to deflect an incoming projectile. It the low light I could see Autumn also reacting to something dive bombing by her ears. It kinda sucked.

Nearby, a man was walking his dog on a concrete path. Noticing that both of us were swatting at an unseen enemy the guy laughed and told us the field was full of big ass ground dwelling wasps that dig holes under the lawn. He mentioned they stay underground during the day because the summer heat is too much for them. As the sun goes down and the air cools, those suckers emerge from the dirt with a vengeance. So that was why few people if any visited this park in the early evening. Rather than stick around to do battle with wasps we decided to split and head across town to the neighborhood I grew up in. There’s a nice park lined with Eucalyptus trees that nobody goes to. We’d probably have the whole place to ourselves.

A short drive later Autumn was standing in front of me on soft lawn somewhere in the darkness maybe fifty feet away. My eyesight really is getting bad, I thought to myself. Guessing approximately where she was I hucked the antifreeze green frisbee watching as it glided through the air for a few seconds only to be snatched out of it’s flight path and sent back at me. It was fun. I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes, but that was cool. Better than getting hassled by giant wasps. While Autumn was jumping around catching the frisbee like an invisible force, off to my left a car slowly pulled up and stopped on the road. It sat there for a minute doing nothing, then a spotlight abruptly snapped on which caught Autumn in mid air snagging our disc. Her floral print knee length skirt and tight green top were immediately visible. I sure love it when Autumn wears those tight little tops of hers. Makes me all bugnutty crazy for her. Then the spotlight shut off and the car sped away. It was a police cruiser. I knew we weren’t supposed to be in this park after nightfall but the worst thing that could happen is we would get ourselves kicked out. Evidently the cop had better things to do. I laughed to myself, because I was accidentally saved from being hassled by the police thanks to a frisbee girl.

Not long afterward Autumn and I were sitting side by side in the grass, worn out resting. Autumn pointed out a passing satellite scooting along silently above our heads. At first I couldn’t spot it and I knew the reason why. I should get a updated prescription for my glasses. It’s been far too long since I last got my eyes checked. Autumn kept track of the satellite for me though, it caught sunlight for a moment glowing a bright brass color and I was able to see it clearly then. Another satellite came into view from a totally different angle. Autumn identified more of them floating by in different directions. We were shoulder to shoulder. I was happy being there with her. Moments like these with Autumn are what I want more of. If we lived together it sure would make things easier to spend time with each other doing simple, fun activities like this.

I wonder what she thinks about at times like that, when we are just sitting keeping each other company.


~ by factorypeasant on July 17, 2007.

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