Treehead’s Niece

I saw some shameless kiss ass action today. Made me want to puke after the laughter faded. Walking through the building towards Sources department I passed by the environmental chamber area and made a left to go down the main aisle between our realm and the Spectrum Analyzer’s group. I spotted Treehead’s niece scrubbing cubical walls. She was on all fours hovering low to the floor with a pile of rags and a squirt bottle filled with blue glass cleaner. I laughed at the sight of her furiously wiping away. It was curious though, we have plenty of janitors available to do that kind of work. All anybody has to do is place a call with their desk and blammo they’re on it. Why in the hell was she out here performing such a menial task? I had no clue.

As I approached her I stopped for a moment to watch. Not being able to help myself, I inquired into the reasoning behind her playing custodian. Treehead’s niece mumbled something about “Project Showcase.” Ah, yes. Now everything became clear. I wandered towards my desk while trying to fight down the urge to laugh in her face. What a tool Treehead’s niece is. See, she’s been trying for so long to break into a management position here in the company. Anywhere. Treehead’s niece is overly ambitious but she lacks any real skill, schooling, or experience to merit a supervisor job as far as I can tell. So, she’s taken the K.A. path to success. Boot lick, brown nose, and butt snorkel your way to the top in the corporate board game of Chutes and Ladders. Right now I hear she has latched on hard to that scrawny mid-level manager, Miss Axeman. It started to make some sense.

Personally, I never liked Treehead’s niece since I met her last year. She’s homely looking and mean. I imagine she is covered in hairy moles and smells funny. I don’t think she has ever smiled once, at least not that I can remember anyway which puts her in the same category of weirdo as that android guy in Customer Sim. Every time she has appeared on my line asking questions on behalf of another department or she’s here trying to expedite an instrument through production she has been a real bitch. Seriously. The moment I see her heading my way with notebook and clipboard in hand it makes me flinch. Treehead’s niece is yet another reason why I hate working dayshift in this joint.


~ by factorypeasant on July 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Treehead’s Niece”

  1. HAT!

  2. ur so ful of hatred.

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