Examining Scar Lip’s Propaganda

Reading Scar Lip’s email, I rapidly came to the conclusion his comments were meaningless. It was obvious to me management was indeed very concerned about a union organizing effort coming from within our test and measurement division. Scar Lip did a poor job making an argument against a union. In fact, his whole letter was quite laughable. I suppose some employees who are suckers, who generally believe everything that comes forth from manager’s lips as truth would fall for Scar Lip’s weak ass crap, but I saw right through it. His writing sucked real bad and his points were outright lies or abstract touchy-feely garbage. This company doesn’t value anything about it’s Stateside workforce anymore and hasn’t for a number of years leading up to this point.

“This is a company whose core values are based on the principle that each individual employee has the right to express himself or herself and to make his or her thoughts, issues, and concerns known to any level of management through direct communication.”

That is true, we have a culture in this company founded upon what Bill and Dave called “The Open Door Policy.” That meant any employee could approach management at any time to discuss issues of concern privately, whether it was of a business nature or a personal issue. However, The Open Door Policy if not handled carefully can be dangerous to invoke. I have seen it backfire horribly on coworkers over the years, and more recently the whole concept of direct, open communication with managers has pretty much died altogether. I don’t believe for a second that anyone in corporate leadership here gives a shit about our individual employees nor do they care about direct communication with us.

“Simply stated Bill and Dave’s company opposes any activity that has as its goal to destroy or undermine the relationship between individual employees and the company.”

That relationship was destroyed by management a long time ago. This proposed union has nothing to do with that at all.

“Bill and Dave’s strength, and one of the values upon which the success of this company has been based, is individual achievement and contribution.”

I agree, our individual contributions were of paramount importance and of value to the company’s founders, but that faded away at least ten years ago. Now the only thing that is valued around here is offshoring to Malaysia and short term profit growth for the stock shareholder’s benefit.

“John says that he may be asking employees to sign a union petition. You should be aware that John may be able to use the document you sign in ways that may not be either obvious or explained to you. He could do so without giving you any further say in the matter.”

Oooooh, scary! I guess this is the ‘fear’ portion of the management propaganda email. Like I care. Sheesh.

“For example, by signing such a document, you could be designating John R. as your exclusive representative for purposes of negotiating on your behalf with Bill and Dave’s company on all matters that affect your employment relations including, but not limited to, your wages, hours or other terms and conditions of your employment. In short, you could be giving up your right to engage directly on your own behalf with Bill and Dave’s company as described above.”

Yeah, that’s right. I’m really glad Scar Lip brought up that whole bit about my wages. Let’s see, uh, I haven’t had a merit wage increase in years. And uh, that was due to a freeze placed on every employees’ wages. Hmmmm. And who imposed that freeze? Oh yeah that was the corporate office in Palo Alto. And if I remember correctly I didn’t have any recourse or say in that matter. There wasn’t any discussion at all. In addition I don’t have any input now regarding my hours, terms and conditions of my employment. So what exactly would I be giving up by signing John R.’s little document Mr. Scar Lip, sir? My guess is I’d be giving up NOTHING. Excellent point, dunce.

JP’s reaction pretty much summed up how many of us feel.

I agree that a union would be very counter productive here. You do need to acknowledge the environment in which this idea came out of and that all is not hunky-dory here in the test and measurement world. There is VERY HIGH distrust and lack of confidence in middle and upper management here in the county (at least at my level). The activities of the last few years will take a long time to repair. It will not happen overnight. The attitude among many I work with (including our top performers) is that we are disposable and wont be here next year so why care. Hey, it’s the best paying temp job in the County.



~ by factorypeasant on June 27, 2007.

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