Scar Lip Strikes Back

TO: All Employees

An article recently appeared in the newspaper regarding union organizing activity by John R., a Bill and Dave’s company employee at the test and measurement division site. Like any employee, John has the right to express his opinions. As you might expect, we believe it is appropriate to comment on this issue.

The position of Bill and Dave’s company is and has always been very clear. This is a company whose core values are based on the principle that each individual employee has the right to express himself or herself and to make his or her thoughts, issues, and concerns known to any level of management through direct communication. We do not believe that allowing some employees to speak for others is in anyone’s best interest. Rather we prize and value the importance of each employee’s views and perspectives. Any proposal that one or more employees act on behalf of others fundamentally contradicts our company’s values because to do so would inhibit our ability to maintain open dialogue and exchange between the company and each employee. Simply stated Bill and Dave’s company opposes any activity that has as its goal to destroy or undermine the relationship between individual employees and the company.

Bill and Dave’s company’s strength, and one of the values upon which the success of this company has been based, is individual achievement and contribution. In my 21 years with this company I have observed the strength and resilience of this environment, as I know many of you have. I consider it a privilege to participate in an open environment where we achieve important business objectives through teamwork, collaboration and trust. I personally believe we have many effective ways to communicate with one another and address issues that concern us. A third party like a union would come between employees and managers. Even John R. himself is quoted in the paper as saying he is not sure a union “is the right thing.”

John says that he may be asking employees to sign a union petition. You should be aware that John may be able to use the document you sign in ways that may not be either obvious or explained to you. He could do so without giving you any further say in the matter. For example, by signing such a document, you could be designating John R. as your exclusive representative for purposes of negotiating on your behalf with the company on all matters that affect your employment relations including, but not limited to, your wages, hours or other terms and conditions of your employment. In short, you could be giving up your right to engage directly on your own behalf with Bill and Dave’s company as described above.

As always, I welcome the opportunity to talk with you if you want to understand more about the company’s position.

I believe that as you take the time to consider this issue, you will agree that a union is not the right thing for Bill and Dave’s company or for employees.


Scar Lip


~ by factorypeasant on June 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Scar Lip Strikes Back”

  1. “prize and value the importance of each employee’s views and perspectives”

    That’s freakin’ hilarious.

  2. gotta love the spin they try to throw on shit. scar lip got himself thrown out of the company recently with a few million dollars worth of severance package dumped into his wallet. must have been real rough for the poor guy.

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