Inspector Shitfoot

Here we go again. This year we have seen bogus surface mounted tantalum capacitors from AVX, Vishay, and Kemet. Since our purchasers continue to buy junk as cheap as they can possibly find it we end up with circuitboards covered in fake components. It’s so awesome.

Shitfoot must have the eyes of a hawk. Either that or he’s completely dialed in with what he’s doing up in the assembly area. Maybe it’s both. I dunno. He’s got a full workload on the front end of the line. His job includes inspecting all supplies and materials when they are delivered to the production area, besides just putting everything together. We don’t have a Quality Assurance department anymore since they were thrown out. That means no incoming scrutiny of materials until it arrives on the production floor. If there is a problem, well, it’s too late once those parts are on the shop floor. Shitfoot builds all instrument sub-assemblies, he performs final assembly (where the whole unit is integrated), and he also takes care of any mechanical rework or repair brought to him by the rest of our team. Today I got an email from Shitfoot concerning counterfeit tantalum capacitors. It is likely he discovered a second wave of fake Vishay parts that slipped through the procurement process, getting loaded onto our PC boards. I have a bad feeling we are about to take another painful trip down counterfeit capacitor road.

Shitfoot wrote:

a small one i hope…

hi guys,

on wednesday i found a black p4 cap on the motherboard of the latest shipment from jabil. so far i have found 4. could somebody let me know if this is still an issue. i will need a digital capture if it is. m.i. and button up, could u please take a look at the flowed units next week. i dont know how many may have slipped by. also do we need an E.E. to look at this?



p.s. j4b1l/v3ntur3 = unpr0n4ge t3h gh3y h4xx4g3…w34k 4$$ h03$


~ by factorypeasant on June 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Inspector Shitfoot”

  1. That note could not really have been written by sh1tf00t since it does not mention the buttsekz even once.

  2. tr00 dat but he did use 1337 sp34k to write ghey. anytime there is mention of b0iz, ghey, pretty feet, p00 stomping, ball crushing, or live baby eels being stuffed into some poor japanese girl’s nether-regions you know it’s gotta be shitf00t.

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