Going Down Fighting

Somebody here really shook up management practically overnight.

There’s a guy over in building 4, I’m not sure what exactly his job title is, but this particular employee must have giant balls made of iron. He is spearheading an effort to unionize workers at Bill and Dave’s company in an attempt to stop job losses. Offshoring to Malaysia, India, and China is rapidly wiping out the U.S. workforce. The unionizing initiative is apparently not only to cease job cuts, it is also an effort to hold our corporate managers accountable for their shortsighted actions. I am surprised nobody in the company thought of trying to organize a group challenge against corporate HQ before now, after all we’ve already lost tens of thousands of employees to layoffs during the past couple of years. I guess everybody is hoping for the best while staying busy and keeping their heads down.

Security officers have been ordered by our site managers to take down fliers and literature concerning an employee union, or employee “association” as the rabble-rousing author has called it. They won’t give him access to the closed circuit TV station we have on site so he can advertise the union idea. His name is John R. That’s all I know about the guy so far. In a way I find this hilarious, that one employee can freak out the management so badly in less than a week. They genuinely seem scared, I can smell it by the way division managers have reacted to John R’s photocopied fliers that were posted in the cafeteria.

I am going to be quietly watching this union thing unfold to see what happens…


~ by factorypeasant on June 19, 2007.

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