Switching Off

Rarely am I happy to be back at work after taking time off. Escaping from the factory is usually something to look forward to. Something that always seems to go by way too fast leaving me dreading that first morning returning to the job. Today was an exception. I couldn’t wait to bury myself deep in the instrument line and forget about my bogus Yosemite sojourn with Autumn.

Dragging myself through the hallways of building 2 towards my department early in the morning, the Bossman caught sight of me. Crossing from a perimeter walkway on the edge of our floor I made a left at a junction and walked forward with a slight limp. As we were about to pass each other in a main thoroughfare between RF Sources and the Spectrum Analyzer group the Bossman started chuckling. He noticed I was hurtin’. Probably because I had a stagger to my footsteps and I was slouching heavily.

“What happened to you?” He asked.

I told him in as few words as possible that my girlfriend is nuts. We had to be doing constant bullshit during the camping trip. My verdict: it was lame and I ain’t doing it again. The Bossman smiled and said, “Sounds like you didn’t get a chance to switch off.”

I sure as hell didn’t.

After I parked my gear at my workbench and slumped into my chair I realized how nice it was to be back. Ah, the peace and quiet of high performance electronic test and measurement equipment. Cooling fans on dozens of test racks nearby quietly hummed making me sleepy. I was going to take it easy, kick it and milk it. That’s what I should have been doing on vacation. Pretty sad I have to come back to work to take a break from things. What an ironic joke. I was planning on taking a long lunch break. Surf the web some, maybe I’d even work on a box or two. Maybe.

One of the technicians I work with, a guy named Keir, always goes out on camping trips. The thought popped into my mind I should ask him how his outdoorsman adventures are planned. Getting up from my chair I lazily cruised past the reverse flow test area and plunked myself down in a vacant seat across from Keir’s tech bench. When I got his attention, he laughed at the sight of me and asked how Yosemite was. “It was stupid, dude. Never got a moment to relax. I’m beat to shit.” I told Keir about Autumn and Jamie being total freaks every day, mentioned everything that happened in detail. When I was finished Keir laughed some more and shook his head. I asked him how he usually runs his camping gigs.

“We only plan one activity a day. Doesn’t matter if it’s one hike, or one mountain bike ride or whatever. Then we hang out at the campsite drinking, cooking food, and chillin’.”

That’s what I thought camping was supposed to be all about. Like I figured, I was with the wrong people.


~ by factorypeasant on May 16, 2007.

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  1. tryin to right on boomers beer blog for long time doanybody or anyone know what hapened with booms cite and if it still runnin or workin or do he have another pla ce to write to him

  2. He hasn’t posted for a while, has he?

  3. His blog was cool until he abandoned it. He probably lost interest in it or felt he couldn’t keep up with FP’s pace and interesting postings…

    Great reading FP!

  4. Did you all bring enough booz? Camping should involve lots of booz and fire. Fishing is for Beer and that wet stuff around yer boat.


  5. I dont think boomer abdandoned his blog. My half wit recollection was someone was going to post something on his blog (heidi?) and boomer locked it up because he was afraid that the cat was gonna get let out of the bag concerning his relationship to that histerical clubber wannabe guy….

  6. wrong dueche bags just haven’t felt like updating it had other things going on.

  7. aaah yeah oooh kay sure thing.You didnt feel like updating it because you have other things going on but you sure did find the time to post a meanie. Whats a dueche bag anyway? a German purse? If this is the real Boomer, Im not playing okay.

  8. ok cock sucker you understand that? The only thing heidi the pole smoker knows is the salt content of the sweat off my bag and it is not closed just have to log in to reply so gutless anons like you have to register. Whats a meanie? Are you referencing the beat down I layed on our clubby friend that he deserved?

    When I do have spare time writing is not usually my first choice of things to do. I am not as good at it as FP. Besides I haven’t even had time to brew lately so not much to say. Although I guess I could catch up on things to this point that I am at now.

  9. Score one for spats. He clearly hit a nerve. Besides, Boomer can’t spell “douche bags”. Also, I’m pretty sure Heidi is a guy Boomer. spats 1, Boomer 0. Let’s get this Boomer/Rutledge war going again.

  10. So you know Heidi is a guy huh? Burned again! Boomer has handled all you fools well hahahahaha

  11. heh.

    it wasn’t a matter of if it was going to fire up again… it was merely a matter of when.

    i was gonna respond about Boomer the other day and simply say d00d is busy with shit but you freaks dug him up anyway.

    sup Boomer. sorry to read you ain’t been doing no new batches of brew. is good shit. hope you get to knock out some new boozes soon. be cool and don’t forget to give one-eye a big bony middle finger for me next time you see him…

  12. Burned again, SL? How so? Yes, Heidi is a guy. I come to that conclusion by Heidi’s posts. If I recall correctly, Heidi was a complete perv who posted about raunchy gay sex with poo instead of whipped cream or something like that. The posts got deleted so I could be completely wrong and it might have been Sheriff. Only guys think like that. Women pervs post in other ways. Plus I happen to know there’s only one resident pervert on this blog and he’s a guy and apparently he’s sucked Boomer’s salty sack, in addition to about 10,000 other guys’ salty sacks. Penicillin anyone? More AIDS please.

  13. Weak and you are thinking of shitfoot. Nice try at hiding your goof up though. Burned again…putz

  14. Shitfoot>shit+foot.

    He is a bad person.


  15. understand? Sorry Boomer I dont but since you brought it up do enlighten us on this particular endeavor of yours.

  16. Hey no problem perhaps I misunderstood what you were getting at or insinuating and I may have come off a little strong. My bad.

    My endeavors are mostly work related lots of new projects coming out and going out quickly. However since the time I put the blog comments in login only I have had some personal home things to see too. Some fun like installing my projector, some things more lets say family orientated and leave it at that.

    I must say though I did not know my blog gathered so much interest. Now the stupid blogspot needs a gmail account or some such thing, I’ll have to look into that perhaps switch to word press. Either way I guess I will have to get on some new entries and perhaps opening commet section back up.

    Thanks for the words there peas I’m going to have to take some time to brew here soon when I do I will get a bottle or two out to ya.


  17. Boomer you dolt!!! I was referring to your endeaver of cock sucking. What a deuche bag.

  18. hahaha good one your projecting onto me your wild childhood memories… I guess I should have known better talking to someone with half a brain. I guess my first intuition was correct you are an idiot. I mean you are tony rutledge with better typing skills…hahahahahahah half wit

  19. Can you explain what”projecting onto me” means? You have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are far more closely aligned with Tony Rutledge then I can ever be. I have a laundry list of intuitions about you would you like me to share them with you? Thats what I thought Dimwit.

  20. hahaha now who struck a nerve you are too easy fool.

  21. I’m sorry you don’t like the term fool you much rather be called a cock sucker right

  22. Wrong Boomer. The only nerve you struck was the time when you missed a vein and OD’d on stupid. I never expressed my terms of preference on this board but since you fanatasize about involving me in your endeavor I will gladly allow you to suck my cock as much as you need in order to build your self esteem.

  23. Thanks my cock sucker


  24. Right on que Boomer. I knew sooner or later you would revert to some variation of “thanks my bitch”. That means that your finished and done. Since that phrase is gonna be your response from now on out, I am done with you-thanks for playing and remember I am here for you whenever you need to work on that low self esteem of yours.

  25. Thanks my cock sucker

    spats the love child of tony and sherri j

  26. boomer,,,
    im mafukin pissed so much that i gotta get this out.first of,,,i read these mesages and i aint beleivin what im mafukin readin boom,,,i tried hookin up all this months and your site is out and then i asked what was up and you aint say crap to me but talked crap bout me to some slice your battlin with and sayin crap bout me???wtf???do you even know what and how i been tryin to rite right on your cite and now you hear???i lerned a lot bout crap and a lot hapened with me i wanna tell you bout but thats out.you betrayed me and playin me like a sucka,,,i aint that and you aint that,,,im sayin crap now and yes i been drankin but you dont even know what i been and done since last time i writed you.now im seeing whatsup becauz you are talkin crap bout me when i aint doin shit just tryin to get in tooch with you. did you hookup with a honey and got crazy???i know the smell of byshecoo probaly messed with your mafukin mind or somethin boom cuz this aint rite,,,im a diferent man boom from the last time we smacked,,trustme on that.i lerned alot bout crap and all i wanted to do was to ask you bout your sight,,how you been and what notand we i gotta write on hear in front of all these compgorfs that caused troble all the time from before.you aint all that boom and i aint sayin nothin on hear cuz it all gonna start up again
    and trust me i know what i cant and can say anymore.i just wanna know why,,,wtf did i do that you sayin
    this crap???this is my last time writin on hear boom i just want you to know that i been hear
    tryin to get my crap right and this is what i see from you???just like before with beerboy yeah you know what im sayin
    dont play dumas with me boom.you a big man talkin crap bout me and thats what i am to you,,a sucka.all that hapened from
    before was all my falt and i tried goin past that and this is what it is???im a biger man then that boom,,,i aint gonna do nothin or sayin nothin cuz you the one.i wanna tell you wha t i been up with but im done boom.the gretest leson from everything from be four is i aint the kissin yo ass to be a homie to you,,,specilly the way you and the slice are sayin
    crap,,,rite now,,i wanna be drankin then writin to you like im some scrunch,,,you aint all that.i still gots all my crap and im still rollin wit h homies and evrythin from before but beter.thing bout that,,,i gots beter crap to do then waist my time on you stupid,,,im mafukin so pisssed boom cuz this is what and how it hapened
    im out befor,,,

  27. last thin g boom,,,,

    im drinkin 40 yeer ol wiskey,,,and fist time i aint evn tripin over this bs whit you and what you say bout me,,,i got a honey comin over and leavin on my boys yawt for the weak end,,,thats what it it is boom,,,dumas thats cuz it is

  28. tessin’ tessin’ wun too tessin’…………

  29. boom,,,
    t thinked bout what i said and i dranked to much and whatver,,,headin out for the weeknd and i didnt wanna come of being hard just got mad with the bs you said bout me but im cool with it and im not trippin just feel like why you did that.one thing boom is i ,m not gonna be the benny ala boof to you or nobody,,,i relize now it probally better not to talk or try to rap with you anymore bout nothin just llike the last months,,im startin get mad for nothin when you aint nothin to me when all i did was tryied to be a homie.you take care of you self and boom,,,get help with whatevr you got goin on

  30. hadam!we gots boomer and tony russlin’ and causin’ trouble.I already sent a gram to the sheriff..yup train left a few hours ago and the ways i sees it by mornin’ the sheriff will get it.
    boomer dun messed up his ranch and he aint gonna do that here.
    boomer,if I was you I would pack up the harsh and head out before the sheriff finds you.You a good feller and I know you mean well but you need some breakin in is all.Fer your own good headout before mornin and all will be fine ya hear?

    Tony..there’s a bounty on your head.If I was you I ride out with boomer.


  31. Fuck. Not this asshole again. If anything’s more aggravating than Boomer’s “Thanks my bitches”, it’s this Sensei/Sheriff rodeo cowboy symbolism shit. Makes me root for Tony.


  33. boomer,,,
    i aint and wont start nothin with you and i dont even care bout the compgorfs on hear tryin very hard to get me on my nerve s but aint workin.im threw with writin bout my crap cuz (without startin anything you didnt even said crap bout how you and spatz and what yall were sayin crap bout me???i aint bringin that up but it just relly proved that you fro before and now always trid to sat me up so crap like these compgorfs can try and get me.aint workin.i rapped with stevin and robert padjunis the padjunis brothrs who i want out this weekend with and they said the same dam thing that i knew but didnt wanna know bout what you did and are tryin to do with this hole bs.remeber what i said and told you before??why i dont wanna right on hear,,but the real thing that proved this boom that you setted me up from the gotgo was is that you didnt say anything but talked bout me AND YOu were hear and not their on your cite???why???this is the only first thing i learnd from before to now.how can i even think bout bein homies when you arent for reel???i was stupid boom snd it tooken this long for me to know now what i needed to know then.why you dont say anythin back to this bs when you know they sayin crap bout me,,,its
    like im finaly free from this ashole i wanted to be homies with.do you understnd what im tryin to say to you???
    the other thin is that i aint stressin with the compgorfs but if you wanna say sory that wold prove that you a biger man and we can move on boom cuz we cant be homies and i cant even trust you on the inet why i wanna be a homie with you???im relly not lookin for anything boom,,just lettin you know what and how i feel,,,anything you do is you,,,like tryin set me up,,compgorfs amd compgorfin me,,,aint gonna work this time.that how i feel.i proved and provenit that i can move on and i did but it be cool if you not say anything just sit their like you do and be scared of evrything insted of sayin how you feel bout the compgorfs,,,thats why we cant be homies on the inet,,,botom lime,,,i dont trust you.now,,im a biger man and wont say crap anymore but this anymore.

  34. boomer,,,
    i came out wrong.i raped with mike kaftan,,,rember him from before??about this and he made me think.he make cents that why wold you be writin on hear when you got your own page and the first time you writed was you and other tines were proballynot you cuz the compgorfs were tryin to get to me and set me and you up.boom,,,if you readin or someone know boomer,,,im sory bout what i said and i aint gonna write on this page nomore and am gonna wait if you get your other site runnin.i stayed up late talkin bout all this and other crap boom not just this but this becuz it related to that.i lerned to slow down and the problm is im overbarring this what my doc told me this morn and after what mike said all make sents now,,,it wasnt you it was mostely me like skeez been sayin but i got other crap goin on and i dont wanna say anythin to this and bout skeez and the rrest cuz the compgorfs want me to say anythin and you know the deel.i am sorry boom and i relly dont expect anything but to hopefuly be able to rap like before on your cite but beter this time cuz this whole thing and this year i know how to handle my biz especailly on the inet and what that is about.beter later then never,,,hope i can rap with you sometime on you site
    peace out,

  35. BBBBSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!tony, that was the real Boomer!!!He is setting you up dont fall for it. Stick to your (Paintball) guns and let him and the rest of these compgorfs have it. Cmon Tony dont be so dense you deuche bag!!!

  36. MAN !! Ya’ll soooo KRACEY !!!!
    Ya talkin snack like ya know suttin
    Ya dont know SIT, I know SIT an ya donts
    so Mike down an MILL up sleepas,
    I here now an watcha gonna do????

  37. I heard dat Rik. Whatcha wanna do with the King Sleepa?
    32nd and Irving 10pm..

    Hurricane of Pain

  38. king sleepa got tore up by spats.I think he’s gone
    for sure..

  39. boomer,,,
    just wanna quic k shout out to see if you got you sight up and runnin,,,or what the deel is.dont wanna rite on hear to muchbut wann see if you hear and in case sombody readin this can tell you i writed to chek and see when you get your site up cuz it still ask for a dam acount and i aint gonna sign up cuz it a long story i tell you when you get your sight on and runnin like frombefore.headin tomorow nite to drais at the you know wear boom,,,you know me to know wear im at and (that meens ill be watchin and doin some bumpin benbenics with the honies)and then im out for a few days on biz but not that long,,,and if you get you cite runnin i wont be in at it til next weak,,boom i tell you rite fast that that i mite roll after the few day s of work outta town.my homie from before (i tell you bout later and i) he hooked up with a homie that roll with drakulas of mirakulas,,, they a hip hop groop that gettin big hear in V-T with the see o dubble t,,,(il tell you this agin when you get your dam site runnin,,,idont wanna say shit in fron t you know what im tellin you???
    last thing,,,i aint stressin this compgorfs,,the way i deel withit now is is before i get on hear,,,i have a few dranks,,,turn my mus on and dont wory like from before,,,im not boom and dont write on hear if you dont want cuz i rember how i got when me and you where battlin,,,remember that???just get yo sight runnin if you can and ill chek back late probally after i roll out from a few days after workin maybe,,,aight??? be strong and tell all the drama stiks to start kising and you the the rest,,,

  40. last thing,,,
    when you get you site up,,,il just not write what i gota and wanna say on hear but i goota wait and it be beter anyway
    late and piece out

  41. Yeah – Yeah – Yeah – Yeah -( ar ) I gots you homes!!!
    Hang wid it busta, Boom be back up in heah…
    He knowed we ALL lookin fuh his Lickedity Split – Feelin Me??

    Now Boom, ar all over it an waitin’ on ya. rik too so suit up an show up o’ else get toe up aiiight!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. boom,,,
    quik shoot out and im out when i get back next sun nite.your site still is messsed up and keep askin for acount info that i dont and wont get cuz i dont wanna sign up for crap and pay for crap i aint usin.not sure if you even readin hear but in case you are im chekin next week and last thing,,,ths last weakend sat nite dude tried to upstage and dis spect me in front of my homies and i came back with the chimp-n- pinp(rember we batled over this from before)i dont wanna rite on hear bout this but when you ge t that dam site fixed i holla at you bout this and that over their,,,dont wanna splain evrythng bout that especailly hear,,,but long story short,,,i made the dude look stupid in fron of his homies and i got spect from that,,,anyway i gotta go back,,i got setup and got to drive over town with the same crap that hapen before big shrill events,,just wanna let you know im stil chekin
    take care bro,,,hope evrything is tight with you,,,

  43. Yo Anthony,

    You don’t have to pay to get an account on blogspot and you don’t need to start a blog. You just have to pick a user name and give them an email account or something.

  44. This is really starting to get confusing. I think Boomer and Tony are related but then again the mystery is enough to keep me in suspense!

  45. Greetings and the usual diatribe!Interesting..We have the recombinants gearing up for conceptual confrontations which in my mind have already casted the first fiery arrow while Team Boomer remain hidden amongst the general population.Rik and company close on the trail but they must be careful as Boomer (acting much like Joe Spano from HSB-always calling from some phone booth with the 411) and associates MUST be planning a counter-only this time one wonders if his trusty displaced bear shall accompany him and in what capacity might one ask? ALl conjectures aside, and yes the speculations,lets await which flank or flanks are exposed.Until then we must be patient for king feechala to rear his head and stomp onto the land of oblivion!

  46. hmmmm me thinks Sir Arthur et al is one and the same as
    say APPLECART?????????
    I’m beginning to smell a rat in the woodpile

  47. thanks my ratpile

  48. ooh thanks sooner for that enlightening post. Can I also add to your findings; me thinks boomer is Jimmy Hoffa and someguy is Paris Hilton.Hows that??

    I been racking my brains trying to figure this out and its driving me crazy; if your going to post post something concrete instead of picking garbage out of the air. My belches are about the same as your “me thinks” bull.


  49. He estado leyendo este para un rato y pienso que es malo para el señor Boomer para permanecer esconderse. Este me recuerda de una situación similar que pasó en Venezuela con Pablo Escobar y el Los Pepes. Él se escondió hasta que él fuera baldeado y estoy con miedo que mismo pase a Boomer si él does’nt se levantan y luchan.


  50. Thanks Meatheads!

    OT: For Dunji,

    Did you see that hotdog eating robot at the mall?

  51. no but I did see boomer eating toni’s hotdog in the alley behind the mall.

  52. concrete huh. how about you are an ass solid enough for ya?

  53. Vazquez

    Te oigo amigo. Boomer se debe demostrar para arriba pronto o bien contar entre los desaparecidos estúpidos. ¿Entender? ¿Amigo?

  54. HEY !!!!!!! Who stole my DELETE key?????
    I can’t find it.

  55. boom,,,
    using stamps lapcomp and he told me keepit short (i tell bout stamps late,,,havin agreat time.were at drais and it da bom,,,you gotta chekit out if you get down hear.yestrday i floted on a big palm leef with 3 honies i hooked up with and they had murmaids swimin and gettin dranks for evrybdy.im tellin you boom,,,i felt like a king.all day yesterdy w been drankin dranks we didnt drank before but i didnt get drunk that much,,thats a good thang.slam,glock ,mike kaftan (rember i told you bout mike and i know that you know i told you bout glock and slam i think from before???))anyways my pop setted this thing up and we gotta head back tomorow for anothr event.i met this cool homie from riverside and he rolled with us since ystrday,,,iwe stayed up late and rapped bout crap and this mornin we had b-fast and he said stuff and crap hat r
    makes all sents to me know more them before.i told him bout how mad i was before and litle now cuz i hate peeps talkin smack bout me and disin me uprite in front of peeps,,,you know me boom,,if anyone fronts i make them back there shit up and im started to feelin like that a litle now but what stamps said was right on the shrill,,,he said that this was good thang that i had to go threw this crap and with you cuz it made me relize that it aint what i am it what i do that inportant not to you or anybody but me.you helped me with that and i see now what i neededd to seem them.this what skeez and dwhite been tryin to tell me.i been doin a lot of smakin bout this so i dont know if it that or i got new medacin that makin me feel betre bout myself or mybe deelin with what me and you dealt with helped finaly,,,even my pop side that im beter and he dont wory bout a lieability with me.all i know is that you are a cool dude and i owe you alot for evrythin and it make me mad that clons on hear are tryin but i know when you teared me up that they can and will get the same it just that i cant be on hear chekin cuz i think you move on and stamps said i need to mov e on.boom,,,ihope we hook up next time on your cie and ill give you my numbers but i goota move on,,,but thanks homes for i know you know what im feelin and wanna say so i dont have to say it since you know.thanks.last thing is is that you gots to chek out buy U a drank with shawty Snapin by
    T pain,,,he fresh out but not relly,,,dam boom lot i wanna tell you bout but i need to let you go my homie,,i just wish i can give you my info one on one and in case you hear i take care of you with evrythin,,,ill chek yo site and if you want right somethin that i can see and now you got you sight up and runnin,,hope you get this boom,,,
    peace and thankyou for evrythin you did for me,,
    your homie,

  56. Gracias mi puta

  57. El Sooner,

    Le oigo mi amigo. Pienso que después del señor spatz puesto en boomer el boomer perdió su ambición y es cómodo ser tranquilo. Triste de ver a un hombre fuerte para marchitarse en una esquina y no dicen nada.


  58. Vasquez
    Ningún problema, señor. El Boomer piensa él sabe que cuándo es pero sé mejor que él. ¿Cuándo consigo hecho con él allí no seré nada pero sonido de Bell y florecer traer, sabes lo que significo, amigo? Adiós para ahora mi socio.

    El Sooner

  59. Нет я не знаю то, что Вы подразумеваете. Кроме я пинал ваш и задница коротких гетр. Также это не то, кто Вы думаете, что это, но хорошая попытка.

  60. checit slices,,,don know if it who a homieor slice said
    from befo or if its one of the compgorf stiks like spatsor applecar that said what they say without meaning to say what they said but said it anyway,,,know what im sayin,,,but this crep gots to stop,,,NOW stiks,,,my so freekin pised,,,dont need this.i tryed to be
    cool and
    carp,,but it aint workin,,i sick and tired bout bein made fun off for nothin but tryin to be a freind and
    somehow in som way all i got and still am gettin is crap from every
    slice that come on hear,,that dont know dick abot me,,,freekin redeads

  61. ttest,,,tests,,,test,,,fucj,

    greet now you stiks loked me out of this cite,,,guck,
    good i don need this crap no how,,,gots my ballys,,,got my okley shades,,,got lots a shrills and honys no schrunches,,,wat
    you stiks got,,,
    tats rite nuttin,,,just abunch of no bakin frontin stiks,,,


  62. Boris,
    Слушать Фрости, Вы же понимаете, о чем я говорю и вам лучше знать, я имею в виду, когда я говорю, что скоро Бумер понимать, что время, когда он. Не играйте со мной dumpkof гл.

  63. Este colega ac pensa que ele está sendo atraente falar em outra língua. Quando sabemos que ele teme somente se mostrar. Contudo se ele quiser continuar ocultando continuarei tendo o meu caminho com a sua mamãe.

  64. Wow, such a “Diverse” message board.
    From South of the Border to the vast Siberian wilds.
    Where’s all our English speaking friends???

  65. sooner,
    thats classic sit!

  66. what the??something is real
    strange up in here!!help me
    rhonda..booooommmmmeeeer is
    that you!!!

  67. Now that whistledick aka THE sleepa has traded in his grapefruits for a pair of rasins;we are left with one albeit there may be several other possible conclusions.I subscribe to the following and please correct me if I am off the mark;the diverse language came to life with boomer’s trademark written in spanish.I am unsure of the other languages but it appears that the Tony posts came in the nic of time to uplift the sleepa’s spirits following the duel with Spatz.It appears as the entire rear flank has been exposed but lets not get hasty.This is a tuff pickel for the lad to get out of.

  68. you my knight are an idiot. you have no clue about what is happening and are trying to save face about your many names. just face it you have been bitch slapped. now deal with it dink. your alias’ have been exposed.

  69. Wow someone really got defensive all of a sudden.
    Just a bit of advice; dont be a “tamarkin” but be
    “the playa” understand? I never understood why
    “RutRow” has to take everything over the edge-much
    like Matthew Laborteaux from LHOTP always making a
    big deal about nothing and making sure the “entire
    damn town” knew about it while taking peep shots at
    Melissa Gilbert knowing he “shouldn’t”.Now YOU deal
    with it.

  70. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    busted blah blah blah
    “blah” blah

  71. Boomie !!! Is that youuuuuuuu ?????????
    Do you SEE all the “BRICKS” around here??
    MUD FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  72. The question is..
    when are the “bricks”
    gonna fall??

  73. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    blah blah blah blah
    “thanks my bitch” blah

  74. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    busted blah blah blah
    “blah” blah

  75. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    blah blah blah blah
    “thanks my bitch” blah

  76. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    busted blah blah blah
    “blah” blah…blah

  77. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah KNOCK IT OFF
    “blah” blah blah blah
    blah blah blah “thanks my
    bitch” blah blah

  78. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    busted blah blah blah
    “blah” blah crash before the blah…..

  79. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    “thanks my bitch”blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    Carnations blah…blah
    Buckeye pie blah blah

  80. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    busted blah blah blah
    “blah” blah sensi is tony blah
    blah blah

  81. King feechala still pressing forward with his “laid back” attitude much like David Soul from S&H who “refuses to drive” the damn car but but is the first one to call Capt Dobie and give him grief about everything because he “thinks” HIS WAY is better then the captain’s;how bout taking the wheel over feech??Is that too much to ask.

  82. I met sooner a few weeks ago and I was told to write a few things about him.Sooner is sweet,adorable, and an animal in the pig pen contrary to all stories that were written about him. He has all the right moves and knows when to use them when he is laying bricks.

    Last week he laid me a dozen bricks at work. He also gave me a very very generous gift card for Home Depot and he is planning on flying me and my friend to Mud Flats for the week.

    I cant understand why anyone would dislike someone for no reason my bet is you end up with mud on your faces.

    Sheriff j

  83. This thingy thats going on with the playa reminds me
    of the time when I was a young’n and went into the Army.
    At the train depot I met one heck of a slickster who hailed
    from Cocksburg.Sonny “Big Dick” Barnett was his name and
    he was the biggest prick to come out of that part of the country.
    His town was an ordinary town.People entertain themselves with
    homemade musical instruments and lemonade.Sonny was a bit
    on the wild side,never learnt his lesson and snickered whenever
    he got scolded.The man was said to laugh whenever he got a
    whoopin for doing the bader things most shyvers wouldn’t dare
    do.But sonny was different alright. Years had passed and Sonny
    was on the path to no good. To straighten out, ol Sonny
    joined the military and it was at the train station that our paths crossed much like a circl’n dust cloud that’s there for a short then disappears. On the train destined for manhood Sonny used his wit to mess with the others and I heard he mouthed off to anyone who snook a peek at him. Well the boys on that long train ride decided to “take care” of this giant of a man named Sonny. It must of happened at night as I recall seeing Sonny at a table gettin drunk with 5 or 6 of the
    local boys. This is after I seened him rough up several bravehearts who “thought” they could handle Sonny.I awoke to the sound of the train whistle and the hot morning sun that seemed to dance around my eyes and forehead.
    When the train came to rest roll was called and Sonny was nowhere to be found. They say the Ghost of Sonny can still be seen at night at the old county railroad crossing near Lubbock. I hope the same fate does’nt happen to
    Playa..I hope.


  84. I knowd what ya mean Grareth. I hopes the fella is gonna pull through all rights. I mean after makin’ up all dem phoney names just ta haves a little fun at someone else expense. Only to get caught red handed wit its hand in da cowpie jar. Now dat its been found dat he all dem phoney names he a might want ta be a runnin’ wit his tail tween its legs. Hopes the little feller is all right.

    Kinda reminds me a time way backs in school about this fellar a named a “Blimpie” we used to call em “rubber neck” sometimes. He used to cry and moan all the time cuz no one would a do the things he wanted to do er the way he wants ta do um. He used ta do all his moanin’ to the teach after hours thinkin’ we not knowd it him but we knowd. Now school come and gone..careers were to be made and a familys started. And no one ever heard from that “Blimpie” feller again, but sometimes on cold nights if’n you cup your hand around yer ear and give a listen over da holler you can still hear ole “rubber neck” whinin’ and a cryin”.

    Sure hopes playa dont end up wit the same fate as ole blimpie.


  85. tess tess 1 2

  86. I’d do Tony Soprano’s ole lady in a New York minite!!!
    WOW !!! What a Bug Eyed HOTTIE !!!


  87. PWK

    I heard that king feechala
    has the “HOTS” for that bug
    sue-eyed HOTTIE..when doorbell
    rings ol boy is STEADFAST.Hearin

  88. I heard Queen Feltcher aka sheriff has the hots for andy tilka. when the wind chimes chime he is a nervous wreck….
    seein’ me?

  89. Queen feltcher??or did you mean Queen Felcher.
    Well Mr. Cytoblaster are you ready?? sing along
    blah blah blah blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    BUSTED blah blah blah
    “blah” blah.

  90. Blah blah blah
    blah dumbass

  91. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah “blah” blah
    BUSTED blah blah blah
    “blah” blah.blah blah
    blah blah blah blah
    “thanks my bitch” blah

  92. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah blah blah
    “blah” blah “blah”
    I win again “blah

  93. blah blah blah blah
    blah blah blah blah
    “blah” blah “blah”
    You lose again “blah


  94. blah blah blah blah blah
    same thing blah blah blah
    blah blah…loser blah blah
    feltcher is in there blah blah

  95. dumbass

  96. blah


  98. This feller keeps on tryin’ to be funny and cute however much like “Dick” Van “Dyke” on TDVDS he keeps trippin’ himself up. Perhaps one of these days he’ll give the ole one two step around that evil ottoman.

  99. you is a nigger. now, dance fo’ a dime foo

  100. btw, I pack heidi’s mud. mmm mmm guud

  101. boomhead,,, wher u at dog? haoola back



  102. Ahhhh…Boomer San…The CUT and PASTE SAMURI…
    Welcome to my DOJO…..

    I will finally give to you the final piece to
    the puzzle that has confounded you for so long.

    Sheriff is….SenSei….
    Yes Boomer San, I used Sheriff to train you,
    to Hone your skills of Detection to a fine, sharp edge.
    At last you have found me and I know the answer you seek.
    But before I give you your TRUTH, I must enlighten you about…
    Now I will help you solve the final MYSTERY —
    —– The MYSTERY WITHIN —-
    Open your soul now Boomer San, and look at yourself.

    You like Balloon on windy day — Far Far Away
    You like Frog in Lily Pond — All Wet
    You just a page number in Book of Life
    You like butterfly on Cow Dropping — Land softly, Sample, then leave..
    Consider lowly Corn Cob — It have no Kernels –but did once
    Solly, Boomer San – You Grain of Rice in Bowl NOW — oblong
    yet insignificant.

    Trust SenSei NOW Boomer San.
    Tread in my Footprints.
    You will find your way —
    You will at last walk in inner Peace and breathe
    the Air of the Lotus Blossom.
    FOREVER. –
    You must heed my advice, for ther is no turning back.

    DUOMO my Friend

    — one final thought —
    A grain of sand does not a Dune make..
    You may have lost the battle and even the War, Boomer San..
    But you still have yourself and that IS some consolation,
    Isn’t it Boomer San????

  103. waaaaaa sniff sniff waaaaaaaa “shut your mouth” waaaaaaa waaaaaaa sniff sniff “derogatory comment” waaaaaa sniff I know i started the shit but could you please stop waaaaaaa sniff sniff here come my buds waaaaaaa sniff sniff..

    haha stupid bitch I win again you “felcher” just for the “cry a lot kid”

  104. boomer boomer BOOMER
    dont make it harder fer yerself then it gotta be.
    you just like youngin that keep crappin in them britches
    instead of lernin to use the outhouse cuz’n itsa new idea.
    Listen to what Sensei is tryin to teach you.It is unwise to BITE the hand that is tryin to help you.

  105. waaaaaa waaaaa another sniffer waaaaaaa please stop kicking my ass wahoo pleas i beg you im only one of the sniff a lot kids.

  106. we knows yous THE sniff a lot kid thats
    why Sensei is try’n to help you.makeit
    easy on yerself and drop the six shooter
    the age of enlightenment has come..we would
    like fer you to begin your first lesson with

  107. blah blah blah
    blah “more” blah
    blah “bullshit” blah
    Go backs to ya mammas apron okie dokie there little sniffer.

  108. BOOMERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Booms, I have a Secret —
    There is mud everywhere !!!!!!!!!
    Arguably Yours


  109. Sometime is
    it then nevertheless
    been noticeable,
    had also,
    so müd like it
    during the day always

  110. boomerables is it time to drop the kids off at the POOL yet?Lets not be late THIS TIME.On second thought your really starting to BUG me with your incessant whining.
    Get over it.

  111. Sensei…and the circle jerk kids….

    You gave yourself away as Sensei/Sheriff a long time ago, but that is not what is referred to when the term “busted” is used.

    Little words of wisdom fer you……

    you’re like lonely penis…..needs to be beat…

    I may have won the battle and war…..but you still have yourself….

    wait that’s a bad thing but at least you have the attention that you desperately crave……

    You’re like asshole after shit……need to be cleaned….

    kt is like bidet…….there to clean you up

    you’re id’s are like Dillinger……shot to shit….

    you’re like tony on a friday night…….my so freekin pised……

    you’re aptitude for battle is like Saki to penis………..wet noodle…..

    You’re id’s are like cock in hand of whore……….pulled and yanked in many directions…

    Duomo my bitches

  112. *yawn*

  113. Ahhhh….Boomer San…..
    You are welccome to stay at my DOJO as long as you wish.
    You have learned well, the Ways of the Lotus Blossom.
    Your “expected” vulgar Tirade was not an disappointment, but a
    welcome glimmer of the Natural Progression from a mere
    Samuri (pronounced sa-moor-e) to the lofty state of
    true Samurai – Master of ones own Destiny.
    Your Vulgarities and self Motivated inuendo are actually healthy expulsions of the Dark Fog within thet must come out
    in order to procede…..

    Are you now ready to fulfill your Path to your own Destiny???
    Let us start with a consideration – if you will —
    Ponder the Mighty COW – Does it not eat from the same table
    at which it Excrements???

    Does the Frog carry a towel to dry itself when it slips from the Lily Pad?????
    These are questions you must answer for yourself.
    You know the answers, actually, and why, but you must breathe
    them to fully understand their True Meaning……
    In breathing lies the path to your next lesson and Enlighteninment. For to merely breathe the Fragrance or the Lotus Blossom is to realize almost nothing about ones self.
    One must “HEAR” the Fragrance of the Blossom to fully understand the knowledge & wisdom of the Lotus —
    Try it Boomer San
    Wherever you are at this moment…
    Close your eyes….
    Assume your stance…..
    Listen Boomer San…..

    Ahhhh…Boomer San
    You have….

    Oh Forget It! This Samurai stuff isn’t for you,
    You should stick to what you do best – Make BEER.

    oops Surfs UP!
    Later DUDE—-


  114. …and so it goes KIDDIES –
    SenSei Rang off
    Sheriff Rang off

    It really was about Trevor all this time, wasn’t it?
    Sneaky little Surf-rider,
    With his rumpled,dirty blonde hair and KAHUNA Board…

    Off to slip the Endless Wave…….

    Derek Longstreath PHD.

  115. Trev we’ll let boomers slide for now but
    we WILL be watchin his every move count on that.
    Boomer you knows what to do and consider yoself
    lucky the Sensei let you off so easy for now..


  116. Hello again

    Here is my grade sheet for Team Boomer and the Hot Towel Four:
    I felt Boomer was a little edgy and off the mark at times.His delivery
    was decent but he left his rear flanks exposed most of the time which
    bothered the hell out of me.His assinistic approach could have
    been followed through with a little more alacrity and a little less
    bravado. Sensei made a significant impact on our “acrylic cynic”
    Boomer much like jonathan Harris from LIS;always arguing and
    breaking that damn robot and coming up with hairbrained schemes about
    nothing was a little Rusty, I felt he made some
    headway towards the end though. I scored the bout 4 to 3 in favor of The
    Hot towel Four. In hindsight it may have been Spats who “softened”
    him up a bit. In the future I recommend that Boomer pickup a brillantuse
    and be a little more careful or else he may find himself doing the
    “Tennessee Birdwalk” all over again.

    Sir Arthur

  117. dont forget to take the nigger stink with ya’
    u be droppin’ the value of this property. who ya gonna carjack at the beach niggers?

    52nd street hooligan

  118. uhhhh,

    welcome racist? come again? jeez, when did all the riff-raff show up? hmmmmm odd stuff

  119. This 52nd jerkweed is just plain stupid. Guy is attention starved. Idiot.

  120. i am a knee-grow. who let the kkk in? is that you skeez? or could this be tony trying to un-wigger hisself? tony, does your wallet say ‘bad motherfucker’ on it? mine does. or could this be sherrif\sensei? he sure is a backwards ass, unibrow, drawling deep south, inbred hill-billy. one of you ‘comp-gorfs’ man up and admit it. quit hiding. im calling you out.

    to the rest of you stiks, lets meet up in my back yard and hit up my watermelon patch. mmm mmmm good eats!

  121. oops, i forgot about the 40’s in the fridge! HOLLA!!!

  122. yes let us ALL join negro on his fathers’ day celebration! just how many mammas’ babies dadddy are you? huh?

  123. Lame deeds ta wid’ it or step.
    jus a frontin’ punk anyways.

  124. I hear ya, P,
    Prolly a Stik Likker anyhow
    an seen too many “happy” westerns!!

  125. Hey Pitt, where you been ‘ome?
    I was lookin all over the POINT last nite
    fer ya. I seen yer girl, Keesha an she said
    you went back to Philly. that tru?
    Why you on this thread anyway?
    Just a punkass racker here think he sumpin’.

  126. Naw Man, I’m still here, but I need to get back there
    though. It ain’t what they said it was gonna be an now I gotta
    go back an straiten it out all over again. It ain’t really Philly, we just gotta say that fot this cat here on this thread.
    Its really that other place we went last time to scope out when this dude got to hollerin on his board. Matter of fact I could use you again on this deal. Be the same rate as before when we looked at it but this time we shut it down. You up for it?

  127. I’m wid it ‘ome. You call it I be there.
    Rate doan matter this time but sumpthin
    is cool wid me.

  128. http://hteaw.ytmnd.com/

  129. yall just mad cuz boomer handled yo sit.dont F wid da man
    or he gonna get you toe up.he get to krasey we gets spats
    to handle it.long az yall hush up and keep hushin up everythang gonna be fine that go for you too boomer and toni

  130. I thought boomer was tony ooh
    I get it.right back atcha.
    dude is a mind freek that
    got freeked.

  131. roji-

  132. aight,

    there is only room for 1 nigger in this house bitches. and that nigger is me. got it? you wiggers betta bounce before i put put my boot up your asses. check foos

  133. Riddle me this…
    Who said “Lordy Lordy my bottoms on fire” ? …

  134. Riddler-

    that would have been none other than Shitf00t. his bottom is always on fire. better keep your feet covered up. he’ll try to lick them.

    nigger- this is for y0u http://niggastolemybike.ytmnd.com/


    and i am certain this will be puttin a fat cotton pickin grin on yer face, boy.


  135. I can accept that answer for 50 points however the correct answer is Joan of Arc…Yes Joan of Arc.

    Now riddle me this…

    To learn we have to see clearly. In order to have clear vision you have to cleanse the eyes. The best way to do this is to cry. Now what is to be learned if you “make a retard cry”?

  136. Hey Riddler

    That’s an instant classic!


  138. Holy slimy limy Batman… could it be???


  139. bib
    not only IS he that but the
    kacksuker mysteriously disappeared
    along with toni BUT all these other
    characters have infiltrated the board.
    boomer you can come out now wherever you
    are.you can only hide for so long before
    THE SHHHHABAAAMMMMM!!BTW whatever happened
    to the man named shitf00t?I liked him alot

  140. I hear RM and Bib are the Esteban of the skin flute…just what I heard

  141. mo niggers? MO NIGGARS!!!!!???????
    GET OFF MY BOARD bitches! i toldja already. they be only 1 porch monkey allowed, and dat monkey be me! step off suckas!

  142. boomer and this other guy are approaching
    each other on a sidewalk.both are dragging
    their right foot as the walk.as they meet
    the guy looks at boomer knowingly
    points at his foot and says “vietnam 1969.”
    boomer hooks his thumb behind him says,
    “dog shit, 20 feet back.”

  143. “all these other characters have infiltrated the board”

    I know what ya mean…Like Richard Millar

  144. “boomer and this other guy are approaching
    each other on a sidewalk.both are dragging
    their right foot as the walk.as they meet
    the guy looks at boomer knowingly
    points at his foot and says ‘vietnam 1969.’ boomer hooks his thumb behind him says,
    ‘dog shit, 20 feet back.'”

    Then RM pats his but and says “me niether, Im homo”

  145. That add in by ??? made no sense at all.Did you forget to add some more to RM’s story??Please help me I wanna laff at that but cant cuz it makes no sense the way it is now.

  146. yup that made about as much sense as when
    shoelaces gets real, real bored he likes to
    drive downtown and get a great parking spot,
    then sits in the car and counts how many people ask
    him if he’s leaving.All the while boomers like
    “been there,done that.”

  147. pete you hear that last week boomer
    tried to rob a department store…with a
    pricing gun…he said “gimme me all of the
    money in the safe or Im marking down everything
    in the store.”
    pete see you at”10 buck 2″

  148. Sure sure you guys dont get it I bet you both “give” it to each other

  149. thanks delta force wanna bes

  150. Good job boy blunder you got the 100 point bonus question. Now here is a 5 point easy question…2 parter and it should solve all the mysteries.

    Riddle me this…

    A person who steals and keeps his ill gotten boot is labeled a menace by society. Lock him up for a long time the crowds will cheer. However if a thief pilfers from the haves to give to have nots then he is a hero. There is STILL one man who wants the “hero” arrested. Who is this man? And where in folklore does he live? How does that relate to “a”?

  151. werd up my nigga! yo where all the yarmulkes at? no, but seriously, 2 jews walk into an oven… what do you hear?
    only the hiss of burning flesh. bhahahahahahaha i kill me. so has anyone seen my mother? she’s on the corner and only charges 50 shekels… hehehe
    yo nigger, lets me and you tag team on sum of these anti-semites
    well do it torah style! aaaaaaaaaa oooooooooo yisroel!!!!!!!!!

  152. Yer killin’ me babe, but you’ll have to answer to the cat upstairs.

  153. Hey Juice guzzlers, waddup foos, be chilllin wid the ‘omes, yup!

  154. juice you hear that boomer practices riding
    in a elevator at home?Every night he stands in a closet for five minutes without moving.

  155. thanks delta force wanna be

  156. lets go fishin’ now everybodys learnin’ how come go fishin’ with dick…..hahahaha you trouser trout

  157. boomer had a friend who was a clown.when he
    died,boomer and 20 of his other friends went to
    the funeral in one car.

  158. dont take boomer to a tourist spot anywhere..
    the other day boomer went to a tourist information
    booth and asked, “tell me about some of the people
    who were here last year”

  159. boomer embarrassed the shit out of me
    when I took him to the doc yesterday.
    boomer asked the proctologist
    to make sure he uses two fingers.The doc
    asked why and boomer said “in case I want
    a second opinion.”

  160. boomer lives in a house that works on static
    electricity. If boomer wants to run the blender,
    he has to rub balloons on his head.if he wants to
    cook he has to pull off a sweater real quick…

  161. rich
    i laffed so hard i was rollin on the ground for
    2 minites at least!!!!..i got tears rollin from my eyes
    that was awesome!!!! i was on the ground for at least
    2 minites almost pissed myself!!!!YOU DA KING

  162. thanks glock and pt which is really rm who is really glock/jmacs/sherryj/sherrif/sensi/tony/skeez/jstansey/mike kafton/…..ect ect well you get the picture huh there ole dickie boy or did you did you get a full house playin poker with tarot cards and all your homies died

  163. thats funnay!!!!!we think your glock/jmacs/sherryj/sherrif/sensi/tony/skeez
    /jstansey/mike kafton etc etc.why? becuz they
    come out right when you show up and start kissing
    your ass and then leave and viola boomer is
    gone to.dont piss on my leg and tell me its snowing..

  164. snowing gee yer an idiot but thanks tony

  165. yeah ok whatever..rich we got a live one here

  166. Blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah. Don’t you get tired of being a “Barker” don’t you want to hear your name called so you can be a “contestant”? Cant quite figure out why “Raggy” is such a fool. Much like Larry Linville on M always saying and doing dumb shit just to cover up his own incompetence. “He” knows he should just shut up and ride the “wave”…..get me there Frampton.

  167. your seriously crazy and in need of meds

  168. yeah ok whatever…hey lewis we got a dumb one here

  169. KNOCK IT OFF!!!

  170. waaaa sniff sniff crying again

  171. why do you got to use the opposite of what I do
    let it go man RICHARD this guy needs you ASAP

  172. why do you keep this going if you hate it so much really dude its all you

  173. no its you keep quiet starting now

  174. no my little bitch its you look up to today and see what happen

  175. now keep your pie hole shut

  176. what for laffing your coming down on me
    for that?hey I thought Riches jokes were funny
    and dont talk to me like that.

  177. why am I even talking to a deranged psychopath
    I hear they got prozac for your multiple
    personalities try it and see if it works out for

  178. no look at the first post for today not coming down on you specifically. geeez dont be so thin skin about it.

  179. and how about all your personalities or are you trying to tell me that you have always been peter tavern…..right never seen that dickhead on here before now.

  180. well,i cant say anything to that but I was only
    messing around and I wasn’t sure if boomer was
    the guy or not and I just jumped in on Riches
    jokes becuz I thought they were funny..sorry

  181. im about ready to stomp on some o deeze nigga nuts

    get outta my hood you niggas. dont hate the playa… hate the game

  182. Your daily boomer:
    Did you all hear that boomer use to be a hitman?
    he always used a silencer whenever he knocked off
    a mime.

  183. Boomer almost had a psychic girlfriend…but she left him before they met.

  184. I sent Boomer a postcard picture of the earth.
    On the back it said,”Wish you were here.”

    See you all next week with more daily boomers….thankyouthankyouthankyou

  185. Tony Rutledge is a Fag.

  186. Hmiller-that was real funny are you in comedy or something those one liners and the others keeped me laughing.

  187. Damn dude that shit is weak, man. Need to come out of the grade school play ground and get up to date. Let me take one of your better jokes and make it funny for ya.

    Richard Millar went to the proctologist the other day to get an exam. He never questioned why both the doctors hands were on his back during the exam.

  188. When Tony was 20 his mother tried to get him to stop sucking his thumb by sticking it in his ass for 20 min….For the last elven years they have not been able to get tony out of the back of skeezs pants.

  189. In grade school little tony rutledges teacher told him he needed to be sharp like little susie. So tony stuck his finger in the pencil sharpener.

  190. tony rutledge practices riding an escaltor in his home, but the stairs dont go anywhere.

  191. A 31-year-old Las Vegas man was found dead yesterday after he tried to use accessory straps (the stretchy little ropes with hooks on each end) to bungee jump off a 70-foot railroad trestle, police said. Clark County police said Tony Rutledge, a fast-food worker, taped a bunch of these straps together, wrapped an end around one foot, anchored the other end to the trestle at Ceasars Palace, jumped … and hit the pavement. Warren Carmichael, a police spokesman, said investigators think Rutledge was alone because his car was found nearby. “The length of the cord that he had assembled was greater than the distance between the trestle and the ground.” Police say the apparent cause of death was “major trauma”. An autopsy is scheduled for later in the week.

  192. Tony Rutledge called to computer tech support stating he his mouse was hard to control with the dust cover on. The cover turned out to be the plastic bag the mouse was packaged in

  193. Tony and Richard were digging a ditch on a very hot day. Richard said to the Tony, “Why are we down in this hole digging a ditch when our boss is standing up there in the shade of a tree?” “I don’t know,” responded Tony. “I’ll ask him.”

    So Tony climbed out of the hole and went to his boss. “Why are we digging in the hot sun and you’re standing in the shade?” “Intelligence,” the boss said. “What do you mean, ?intelligence’?”

    The boss said, “Well, I’ll show you. I’ll put my hand on this tree and I want you to hit it with your fist as hard as you can.” Tony took a mighty swing and tried to hit the boss’ hand. The boss removed his hand and Tony hit the tree. The boss said, “That’s intelligence!”

    Tony went back to his hole. Richard asked, “What did he say?” “He said we are down here because of intelligence.” “What’s intelligence?” said Richard. Tony put his hand on his face and said, “Take your shovel and hit my hand.”

  194. Las Vegas: A man, identified as Richard Millar walked into a Circle-K, put a $20 bill on the counter and asked for change. When the clerk opened the cash drawer, the man pulled a gun and asked for all the cash in the register, which the clerk promptly provided. The man took the cash from the clerk and fled, leaving the $20 bill on the counter. The total amount of cash he got from the drawer? Fifteen dollars.

  195. Make it idiot proof and someone will make Tony Rutledge.

  196. classic delta force just classic

  197. Richard Millar:” Hey tony, you know that look women get when they want to have sex?”

    Tony Rutledge:”No”

    Richard Millar:”Me neither”

  198. we want Richard Millar!!!!
    js or should i say delta force aka verde aka boomie??dont understand why would the docs be on his back?were they mad at him for something?and the school teacher one talked about him being sharp niot his finger what is that all about?and why would Tony have his finger in skeezs pants when he was putting it in his own arse?where is the connection and what so funny?the other stories are just too long and cumbersome to read you could have shortened it up and went to the punchline?please go back and try again.All your jokes are a bunch of cursing mixed in with not funny one liners or long winded stories that talk to much time and energy to read.

  199. Thanks tony/skeez/rojas try again little bitches hahahahahahahahahaha

  200. man your stupid try writing something we can read skeez/tony/rojas

  201. what part of step off dont you fucka-crackas unnerstand?
    get out my hood bitches. who the hell is tony r anyway?

  202. aaah so mr. n i got advice for you. aaa save drama for you mama

  203. Aight fellas, (this means you to Boomer-not tryin to signal you out but dam dog you gots to be in on this from the history I was told between you,your homies and my Boyz)

    Can ya’ll cool it with the N word and hammering on my man Anthony.He already upset with his name being thrown around
    and the man never said shit to anyone except for Boomer and
    from what I was told to read Anthony had nothing but respect
    for Boomer.So I’m steppin up and gonna ask yall like gentlemen to leave Anthony out and act straight up.I already told my Boyz to back off and not start anything up so I’m asking the same from Boomerz group too.This just like a Bigg E/Tupac rivalary that I didn’t like especially how it went down.Let’s act like homies and move on Aight.

  204. jm if your saying what im thinking then
    boomer was the one who got on my case
    because I only laffed at riches jokes.
    the guy went crazy for no reason then
    takes it out on me.I never did anything
    or said anything mean I just wanted to
    say this for the record and boomer needs
    to say this to and apologize if he really
    is the one which I’m bettin that he is.

  205. Yeah right PEE TER Boomer is the one who bish slapped you and you can’t let it go. WAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    Go learn how to brawl before you step into the ring jagoff.

  206. your a dumbass. right you never said anything to anyone get real dickhead. IF you have been following this saga you would know that “j.m.” is jmacs one of anthonys friends therefore knows nothing about boomer other than what he read on this blog. Basically no one owes you an apology. you just tried to jump in on the battle on the “against boomer” side, acting like the internet police. then got your ass handed to you so you want to bitch, please

  207. ok whatever he didnt do jack to me.

  208. nothing that you didnt deserve

  209. ok mr puss gotta hide behind my
    name huh go watch chicken little
    you got mad because I laffed at
    rmillars jokes and yours sucked
    thats why

  210. I dont have time for this stupid
    I already said sorry and Im not
    sayin anything else besides your
    jokes were lame.

  211. no dickhead go look at you tryin to join sides and you’ll see why you got your ass kicked. And I see you are still hiding amoung your many alias’

  212. dude you didnt have to say shit to anyone but you did meaning you wanted to get into it. if not keep that pie hole shut


  214. your life is a lame joke

  215. We all need to know that intellect is merely a narrow and highly specific kind of thing that we DO,but our immediacy relates us to what we naturally and essentially ARE,the actualities of our full-dimensional existence.The real
    question is whether Mr.415 will remain enshrouded in his
    protective sanctity or will he be “forced out” into the WILD?
    Tic Tock Tic Tock………

  216. okay gang. i’m getting a little weary of this junk. here’s the rub.

    i don’t mind you guys goofin off in here, beatin each other down etc. you guys have been real good about keeping the brawls to a few specific posts and honestly i can appreciate that. but let’s face facts: you d00ds ran out of material a long long time ago. teh funnay is no more.

    wordpress is real hip. it’s got some powerful features from an admin/account perspective that unless you had a wordpress blog rolling, you would be completely unaware of. which of course is the case in this situation.

    with every comment posted, i get a trace of the IP address, servers, routers, etc. what i see happening is a whole lot of comments in this thread are coming daily from computers in building 2 and building 3… if you catch my drift. um just a slight warning too if i can see that you may want to consider someone on your side of the fence in palo alto land might be able to see it too. the volume has been kinda high so you never know it might raise a few IT nazi eyebrows. just sayin’.

  217. sounds like a cuppla honkies just got served… beat it niggas

    joe mammas is callin, and it be nut stompin time. in fact tonys

    fat mama just spat out the stiks and started singing,,, CUZ ITZ


    ALL you niggas pull down yo pants and beat it. WERD

  218. free at last, free at last. thank god, free at last. all the honkies, crackas and oreos have been pooted out of MY hood. MY HOOD niggas! send yo fat mammas back fo sum tho. i gotts a choco-stik fo dey hunney holes!


  219. Factory Peasant is lying. Two thirds of the comments are coming from some internet cafe in Portland, Oregon.

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