Hetch Hetchy

When the back of my head hit pillow last night, I was gone. That seemed like it was only minutes ago. Daylight flooded inside the tent while a clutter of noise came from the direction of our campsite’s well-worn wooden table. I could hear propane gas hiss from campstove burners set to high. Silverware and dishes were being placed for three. Breakfast was about to be served which meant I had to get up out of bed. I felt like I hadn’t slept at all last night even though I instantly passed out. I didn’t wake up once making it seem like darkness failed to arrive and the night never happened.

Today’s Autumn-and-Jamie mayhem plan was to drive in his overheating car on winding back roads to a couple of little known lakes. I thought to myself this was going to be yet another bad idea on Jamie and Autumn’s part since each afternoon it had been quite hot. Travelling at slow speeds through scorching mid-day sun in a car prone to engine failure wasn’t my kind of scene. We couldn’t take my ride due to it’s damaged brakes. Jamie said the roads snaked through remote mountains with steep drops into river valleys. Didn’t matter which car we took on the drive because either way we were kinda screwed. Getting ourselves stranded somewheres on a lonely road that few people used could be a real problem for us.

I hoped for the best on this adventure. The destination was two lakes, Elenor and Cherry. Jamie mentioned there are hiking trails leading from Yosemite to Lake Elenor and Cherry that takes backpackers two or three days of gruelling travel to reach. The other way to get there is to drive on paved roads from Dimond O that hardly anyone has a reason to use. According to Jamie we could get to the lakes that way and re-enter Yosemite. Once we arrived lakeside Autumn wanted to take a short afternoon hike with us to one of the lakes for a lunchtime picnic. Jamie was going to do some kayaking. I was going to be dragged along all day third wheel style again.

Autumn was anxious to get going as soon as we finished eating. I had to wash our dirty dishes by hand before we split. Autumn’s orders. It’s a time consuming process here because there are only a few faucets with potable water in the campground. Autumn is on a hippy eco-friendly kick right now. She’s adamant about environmental correctness so that means we can’t use paper plates or disposable utensils at meal times. She brought plates, cups, silverware, pots and pans from home armed with a bottle of dish soap that’s supposedly safe for the ground or some shit. Anyway I have to load a couple of buckets with slow running water from the nearest campground water spigot, hand wash and rinse the dishes then dry them. This morning Autumn was bitchy and uptight about it like I wasn’t going fast enough for her so we could leave. I didn’t say anything to Autumn, but if she was in such a fucking hurry to go maybe she should have brought paper plates. That would make too much sense though. We can’t do that.

Jamie loaded his blue plastic Kayak onto the car’s roof rack, Autumn packed our food for lunchtime, and we were off. The three of us rode past a City of San Francisco owned campground that only SF families are allowed to stay in. I was surprised to see something like that all the way out here. Across from the main gate to this exclusive San Francisco campground there was an old worn out pickup truck that caught my eye. It was fairly rusty. I guessed it must have been a late 1950s era model. On the truck’s doors I saw badly faded San Francisco city emblems. We made a left at the front entrance to that joint and drove along a single lane paved road. It quickly took us away into dense forests that dropped down into the first of a series of deep valleys. The road was well maintained for being in such a remote area. Turns out it’s all San Francisco property. We passed by a handful of concrete structures channeling water towards the city. Each water station was clearly marked with large signs marking them as San Francisco city possessions. Jamie explained it’s all part of the Hetch Hetchy reservoir system which is where SF gets their water from. I had no idea any of this stuff was out here.

As we continued onward we saw only one other car. We passed a single building and a short bridge that crossed over a river. The building was surrounded with high cyclone fencing topped off with razor wire. A large sign on the fence announced to anyone driving by that this was another SF asset. There was a well maintained swimming pool on the grounds that city employees were allowed to use. San Francisco workers must be out here and only they have access to the building and it’s pool. We also drove past a killer campground that seemed like no one was staying in it. That site had a gorgeous view of a long mountain range that reached out towards another lake. I’ll bet nobody but locals know that campground exists. Might have to check it out sometime on my own.


~ by factorypeasant on March 9, 2007.

8 Responses to “Hetch Hetchy”

  1. paper plates are good. burn em when yer done. or you can get plates made out of banana leavs or sum isht. I bet this ends up hellish.


  2. Yeah, when do we get to the hellish part? When does Autumn flip out and come at you with a pair of tent stakes? When does Jamie, covered in camo-paint, carrying an AK, blast out of the forest, screaming, with a bear hot on his trail? We need some action here.

  3. Ya more violence drugs and hotsex, you gots 2 compeat with the rest of the internet man!


  4. sorry d00ds. i been real busy this week. started a new job that is very intense. long hours but fat l00t. just been too tired to write this week. on my to do list is edit this post plus the previous one and add a few new ones. prolly get to it this weekend. rite now i need to kick it and drink beers.

    in other news i gots teh 1954 chevy truck. werd. so now the mustang has some company. i’m still working on the mustang’s big brother. sSSsssHhhh. it’s a secret…

  5. Kik ass man you got the chevy!!!


  6. yeah. got to work out the details with sister next weekend. gonna store it short term with aunt and uncle and then figure out getting it down here. looking forward to driving it this summer.

  7. hay this is the first time the wordpress site has come up #1, over the old blog on google. it only took the internet like 6 months to catch up with reality. Wild times we live in

  8. Congrats on the truck and the new job (or condolences maybe).

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