So Tired…

Man, I’m beat. Jamie and Autumn ran me ragged all over Yosemite today. I need to sit down here at the campsite and just vegetate for a few hours to catch my breath.

We met up with Jamie at the base of a mountainside that was covered in a wide arc of fallen rocks. He spent a couple of hours exploring and climbing, almost having been crushed at one point. He told Autumn and I while he was ascending over large boulders some of them were loose, pivoting on unstable rubble below. Jamie could have caused a rock slide and been maimed or killed in the process. After that he wisely decided to find something else to do.

The three of us foolishly chose to go for a swim in a river. Holy shit was that water cold. Ice cold. Not comfortable or refreshing at all. I’m still shivering just thinking about it.

Then we hit Yosemite’s tourist-trap museum complex. Swarms of people were everywhere we went in the valley throughout the day. At the museum area things were further congested with people and traffic. While we wandered about inside the overcrowded museum looking at exhibits I was fascinated with information on Yosemite’s bears. Apparently the rangers have a bunch of problems with them thanks to stupid visitors. Bears rip open cars like they are tin cans. Despite being warned to not leave food of any kind inside vehicles, people don’t pay attention and their vehicles end up wrecked. I watched a video of brown bears busting through car windows like they were made of flimsy plastic and then climb inside to eat campers’ food. They really have a knack for ripping cars to pieces.

Rangers tag the bears to keep track of them. If a bear is caught busting into cars for food three times in a given period of time, park Rangers have to shoot them. So it’s to everyone’s benefit to heed those warnings and keep food locked up in bear boxes. Cars don’t get smashed to bits and bears won’t end up shot dead. The other thing I thought was interesting about bears eating people-food is that they are eventually contracting heart disease and cancer from it. Tell you what if there was ever an indicator that processed foods are unhealthy for you this has got to be it.

No sooner than limping over to a folding chair at our campsite when we got back, Autumn and Jamie tore off towards the river. On the edge of Dimond O there is a pristine river passing through the area. I have to admit this campground is killer. Not many people here at any given time so it’s quiet. We’re at a much higher elevation than Yosemite so that forest fire smoke is nowhere to be seen around here. All those suckers camping in the park proper gotta be hating it right now. Heh. Anyway I’m going to try to relax for a little while before those two lunatics get back here. They’re already talking about going stargazing late tonight after dinner.

It’s going to be a long day…


~ by factorypeasant on February 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “So Tired…”

  1. Im exhausted just reading about it!

  2. heh. and that was just the beginning…

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