Going Camping

Right now is a bad time to be heading up to Yosemite for a vacation.

I’m broke. No loot.

Autumn’s car is burning oil. Heavy plumes of smoke belch out of her car’s tailpipe when the engine is cold. The rest of the time light blue puffs sneak out from her Honda’s exhaust pipe when Autumn shifts gears or really mashes down on the gas pedal. Jamie’s car has an overheating problem. The radiator is blocked or maybe the thermostat isn’t opening at temperature so his engine quits. My car has developed a brake problem. Metal on metal noise is created every time I step on the brakes. I already inspected my front disc brakes, one of the pads wore out prematurely and it is grinding up the inner driver’s side rotor. Guess it was defective or perhaps it wasn’t set properly at the factory. The rest of my car’s brake pads have plenty of material left. Figures. My 30,000 mile warranty on the Focus just expired so a good portion of my next paycheck will be going towards the repair cost.

Autumn’s plan is for us to take Jamie’s overheating car and my brand new 21st century heap with damaged brakes. Her Honda probably won’t make the round trip. It is going to stay behind.

Jamie is a good friend of Autumn’s. He’s got a pleasant personality and a sharp wit. It’s difficult not to like Jamie because he will talk to anyone about almost anything. Jamie is highly motivated and energetic which most of the time is a positive thing. Out of everyone Autumn knows that claims to be socially responsible or involved in some kind of activist work, Jamie is the only one who is actually doing something worthwhile with his time. I admire him a lot for that. Autumn runs with a crowd of people that supposedly are out to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Berkeley nitwits. I have arrived at the conclusion that Autumn’s coworkers and friends are all talk. It’s like they are into whatever random cause just to bring attention to themselves and make a decent living in the process. Nothing of substance is accomplished by any of them. I have a great deal of contempt for individuals like that. Jamie on the other hand is tireless, working to make a direct impact on people’s lives in the local community.

The only problem I have with Jamie is that he’s even more neurotic than Autumn. Jamie is equivalent to Autumn times ten as far as keeping busy doing stuff. He’s like an adrenalin-fueled hamster running endlessly on a wheel to nowhere. See, Autumn is annoying to hang out with because she can’t stop to catch her breath or relax on her days off. She constantly has to be occupied doing shit. Jamie is far worse in that regard.

I’m probably going to be run into the ground by these two camping kooks.

We will be staying in a campground called Dimond O which is located just outside Yosemite proper. There is a main park entrance within a short drive from Dimond O. Not many people are aware of it so hopefully that will mean fewer goofy tourists will be running around loose nearby bugging us. Autumn’s desire is for our trio to dash into the park during the day to hike around or do whatever she wants and then escape back to the campsite each evening.

Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it.


~ by factorypeasant on February 13, 2007.

7 Responses to “Going Camping”

  1. Sounds like you are going to need a vacation from your vacation.

  2. spared- i laughed hearty when i read your comment. i can tell you are an intuitive woman. without realizing it you hit the nail on the head. the Bossman made a comment to me after i got back to work that pretty much summed up the whole experience. stay tuned for that, it fits right in with what you’re thinking…

  3. Deliverance meets Pulp Fiction, that’s what this story sounds like.

    Who among us has not felt like an “adrenalin-fueled hamster running endlessly on a wheel to nowhere” from time to time?

  4. It’s not intuition. It’s experience. I had an amber in my life once. He’s an ex. I doubt you need to ask or understand why.

  5. Sorry.. make that Autumn…

  6. FP, check it out a nixie-tube calculator. Here’s the full post: http://englishrussia.com/?p=671

  7. Wad- excellent link thanks for that. there’s a bunch of nixie calcs in that collection of photographs. i remember as a kid being at a neighbor’s house and playing around with one of those monster sized nixie calculators. my neighbor across the street from where i grew up had a mantle clock in his living room made with jumbo-sized nixies. i was fascinated with it. i have some more nixie related projects coming up in here plus a ton of other stuff i’ve been working on. lately i’ve been building x0xb0xes and doing some mods on them. maybe Make will pick up on some of the stuff eventually. that would be hip.

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