Searching For JP

Many of us go through the day hoping not to upset the apple cart. Others cannot help but be noticed. When one of such stature is not present in our daily lives we feel like something is missing, like a bicycle with one peddle. It has been over a week since the last JP sighting. This leads me to the following conclusions:

He must think he can escape the world of Patron and return to Vxsyn. Time only lets what little knowledge we have escape. Oops already forgotten.

He is still searching for that resolve Mr. Bush has been speaking about. Or maybe it is that bipartisan agreement with management team to return to profitability. (Nice wording I even surprise myself)

Either way JP you can only hide for so long before they find you.

One of the few searching for the truth. What really happened to JP?



Finally!!! a signal in the darkness, a voice from my past here to save me. It was touch and go there for a while. I had mistakenly ventured into the dark reaches of bldg 2LR where all goes to die. I wandered into the deep canyons of stacked Herman Miller walls and furniture, meandered through the forest of long forgotten chairs and lost carts. There were a few bewildered TV monitors gathered about in a corner, screens just staring at each other wondering what they had done to deserve all of this. I then got lost in a deep crevasse of old forgotten metal desks stacked neatly as if to form a fortress from some unseen enemy. My guess- it was the Herman Miller doings, trying one last futile attempt to fight off that last attack from upper management. I sympathized but then what could I do?

I realized that it was getting late and that I had better find my way out before management realized they had another victim and moved in for the kill. I scaled a column of desks so that I could get a better vantage point. I also wanted to move to the high ground to better defend myself in case of an attack. I sensed the fear (and loathing) from my Micro brethren. It was dark and I couldn’t see very far into the distance from my vantage point. I looked to go gather some kindling so that I might start a signal fire but just then I saw a light. It was coming to me from out of the darkness. I crouched ready to attack in case it was the evil ones who had perpetuated the events that had befallen on those around me. At last it was security here to save me. The ones who stand to protect us from those evil ones outside our gated community and to drag us kicking and screaming out the gate when it is our time.

I am safe now here in bldg 1UR. Though there is a sense of unease here among us. The feeling that our time is close. That there lurks an evil just outside our view ready to pounce. We occasionally hear the screams from 1LR as they fall one by one. We have one last refuge here. Some will migrate to SR while the rest will soon be moving to 4UR to build one last defense against the Evil Doers. Stay vigilant.

-Lost JP


~ by factorypeasant on February 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “Searching For JP”

  1. I’ve obviously missed a large part of this story.

  2. spared- as deep job cuts continued to wreck havoc on our U.S. manufacturing operations those of us who survived were left in an increasingly ugly situation. morale was low across the board and many of us became more cynical towards management. Knuckles, Shoelaces, JP, myself and others were frequently writing sarcastic emails to each other mocking our corporate management team. spoof company memos began circulating around the factory site. and of course to maintain our sanity we were messing with each other a lot. we were all in the shit together…

  3. I’m just glad there were no overt references to Boy Scouts of America. That would have been creepy.

  4. agreed.

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