The Polish Marketing Team


In Q2, Shoelaces of the Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis division closed a deal with the government of Poland for analytical equipment. He spent many a night drinking Vodka and proving the accuracy of the instruments the next day.

This order, is worth US$1.2 million, for some 53 units. These would include 34 gas chromatographs (GC)GC/mass spectrometers (GCMS), used in the testing of out-gassing properties of the body. 17 high performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) used in the identification of what is left in the body’s system after binge drinking all night. Besides the obvious, the order was divided into four major application groups:

1) Veterinary (Animal feed and steroid quality testing)
2) Food Safety Bacteria (Laboratory equipment for quality cafeteria food)
3) Custom Police (Analytical crime scene and Somekinda research device)
4) National Institute of Hygiene (Water needed for bathing system)

“This win connected with food safety control at four different institutions is the result of hard work and elbow grease over the past two years by Shoelaces’ team. Especially Factory Peasantski and JPski,” said B-rad Ostrer, The Persia sales manager. “This success establishes us as the absolute leader in Poland’s food market. We expect this market to grow and generate well maintained beer bellies from the consumables we’ll sell into this market.” Bill and Dave’s anticipates additional orders this fiscal year from the Polish National Institute of Kielbasa makers. This is all depending on the agency’s budget and how well Oktoberfest goes this year.

Shoelaces’ team has laid the groundwork for this success. We should identify this accomplishment of his team with a beer booth at this year’s Oktoberfest which will be in Poland on May 1, 2004.

“With Shoelaces’ Polish team as a role model we anticipate similar results for Romania and Bulgaria over the next three years with the Master Of DTI’s high-power star team of marketing experts.”

Help me congratulate Shoelaces with beer and pretzels
(Coupons available at the next coffee talk)


~ by factorypeasant on February 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Polish Marketing Team”

  1. I think bingeing on vodka is a genetic thing

  2. FP, I think these guys owe you something.

  3. nascent- maybe that’s why those russians are always bombed on the stuff, eh?

    Wad- checked that link out briefly last night. not exactly sure what you mean by that. looks interesting though.

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