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Bill And Dave’s Desperation Team!


Our 2004 Giving Campaign starts today. It runs through September 24, and YOU can pledge your life savings until October 31. This is the time of year when we put Bill and Dave’s Company in the spotlight. Our ways help health and human service agencies by working to improve the quality of life after disaster in our communities (WFM). We are asking for your help to keep the fund raising work going.

Before I discuss this year’s campaign, however, I want to shine a light on YOU and talk about how well YOU did in the 2003 campaign. Last year’s results were very gratifying for me. Fund raising together, YOU achieved great results despite a very tough tight-wad business environment. I truly appreciate that you dug down deep in your kids piggy banks to provide the “spirit of giving” exhibited in 2003. YOUR generosity has made me look great in the communities eyes. Bill and Dave’s Company 2004 Giving Campaign theme: “Some things are hard to be believe, unless seen.”

Why did we choose this theme? Because we are a company of innovators – and me with my amazing imagination and curiosity to envision a better future. YOU have the talent and foresight to push the brooms and clean the bathrooms of people like me. YOU also have the empathy and compassion to see the world as it is. Now that you know that, we can make it better by our theme “Some things are hard to be believe, unless seen.”

We have increased our dig down deep goal this year and I’m confident YOU can do it! What I look forward to most is the strong-arm tactics I’ll be using to ensure our goal is met. If not I’ll see YOU on the unemployment line.

Knowing about YOU and the many needs in our communities, it’s easy to think that a small payroll deduction will not make a difference to YOU. But it will make me look good. With just one dollar per pay period, we can restock the coffee stands with hot chocolate and tea. The collective power of collecting from Bill and Dave’s Company people pay, amplified by the “Bill-and-Dave-Strong Arm-Way” can make a difference in YOUR life. “Some things are hard to be believe, unless seen.”

A Bill and Dave’s Company community with a strong net of inhumane service is a good place to work. Distribution of YOUR hard-earned dollars is literally an investment in our future. Whenever you give a dollar per pay period, this will help ensure a future for YOU and your family.

Let me add one final, personal thought. YOUR willingness to step forward and help the less fortunate (such as myself) is a quality that sets YOU apart from others at WFM time. I am proud to work YOUR fingers to the bone so that I can make MY dreams come true.

You have my sincere thanks and remember the theme “Some things are hard to be believe, unless seen.”

The pledge site is open NOW!

-Super Geek CEO


~ by factorypeasant on February 9, 2007.

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