New Process Production Planning Plant Manager

Subject: New Process/Production/Planning plant manager

I am pleased to announce my decision for the new SSD Production/Process/Planning Plant Manager. As you know, this is a very important position! This person will help us define and execute on successful abby-normal growth strategies.

I am pleased to announce that Factory (I’m scared of the shit that goes bump in the night) Peasant has accepted the position of Process/Planning/Product Plant Manager. Factory Peasant is coming from a very successful assignment as PLMM (Professional Liars Marketing Manager) and he will gain further expertise in this Product/Process/Planning Plant arena.

Factory Peasant will be responsible for leading his team to produce Customer-failures, product-line OBD’s and detailed processes which will slow down production and muck up the works. This is accomplished through collaboration with B-Rad (I walk with a load in my pants). Division Process Disruption Team, solutions Pan-handlers Shoelaces, Lead Technologists Rob (I own a still) M. and other EPSG stakeholders JP and customers at Master Of DTI industries.

Factory Peasant graduated from California State University at Chico with a bachelor’s degree in Process/Planning and some kind of production (mainly the drip system) having interned in product marketing with Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s. He learned how to out-run the law during the time of prohibition.

In 1987 Factory Peasant was on every wanted poster in post office history. He spent 7 years behind bars working on manufacturing processes. In 1997 he became Bill and Dave’s Process Product Marketing Manager. Factory Peasant was asked to leave after screwing up the current Marketing strategies for Single Sources Division.

I feel very fortunate to have a talented leader like Factory Peasant (and his band of mis-fits) who rotated into this position. So, Please help me welcome Factory Peasant to the position of Process/Planning/Production plant manager.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank B-Rad (Boy, do I have a load in my pants) for his contributions during the last several months.

AKA knuckles
FY04: Let’s Do it, and then Say it!


~ by factorypeasant on February 9, 2007.

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