Bill and Dave’s Company Man


Walking past a row of eight foot tall test racks in Cal 1, I noticed a hand-drawn cartoon taped to the side of a test station. That cartoon wasn’t there the day before. Stepping closer so I could see it better I began laughing my ass off. Someone had voiced perfectly what many of us are thinking: this company is out to ruin every employee here. Management craves the destruction of our jobs to further their short term profit goals. Last year they swore up and down that there would be no more layoffs. Well guess what. They just announced more people are going to lose their jobs here. More off-shoring, more outsourcing.

I call the scruffy miscreant in this clever example of employee rabble-rousing art “Bill and Dave’s Company Man.” He’s the guy who has us all in a tight headlock, ready to kick our legs out from under us for a hard take-down. Bill and Dave’s Company Man is management. He is every bad business decision they make. He is also the poor workmanship we receive from our subcontract vendors. Every time we get broken parts or defective circuit boards, Bill and Dave’s Company Man was the responsible culprit. Bill and Dave’s Company Man is also the bugs we find in test software code. He is lurking everywhere and nowhere all at once, waiting for any opportunity to fuck us up. It’s like he’s hiding in the building’s rafters patiently watching for one of us to pass by. Then he will leap out in a surprise attack to kick one of us- or all of us in the noggin.

I made dozens of copies of the cartoon to place stacks of them throughout the factory campus at coffee stations and other visible locations. When employees see this shit they’re probably going to dig it in a big way. I doubt management is going to be pleased though.


~ by factorypeasant on February 7, 2007.

One Response to “Bill and Dave’s Company Man”

  1. Wow bill and dave have hairy arms. Are they like a bear, you know…is that why they are hugging that man so hard….SO HARD!


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