My Lady Doesn’t Make Much Sense

I haven’t been calling Autumn much this week. I don’t dare phone her at the office anymore. Haven’t dialed her at home as often as I used to, either. I wonder if she has noticed. Probably not.

I am not going to talk to Autumn about her recent diatribe of complaints because to be honest we’ve been through most of it all many times before. Autumn’s ears are closed to my opinions and suggestions. She does not listen to what I have to say and we end up arguing. I’m frustrated with her to the point of keeping my mouth shut while I watch her continue to go around and around in circles. Whatever.

Travel is a big issue for Autumn. She is fascinated with it. I am not. Funny thing is out of all the people I know, Autumn is without a doubt a most well-traveled individual. For sixteen years we have been friends. Autumn has lived in many places across the US. She has also spent a great deal of time in Russia, and been in Eastern European countries. During the past two years in particular Autumn has been to Australia, back to Russia, and Mexico. Her job requires her to travel at least once a year to a week long conference that is sometimes located halfway across America. We’ve been on a few long road trips together. So when Autumn tells me that she doesn’t travel I have to bite my tongue. She travels more often than many people ever have an opportunity to.

No art. Autumn can be a very creative person when it comes to projects. I’ve seen her do some cool stuff like take an old beat up wooden office desk and repaint the whole thing in an Asian flower motif. She has a large collection of beads and beading supplies to make bracelets and necklaces. In nearly five years I have observed her take that beading kit out to use only once or twice. If she wants to paint, or draw, or whatever all she has to do is set some time aside. During weekday evenings after work she has plenty of time to herself. Autumn could do all kinds of interesting projects but she seldom does. Instead she prefers to curl up on the couch with children’s fantasy adventure books and a bowl of microwave popcorn covered in brewer’s yeast.

Not spontaneous. Yeah, sure. Almost every weekend Autumn drags me around to explore obscure nooks and crannies of the San Francisco Bay Area. “Nordic Sagas” she calls them. Most of the time on weekends I need to relax and rest a bit because the factory beats me down. That doesn’t jive at all with Autumn. She’s got to be out from sun up ’till sundown doing shit or else. I guess Autumn is one of those strange people that feels like if she isn’t occupied doing random outdoor activities with little to no planning then she must not be living life to it’s fullest. Seems compulsive in a bad way to me.

Money is a mess, huh? I bet it’s those credit cards that Autumn has no problem throwing frivolous stuff on to satisfy her impulsive whims. I’m financially irresponsible too, sometimes when I am down to my last ten bucks I will spend it on beer instead of necessary items like food or toilet paper. But a credit card scene like hers really makes me cringe. How ironic that my girlfriend uses my money problems as an excuse to not move in with me, yet I frequently have to loan her cash so she can get by until her next paycheck comes. I don’t mind though. If I’ve got the loot to give her I don’t think twice about it. That is the way things should be when you care about someone.

Sick of the job. I can understand that. After ten years slaving away here at Bill and Dave’s company I am kind of burned out on my job, too. There’s only one option there and that is to find something else to do. Problem solved. Make the change or stop whining about it already.

Autumn never has time for slow stuff because she doesn’t make the time to go slow. Pretty simple. I’m not sure she could handle downtime, though. She goes stir-crazy sitting around on weekends.

Autumn says she is irritable. I agree she sure as hell is. Sometimes on a Friday afternoon I will drive over to her apartment and wait for her to get home from work. I’m always happy to see her. She might have had a bad day at the office though. I figure that out a little too late. When she arrives at her place in a foul mood Autumn will look at me with a scowl and order me to leave her alone. Tell me to go to another room in her apartment or leave the building for a while. Kind of a quick way for Autumn to wreck my weekend. Next time she pulls that action on me I think I will pack up my things and not come back.

Next week Autumn, myself, and Jamie are taking a trip to Yosemite. The three of us are going to do some camping. I am apprehensive this adventure with Autumn is going to be a fun experience…


~ by factorypeasant on February 2, 2007.

4 Responses to “My Lady Doesn’t Make Much Sense”

  1. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. heh. funny you should mention that…

  3. No one makes any sense man, were all just a bunch of over hyped baboons bouncing around like random particles in a slam dance until we A: hurt each other so bad we never want to see each other again, or B: make babies, and then half the time leave each other and never want to see each other again, or C: murder ourselves one another or the unborn child so as we never have to see each other again. That’s life!


  4. Devil-T i always dig the way you view the world. you have a unique perspective on things and a clever gift for articulating it in writing. i agree, and i confess i am in the ‘A’ group of humans.

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