Autumn’s Got My Number

Dad called me today. What a surprise. Only four months ago Mom died, I haven’t had any contact with Dad since. I told him shortly before Mom passed away that we were through and not to attempt to talk to me again. There would be no point. Evidently he didn’t realize I was serious about that.

At first he tried to be all friendly like we are good buddies. When Dad didn’t get a desired pleasant reaction from me, he started in with the insults.

He said, “You did next to nothing for your Mother. I am a hundred times better than you. Why didn’t you jump in to do something besides just sit around and shoot off your mouth? Maybe one day you will have to deal with conducting yourself in a responsible manner. After you grow up a bit. My worst friend would have treated me better than the way you treated me.”

I ignored Dad. His tirade was very boring. I have to give him credit for coming up with colorful cut-downs because usually he is fairly creative when insulting me. Not this time though. You know, after you have been berated, belittled, insulted, and verbally beat down for years it just doesn’t have much effect anymore. Dad attempted to bait me into a fight over the phone with him. That’s all it was, really.

I wanted to hang up on him. Then Dad mentioned Autumn.

“Autumn’s got your numbers, pal. She’s got you all figured out. It’s just like she said. Autumn is right. You’re a flake.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked him.

Dad told me about the last day Autumn and I were in Idaho, the day she and Dad took that long drive out of town in his 1954 Chevy pickup truck. He went on to say that Autumn talked a bunch of shit about me, which Dad ate up of course. He loves that stuff. I had a bad feeling something like this was going to happen while the two of them were out alone that afternoon. Looks like what my gut instinct told me at the time was correct. Fuck. I should have known better.

My father got what he wanted after that- a good brawl. I don’t know how long we traded expletive-laden insults with each other shouting into the phone. Much later after I killed the confrontation by hanging up, I noticed the phone receiver was still in my hand.

I dialed Autumn’s number. When she answered I told her what had just happened. I recounted everything in the conversation leading up to our argument. Then I asked her, “What exactly did you say to Dad about me? What did you two really talk about?”

Autumn said in response, “I don’t remember.”


~ by factorypeasant on January 28, 2007.

5 Responses to “Autumn’s Got My Number”

  1. Selective memory loss. Gotta’ love it. At this point it sounds like she and he are perfect for one another.

  2. Autumn pulled that Col. Oliver North routine on me a couple of times. clearly she was being deceitful.

    i caught her again a short time after this incident happened.

    i never said anything to Autumn about it, but her brother William placed one of the final puzzle pieces together for me in a big way before Autumn and i split up. that was important because his comments allowed me to put some lingering things that bothered me into perspective. With William’s help i solved a peculiar Autumn-related mystery from a long time ago.

  3. I forgot. When Steve Martin did it on SNL back in 1977 it was funny. North and Reagan both pulled it. I think in Reagan’s case he was serious. The Alzheimer’s probably set in midway through the first term. More recently, we’ve heard Scooter Libby’s lawyers arguing for his faulty memory. It’s not funny anymore.

  4. Ouch. Sorry to hear this, man, but on another note, you should be writing books or TV because you have a gift for drawing people into the emotion of the thing.

  5. thank you Pete. that is a compliment indeed. i try to be direct, by writing about what took place as honestly and accurately as possible. i leave the rest to you- the reader. decide for yourself how you feel about the stories i write. for myself, Bill and Dave are Dead is a healing process which has taken years to complete. i am nearly done.

    Autumn is a terrible woman. she is emotionally broken and somewhat mentally spun. of all my relationships Autumn caused me the most pain and she did the most damage. i will not forgive her for that, nor will i forget. more to come on that. she will be finished as soon as i write about the psychiatrist who evaluated her in-absentia. that put the last nail in her coffin as far as i am concerned.

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