This Sucks

Couldn’t get any sleep last night knowing what I was going to be in for today. My first full eight hours of working day shift since the summer of 1996.

Startled out of bed by my annoying alarm clock at 7am. I want to break something.


Stomach feels like acid. Guts hurt.

Bathroom light blinds me. I am angry at the world.

Somehow manage to put clothes on and leave house.

Sunlight. There is evil sunlight outside. Squinting upwards into the sky I mumble words insulting the sun’s existence and I stagger towards my car.

There are too many people on the roads. When did all these people show up in town?

I buy coffee. The girls working behind the counter are in shock because I normally don’t show up until two in the afternoon. They laugh at me because I look like shit. Coffee is my only salvation, my only temporary remedy for this hateful experience which from this day forward will be routine.

More driving. Red lights at traffic signals. Every damned one of them turns red as I approach. I am now a nine to five zombie, another individual unit in society’s rat race of life.

Guts squirm.

Park the car. Wander inside building 2. Find desk. Slump into chair.

Hallways are filled with employees. Noise everywhere. I feel like I am suffering from a severe hangover but I didn’t have any booze to drink the night before.

I sit and quietly hate.

The first person who mouths-off to me today is going to get themselves torn down. Promise.

Only seven hours and fifty minutes left to go…


~ by factorypeasant on January 19, 2007.

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