Kicking Myself Off Of Swing Shift

When I arrived at work that afternoon the first thing I did was stop by the Bossman’s cubicle. He sat at his desk, busy writing some reports on his computer while pecking randomly at a tiny screen on his PDA. I said, “Hello Bossness” and asked him if he had time to talk. I mentioned it didn’t have to be right there on the spot, a meeting could wait until later in the day. But it was important to me and I stressed a private chat must take place before he left to go home. He said that would be fine. We could go ahead and yap for a while now or later on. Didn’t matter to him. I decided to drop my stuff off at my workbench on the other end of the department and then come right back to talk.

After I left my gear and a coat hanging on the back of my chair I quickly returned to the Bossman’s cubicle sitting myself down near the aisle. The Bossman is a good guy, one of the best supervisors I’ve ever had at Bill and Dave’s company. The first thing he asked me was, “Is everything all right?” I told him I had a personal problem brewing with my girlfriend at the moment and I needed his help. He listened as I gave him the low down.

“My lady is going through some turmoil right now. She’s having problems with her life situation, job, depression and so forth. One of the big issues we’ve had over the past few years is my propensity for working nights. Being a night owl bugs the shit out of her. Needless to say it’s caused a lot of friction between us. We only see each other on weekends because she works day shift hours during the week.

“On our weekends together I always sleep until late in the morning or early afternoon which wastes her time. She constantly has to be occupied doing spontaneous things on her days off from sun up ’till sun down. Kind of neurotic if you ask me. Anyway, she is usually waiting for me to haul myself out of bed because she wakes up hours before I ever do. Pisses her off. I mean, she fuckin’ hates it boss.

“So I was considering switching back to day shift hours. That way our schedules would jive from now on. Maybe I could see her more often during the week too, if I left work in the afternoon like she does. I would not sleep in so late on weekends either once I got used to those hours. Hopefully. She’s real frustrated about my schedule and I think it’s straining our relationship pretty bad at this point. Adding to her depression. What do you think? Can I make the switch to days?”

The Bossman said it should be okay. It didn’t matter to him whether or not I was working eight hours at night or eight hours during the day. As long as instruments made their deadlines shipping out the door to customers on time, everything was cool.

Normally making a shift change like this would be tough because I’d have to trade places with an employee working those opposing hours. Management laid everyone off long ago though so I could make my own schedule. It didn’t affect anyone else since no one survived round after round of ruthless job cuts in that area besides myself.

“When do you want to start on day shift?” He asked.

“Next week” I said.

The Bossman grinned, replying with a jovial but sarcastic “Okay, duuuuude.”

Walking back to my workbench I thought about how much I hated day shift. There were extraneous daily meetings that I would be forced to attend. Useless support employees like Miss Auschwitz would have more opportunities to get up in my grill over petty non-issues. I’d have to share tools, equipment, and test stations with other employees for a change. Ugh. I would inevitably be lazy, eating lunches at that horrible cafeteria again instead of grubbin’ down off-site. Every morning when I woke up I’d feel like shit.

This was going to be a mess.

Autumn and I have been together for nearly five years. She has consistently kept our relationship limited; only spending time with me on weekends. Weekdays she absolutely will not make the 45 minute drive up to my house unless it’s a Nationally observed holiday- forcing her office to be closed. Apparently I’m not worth the extra effort. I take what I can get though, what little Autumn is willing to dish out. She isn’t very good with compromise. With Autumn everything is always her way or the highway. During our first two years she did have some tolerance for my work schedule along with tolerance for a few of my personal quirks. As time passed, I observed Autumn’s tolerance levels rapidly dwindle down to practically nothing.

Have I mentioned Autumn has a super nasty temper? Yeah, I probably have mentioned it before. Whenever she is having a bad day I get the brunt of that hateful action…

As a nite owl, I have worked evenings up ’till now for over a decade. Sunlight irritates the fuck out of me. Dunno why. Just does. Trying to acclimate myself to being awake during the day is going to be hell. Not an easy thing to do at all. My body will be severely unhappy. I’ll feel constantly sick. For months at least. Then there’s the issue of taking a pay cut. Working on swing shift means I get a pay differential. It’s an increase which gives me a couple more bucks an hour. Going back to days eliminates the percentage differential right away. By making this sacrifice I sure hope Autumn sees that I care about her. I really do worry about her when she is sad or unhappy. My night schedule is a big part of why she is tweaking so hard right now. It’s obvious.

Calling her at work as promised I told Autumn what I had negotiated with my boss. I explained to her about starting back on days next week. Depression is a serious thing for a person to do battle with. Talking to Autumn about her feelings of depression, I mentioned that if we spent more time together on weekends doing things that she enjoyed it would probably help her out. I hoped that would be enough to avert Autumn’s need for taking anti-depression meds or the desire to see a counsellor.


~ by factorypeasant on January 14, 2007.

6 Responses to “Kicking Myself Off Of Swing Shift”

  1. This one can be seen coming down the block with its emergency blinkers on.

  2. yeah. i should have seen it at the time too Wad, but i was so concerned about Autumn’s well-being that i didn’t view the situation objectively. in hindsight i think what Autumn was really trying to do was scare me off. she probably wanted out of the relationship then but was too much of a coward to just come out and say so. women frequently take the coward’s way out of a relationship because they don’t want to feel any responsibility or guilt for their actions. they don’t want to be thought of as the bad guy. so they just make everything miserable until the guy has had enough, then bails out.

    Autumn didn’t know which way i was going to jump in reaction to this episode. i doubt she expected me to make such a big sacrifice in an effort to help her. she certainly didn’t value it or care.

    looking back on it now i think she absolutely should have gone to see a counsellor and should have taken medication. she’s got some serious problems in the noggin, y0. of course living in the berkeley area she most likely would have received very poor quality counselling had she gone that route. instead of using psychology those east bay hippy retards would have tried to tune her aura or realign Autumn’s crystal chakras.

    fucking idiots.

  3. its NEVER! enough aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  4. Depresion is best dealt with by drinking alchohol and kicking bums to death untill you cant remember my name anymore!@!@# and a little fire bombing aint a bad idea either.



  6. I give them my fists of luv and my feets of hate!!!

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