Well Dad sure hasn’t been wasting any time. Word got back to me that recently Dad rolled into a RC Willey furniture store holding hands with his new squeeze. Employees at the RC Willey knew Dad as a regular customer and recognized him right away. When he went there previously with Mom shopping around for a new couch, or whatever else they needed for the house Dad ditched Mom. He left her by herself while he split the scene. I guess employees there were worried Mom might fall down or end up wandering off to get herself lost somewhere. None of the staff at RC Willey were impressed with Dad’s behavior. So when he showed up at the furniture store with his little blond gold-digger under his arm the employees were outraged. Mom died only a few weeks ago, how dare he start dating another woman so soon.

Apparently the neighbors on Dad’s street see what is going on with this other woman and are disgusted with Dad as well.

Then he goes out and buys himself a 1923 Ford roadster with a big block chevy under the cowl. It’s got a three-two’s carb setup, nasty side pipes and a small bucket between two fat-assed rear tires. Oh yeah and he also went out and bought a nice speed boat for sport fishing. The word is Dad’s new woman likes to go fishing so he’s dishing out the hook up for that.

Aunt Linda says she’s seen him hauling ass around town in the ’23 roadster. She noticed all the gray in his hair is gone. Guess he dyed it jet black. Dad’s trying to act like he’s thirty again or some shit. It’s entirely corny.

What a dirtbag. For a man who just lost his wife Dad sure seems real busted up inside and remorseful about it.


~ by factorypeasant on January 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Outraged”

  1. I remember this and it makes me sad humans are like that.


  2. yeah. hey i just remembered to add yer link to the blogroll. be smelly.

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