Final Escape



Emotionally destroyed and strung out I reached up from the floor to turn off the bedroom lights. Laying on top of Autumn’s futon mattress I closed my eyes in a vain effort to fall asleep.

Then the phone rang.

I had a gut feeling anyone calling my Aunt and Uncle’s house this late must have something important to say. It was probably news concerning Mom. Sitting up I reached for the phone and answered. Brandy was on the other end at the nursing home with Dad. She told me Mom died a few minutes after eleven o’clock. Both of them were sitting side by side next to Mom’s bed monitoring her pulse with a device that was connected to her fingers. Her heart rate suddenly rose and then abruptly quit. She was finally free from suffering. My sister’s description of things made me imagine that Dad and herself were perched there like a couple of vultures who couldn’t wait for their victim to expire.

I did not want to see my mother die. Relieved that I wasn’t there during her last moments I was grateful my memories of her would be of a woman still alive and breathing.

Neither one of us could think of anything else to say. It was done. After I hung up the phone I thought about how miserable Mom was in life. Dad showed his true colors, that he cared very little for his wife of over thirty years. He was a tyrant, unloving and mean to her every opportunity he got. She was in a living hell that she did not deserve but now she had finally eluded it all. Mom had escaped from Dad. He couldn’t punish her anymore, she was out of reach. I knew that wherever she was now it had to be better than being here with my father. Speaking aloud in barely more than a whisper I said, “You did it Mom. You got away from him. You made your escape and he can’t hurt you anymore. I hope you are at peace.”


~ by factorypeasant on January 4, 2007.

6 Responses to “Final Escape”

  1. hey mang

    nice pic of her.


  2. thanx. dug that out of a box of old photos i found at dad’s place. this was from the mid-60s when she was still a teenager living in peacock gap, y0.

  3. where the hell is peacock gap?

  4. it’s in Marin.

  5. Wow, that is a beautiful picture of your mom.
    I see the resemblance.

  6. thanks lb. hope you and that crazy TC fella had a good xmas and all. bug you guys soon…

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