Roadtrip To Winemmucca

Still lying on my back passed out in bed I awoke to daylight and noises coming from the downstairs kitchen. Water was running rather loudly through the sink at random intervals. Cabinet doors opened and shut every few seconds. Someone was busy. Reaching over to the other side of the bed I felt with my hand for Autumn’s warm body, but she wasn’t there. She snuck away from the bedroom while I was out cold. Opening my eyes instantly provided a dull, throbbing pain in my skull. My stomach felt uneasy like I would need to throw up again any moment.

I was hung over from last night’s drinking binge.

There was nothing I could do about it but try to power on through the day regardless of the poor shape I was in. Pay to play. I realized it was all my fault so there was no need to complain about it. Only the slow gradual passing of time would help me to feel better.

Hauling myself out of bed I started to get dressed without trying to think about how shitty the rest of the day was going to be. After putting on my pants and a shirt in slow motion I moved into the bathroom to run some water through my hair and brush my teeth. I almost retched again when a rotten meat smell reached my nose from the bathroom sink. It’s drain was still fouled. I didn’t have time to mess with it now. That would have to wait until I got back home, whenever that would be I couldn’t say.

I packed a suitcase full of clothes including a nice suit Autumn had bought for me recently.

Practically stumbling downstairs I wandered into the kitchen to find Autumn filling a small ice chest with snacks and drinks for me. She’s a sweet heart. Grateful for her thoughtfulness I also felt a twinge of guilt at the same time for being a cowardly drunk in front of her the night before. If she was disappointed in me she didn’t let it show though. Before leaving the house I held her in my arms and said goodbye. Then I loaded the suitcase and ice chest in the car while she watched. Autumn gave me a futon mattress which barely fit in the trunk. I was going to sleep on that at my Aunt and Uncle’s house rather than try to crumple myself up on a single bed in their spare bedroom. Since I’m well over six feet tall I have to curl into a fetal position to sleep on such a small bed. That ends up making me feel cramped and my back sore when I wake up each morning. This time I would break down and just sleep on the floor using Autumn’s futon.

Coffee was the first priority before leaving town. Right around the corner from where I live is a nice little shopping center with a mom-and-pop style coffee shop. Instead of brewing my own coffee every morning because I’m too lazy, I go there like clockwork at the same time daily. I bought an extra large cup, got back in the car, and headed East through the wine country.

Driving through the heart of California’s wine producing regions in Sonoma and Napa counties is probably some of the most scenic cruising in the nation. Rolling hills are covered in grape vineyards which gradually give way to steep mountainsides covered in redwood forests. It can be a relaxing time while driving through the area if you are in no hurry to be anyplace in particular. But, if you are in a rush to get somewhere the wine country can be incredibly frustrating. There are only a handful of highways that cut through from the coast and for the most part all of them are a single lane in either direction. There are few turnouts or opportunities to pass slowpokes on those lazy, winding roads. So if you happen to get stuck behind a semi, or an elderly person with an incredibly light right foot, you’re screwed. Because I was suffering from a potent hang over and I felt a sense of urgency to hit Interstate 80 I was trying to get across the county as quickly as possible. Of course if it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have no luck at all. I got trapped behind some old sight seeing geezers in a beat up motor-home that was lumbering along well below the posted speed limits. The drive to the freeway seemed like it took forever.

Once I dropped down to I-80 I was able to shoot past the flat valley of endless crops and smoggy brown air that always seems to be hanging over Sacramento. I hooked North through foothills leading into the Sierras around Tahoe, jammed over the pass to meet the Truckee River, and followed it into Reno. I stopped for gasoline on the East side of Reno, then continued onward across the Nevada desert. My next pause for fuel and a restroom break would be in Winemmucca which would take a few hours to reach.


~ by factorypeasant on December 15, 2006.

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