I think early April will work out fine. If your hunch is
waiting that long is a bad plan then we can move it
up. I’m still waiting to hear back from Brandy as I
don’t trust anything Dad has to say. Thanks for the
forward anyway though.


I think that she’s already not herself and the longer
you wait the less herself she’ll be.

Also, I think you should call Brandy before you leave
work today or else get a phone card so you’re not
hamstrung by her being lax about getting you info- she
doesn’t have a great track record for getting back to
anyone, as far as I can tell. That way you’ll be able
to make a more informed decision.

My hunch is that we should go earlier but Brandy would
have a better idea since she got her info from what
one hopes is a more reliable source.

I hope I’m not being to presumptious. It just makes me



Okay. Brandy got hold of me this afternoon. Here is the story.

Mom’s doctor talked with Brandy today and said Mom has six months left. She has tumors in her liver, lungs, breasts, behind her eye, and suspects they are also now in her brain. Apparently Brandy was very angry with Dad this past week as he was refusing to look into hospice. So during the phone call that Brandy had with Mom’s doctor, the doctor wanted to prescribe hospice but Dad was waffling on it. So it was Brandy who told the doctor to go ahead and prescribe it and get the R.N. in there now. I think Brandy did a good thing.

Brandy is heading up there next week on Tuesday and I think she is staying there through the weekend. She is going to have a private meeting with Mom’s doctor and she’s going to keep me updated if anything else happens or changes. Brandy has a trip planned to Europe for most of May and we have already discussed what she would like to have happen for Mom’s services if she dies while she’s overseas. She is going to leave me her contact information.

We discussed some other things today. I feel better.

As far as moving the trip up I don’t think it’s necessary now. The first weekend of April will be fine Autumn.



I talked with Autumn for a while tonight and Aunt Linda about the situation up there. We all feel that if you’re going to stay at Mom and Dad’s place that isn’t going to be real good for you. Especially since you had such a bad time with Dad last time. So I wanted to let you know you have some options. Aunt Linda and Uncle Larry have offered to have you stay at their place in the spare bedroom for your trip if you’d like it. I really enjoy it there and it’s a great place to be away from Dad. You can be sure he won’t show up there. If you’d like to give them a call they’ll set it up with you. If you don’t dig that idea Autumn thinks you should stay in a hotel. If you want we will help pay for it. Let me know, ok?

Brandy I really appriciate everything you’ve done this year with regards to Mom and Dad. I’ve put up with Dad for a long time now and this has been a much needed break. Believe me I sympathize with what you are feeling and going through. You and I are the only people around who really know how broken Dad is.

I felt much better this afternoon after talking to you.

Before I forget Autumn has mentioned having you and Cory over for dinner at her place in El Cerrito. Autumn is best for weekend scheduling as I always seem to forget what we are doing and when. I’m kinda dumb that way. I would like to spend some time with you guys so if you’re up for it maybe we can set something up in the east bay soon? Weekends are always good for me.



Thanks for the suggestions. It was nice of L&L to offer their home to me. However,
my stress level aside, I want to spend every minute I’m up there with Mom. I want to
cook for her, and just sit with her. She’s extremely depressed and catatonic. I’m
hoping that a few days of being with someone who’s putting her needs in front of
their own might help her mental state recover a bit. We’ll see… Anyway, I’ll let you
know if I change my mind. Tell Autumn thanks for the dinner offer, we’d love to come.
If it’s OK with you guys, I’d like to do it after I go to Idaho. I’m not very social right
now, and I’m pretty tired. Work is really busy, and I’m still planning a month-long trip
through Europe. I’ve got a lot on my plate.

Talk to you soon,



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