A Cruel Fucker

My Mother’s health has deteriorated rapidly over the past week. She doesn’t have much time left. Her Alzheimer’s symptoms have stayed the same more or less for about a year, but her Cancer has come back with a vengeance. Dad hasn’t stayed on top of her ailments, he’s skipped some of Mom’s doctor appointments just because he was kept waiting too long in the doctor’s office or because he had some other hair up his ass. It’s frustrating to deal with the whole situation from two states away knowing Dad is doing very little to help my Mother when she needs him the most. All Dad has concerned himself with is locating experimental drugs not available in the US for treating Alzheimer’s disease. Most of the stuff he’s been able to dig up seems like quack treatments to me. There is no magic pill that will make it all go away.

Dad only cares about himself and his money. Money that he won’t spend on Mom to make sure she is at least comfortable and not suffering.

Every morning Dad wakes up Mom, puts some clothes on her and sits her in front of the television. Dad is rough with the way he handles her. He isn’t gentle or patient. He feeds her frozen meals for lunch and at night he takes her out to Mexican restaurants because he doesn’t want to cook anything. While they are at dinner Dad always hits on the waitresses right in front of Mom. It’s disgusting. Throughout their day at home together Dad frequently throws himself into raging fits of temper at Mom over the slightest of household infractions. If she accidentally drops something on the floor, Dad goes ballistic on her. He yells at her constantly for no reason. It makes all of us sick. No matter what Dad says I know for a fact he doesn’t give a shit about Mom. He can’t wait until she’s dead and gone. I can see through him and his fake effort at caring for her.

Some of Dad’s neighbors recently got word back to my Aunt and Uncle that Dad is seeing another woman on the down low. His neighbors aren’t blind to what is going on at his place. Most of them won’t have a damn thing to do with Dad because they’re either afraid of him or they simply wrote him off as a total head case. He thinks he’s being crafty about having a mistress, that no one will figure it out. Dad really isn’t too bright. Apparently she’s a blond, in her late fifties. She works as a prison guard at a jail somewhere in the area and drives a white Suburban. I don’t know her name yet, but I’m going to find that out soon enough.

One of my parents’ neighbors who happens to be a very kind woman is greatly worried about Mom’s unfortunate state at home with Dad. Like many of us she has suspected for some time that Dad has been mistreating her, by being abusive. This lady is quite sharp, she is a retired nurse and ex-police detective from San Diego. So when she tells me about things that have happened with my parents, things she has seen going on at their house or interactions she’s had with Dad I tend to believe her.

Out of concern for Mom, this neighbor made an unannounced visit to my parents house. Dad let her in and she sat with Mom in their living room talking. Mom didn’t look well at all and when she asked her if she had anything to eat Mom replied, “No.” Dad jumped in to the conversation at that point and growled that Mom wouldn’t eat anything and waved his arm at her in a gesture of contempt. Then he left the room. Mom then told this neighbor that she was hungry and she hadn’t had anything to eat in three days. I think she was able to gauge the situation correctly; that Mom wasn’t confused or just saying strange things out of the blue for no reason. Mom really hadn’t eaten anything in that many days.

There was an unopened jar of Macadamia nuts nearby which the neighbor asked Mom if she would like some. She said yes, but Mom couldn’t open up the jar or had the ability to feed herself. Dad swooped in from the hallway where he was eavesdropping in on the women, popped the lid off the jar of nuts, dumped a handful out and then jammed them into Mom’s face. Crammed them all into her mouth with force. Mom couldn’t handle it and as their neighbor was watching this scene play out she looked at Dad and thought to herself, “What a cruel fucker this guy is.” No shit. That’s what I tried to tell staff members at Adult Protective Services, but they didn’t listen to me. They completely bought Dad’s bullshit front he’s got going on and never even bothered to call me back to say they weren’t going to pursue any kind of case against my Father.

Adult Protective Services is a joke. They’re useless as far as I’m concerned.

Another ongoing problem I have been dealing with is Autumn. She’s still in contact with Dad which has made me extremely wary of telling her about my Father’s misdeeds. I’ve told her some things, but not much because at this point I can’t trust her completely. Autumn isn’t firmly with me, she’s still playing on both sides of the fence so to speak by emailing Dad on her own. She sometimes forwards stuff from Dad to me and she could just as easily send him emails I have written. It’s a bad scene. I really don’t need to be worrying about this crap right now on top of everything else already going on.


~ by factorypeasant on December 10, 2006.

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