I know you tend to disregard anything from your Dad, but
all things considered do you want to move our visit

Please don’t email him any sort of rant about this
email- I did not tell him I was forwarding it to you.



Hi Autumn,

Latest news. Hospice is in place for Jan. I can
start tapping into the system at once.

Jan was seen by a “lovely” R.N. today, and she gave
Jan a “mini” physical ,and has ALL of Jan’s latest
records. She said that she would be surprised to see
Jan last longer than 6 weeks. She deals specifically
with these types of patients, daily, and knows what
to look for. Jan has had the worst breath I’ve
ever experienced, today I find out that it is the
smell of cancer. She has had this breath problem for
several months at least.

Wish that the circumstances were different, but,
they are not. We are not going to persue any means
by which to prolong Jan’s life. If pain becomes an
issue, we can deal with that. However, we will not
prolong her life, nor, hasten the end to it.


~ by factorypeasant on December 10, 2006.

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