Uncle Larry has a cold. I seriously doubt he was getting emotional when he called you.

As I am sure my sister has already mentioned I think taking Mom on a long road trip is a poor idea. She had severe problems on your last trip (which we told you not to take her on) and it’s reasonable to expect she will be even worse this time. Mom doesn’t have many friends around down here, and dragging her to the houses of your fireman buddies doesn’t sit well with me. It will be uncomfortable for Mom and your friends will probably just think you’re acting weirder than ever. I see no point to this trip other than it must be about you somehow as always and has little if anything to do with Mom. You still persist in making bad choices.

You have totally fucked everything up during the past three years with regards to Mom’s daily care. She has been treated like a piece of trash. Instead of caring for your wife all you have been concerned with is yourself and protecting your money by doing an absolute bare minimum for Mom’s benefit. Might I remind you she’s had a chronic cough for months which you ignored. I’ll bet if you had taken her in to see the doctor about that non-stop coughing they probably would have found those lung tumors three months ago, or more. Nice job there Dad.

Since you have sounded numerous false-alarms with regard to Mom’s health problems I am waiting to hear from her doctors directly, rather than you on what Mom’s actual diagnosis are. Depending on what they have to say will determine when I come up to visit her.

You are on an extremely short leash with me. I want to be very clear with you about one thing- when Mom dies you and I are through. There will be no visits, no phone calls, no letters, no emails. Nothing. Got that?


~ by factorypeasant on December 8, 2006.

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