This a.m. went to Mom’s regular physician, to have a physical “Pre” going to S.F. ( Mom’s Eye cancer ).
Part of that physical was a chest X-Ray. Her lungs were just riddled with tumors, and a 4 year old could see that it was serious. Her X-Ray this time last year was clean.

Dr. gives Mom 6 months or less to live. We are scheduled to have a CAT scan at St. Lukes Boise tomorrow at 6:45 a.m. Thursday, a needle biopsy. At that point in time we will know what to expect, and how long Mom might have left to live.

While the Dr’s appointment in S.F. will surely be cancelled ( Mar 12th. removal of right eye), our trip will not. I wish to visit as many friends as possible, with Mom. Her friends and mine – our friends.

Took Mom to dinner tonight ( as always ), but she had a bad night. She finished her Marguerita and we went home. We did not stay to eat. She was frightfully disoriented, and could not even eat chips and Salsa.

Heard from your Uncle tonight, he called, and it was nice to hear his voice. He sounds like he /they wish to see Mom. That is fine with me. They are welcome here. I would seriously doubt that Mom will last six months. I told him that I was sorry for “Things” and he said that it was O.K., sounded like he was crying, or at least all “teared up”.

Tomorrow, ( 6:30 a.m. ) she will get a CAT scan, and see what organs have been affected, and how severely. Thursday morning she will get a needle Biopsy. They puncture the lung and withdraw some cancer cells. It is important to find out what kind of cancer she has, to determine how much time she has. If it hits her Liver, she could be gone in two weeks.

As I said, I am willing to say I’m sorry, and “Hang up the Gloves”. Mom could use the small family that we have, in full support of her, in her time of need.

The neighbors and my close friends have been incredible. We are going to Calif I hope, on 3-7 and plan on visiting friends. Plan on staying a couple of weeks. Seeing Autumn, Brandy, Cory and his family, several friends in Marin County, Joe M., and friends of Mom’s from work. I will try and make the trip pleasant for Mom, and as much happiness as I can dig up. I had about 4 separate neighbors want to watch our house and cat for us. They are nice people, and I appreciate their help.

It wouldn’t take much for you to see Mom, and spend some time talking with her. You might miss her one day.



~ by factorypeasant on December 7, 2006.

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