It looks like the ONLY DR. that can treat Mom, is in San Francisco.

There are many possibilities for Mom. Could be Terminal. Could lose an eye. Could get Radiation. We were told by a Dr. that Mom’s eye had a Melanoma in it ( Cancer ).
If it is part of her Breast cancer, it is history. It could be a new cancer.

In any event, I would like BOTH you and your sister to be present in San Fran at 9:00 a.m. on Mar 12th. It might come down to a “family” decision about Mom. It could be “terminal”, and then I would want to hear everyone’s feelings on the matter.

Mom needs all the family that she’s got at this time. Whether we fly or drive is not determined at this time, however, she needs to be at the Ralph K. Davies Medical Center on Mar 12th. at 9:00a.m. If I can get a prescription to help control Mom’s bladder, we may drive down. This will give us more flexibility. If any operation is necessary that will happen Monday Mar 15th. After Mom’s recovery, I will either fly or drive her home.

Would appreciate your being family for Mom’s sake. It has been a horrible trip for me, and your mother. I would not wish it on anyone, never in a thousand years.



~ by factorypeasant on December 7, 2006.

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