Messing With Master MC

We’ve been without a competent department manager for some time. I got the news today that Master MC is being assigned back to Sources, which in my opinion is pretty cool. Master MC is a manager who treats his people well and deals fairly with them. He’s also honest when informing us of company business decisions. At least as honest as he can be without getting into too much trouble. I respect him for that. Personally I like him because he helped me escape from my old instrument line working for that total fuckup of a supervisor, Potatohead. That meant a lot to me. Even though that was a few years ago I don’t forget when people do me a favor around here.

Unfortunately Master MC ran afoul of the management powers that be, due to a lapse in his personal judgement. He’s been paying the price ever since. I’ve been told at one time he was a rising star in the management world but after a particularly embarrassing incident that took place on company property his ability to move further upward in the company was halted. His reputation for being an honest, straight shooter probably hasn’t served him well in his peers’ eyes either. Some have speculated his move back to our department is somewhat of a demotion for Master MC.

Building maintenance workers began setting up a few extra office cubicles this afternoon. They’re along the outer edge of our floor space right across from the restrooms and a set of clunky late 1960s vending machines. Apparently Master MC is being crammed into a small corner cube by those snack and soda machines. It seemed like a strange place to assign a department manager. Curious about it I asked an employee who has been with the company for more than twenty years and who also knows about Master MC’s situation with upper management. When I mentioned where his cubicle was being set up she told me, “They’re fucking with him. It’s deliberate for sure.”

~ by factorypeasant on December 4, 2006.

2 Responses to “Messing With Master MC”

  1. I tagged you to do a 6 weirdest things about you meme. Visit my blog to see the rules 🙂

  2. uh oh.

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