Operational Again















~ by factorypeasant on November 21, 2006.

5 Responses to “Operational Again”

  1. 2nd from the top, are they your testing racks? Why so high up? Or is the gear you test that tall?

  2. 2nd from the top is the Stone II. this is a slightly overhead view of the test system looking down the main track along which a robot transport vehicle travels. not visible in this shot are the two rows of half-sized test racks facing towards the machine. the robot transport vehicle is visible center, bottom. bottom right you can see one instrument with the front panel facing upwards under test. the black hoses on the top side are for another robot system called ‘yoda’. those use laser optics to sight in on a brass target, blow it clear of any debris with high pressure air and then make electrical connections. the Stone II operates autonomously 24/7 as long as there are no software glitches or unforseen problems. as operators we use a loading gate to send boxes inside for test. the vehicle grabs units one at a time and moves them from station to station as tests complete regardless of pass/fail. if boxes fail, they would be brought to an unloading gate (not visible) for removal and troubleshooting. the photo test_racks_1 shows our full-sized racks and those are approx. eight feet tall.

  3. who is that HAWT short youngster wearing a hawaiian shirt???
    id like to mount his rack!!! those glasses make him look sexy

  4. poot

  5. his arse is mine…Leon

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