Last To Go

Things have been hectic. We officially stopped production this week, powering down our test racks and equipment. People scurried around all over the place preparing tech benches by removing overhead booms and then packing their hardware plus tools in special wooden carts provided by Bekins. Engineers swarmed upon our automated test system the Stone II and began a careful process of dismantling it in sections for transportation to the other site. Our department suddenly seemed busy again like it was before rounds of layoffs swept everyone away.

Big Dog planned to stage my stuff in trucks at the very end of the department relocation. For B-Rad and I that meant we could get everything ready to go right away and then kick back. I got screwed big time in many past company moves by fellow employees who skipped out on assisting with preparing equipment for shipment. This time I decided not to lift a finger to help anyone else. I was going to concern myself with what I was responsible for and nothing more. That worked for me. The two of us had Button Up ready in one afternoon. With no idea when movers would come to haul our gear away B-Rad and I sat around for the next two days hanging out doing little else than watch the area become a ghost town.

Miss Auschwitz made multiple appearances to remind us about the Ergo Lift. She let it be known with evil glare and bony finger pointing at me that she was watching, and that machine had better be on a truck for the other site. Bitch.

Days later the entire department was gone, with the exception of Button Up. Walking through the area I scrounged around through random piles of junk employees had left strewn about on the concrete floor. Broken pieces of test gear were left behind as well as many cubicles’ worth of office supplies. Some people had opened desk drawers and dumped out whatever contents were inside and left it on the floor for someone else to clean up. LAN and phone cables drooped out of the ceiling here and there connected to a whole lot of nothing. It was a surreal scene, looking out over the production area when it was in such a shoddy state. Nearly ten years ago I remembered attending a special Coffee Talk meeting in this building. At that time management held a celebration of sorts for opening this section of the factory. Building 2 was practically brand new then, it had been re-designed for instrument production instead of PC board manufacturing. Now the whole place was on the verge of being completely abandoned. This had been my home for most of those years. How strange it was to realize in a few days I would probably never be back here again.


~ by factorypeasant on November 19, 2006.

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