B-Rad’s Glorious Return

News spreads rapidly throughout the ancient realm we know as Signal Sources. That infamous day, heralds walked before him while announcing his illustrious return from banishment. Lovely maidens with DD-cup sized breasts threw rose petals in Building 2 lower’s main hallways so his royal feet would not touch the ground. This master of MI/EI was well known by all in the land and his long awaited reappearance was anticipated with amazement and glory. His personal entourage cleared a path for him through crowds. As he stepped into Button Up and cast his gaze of wisdom across all of the department’s factory peasants, he nodded with authority and seated himself upon his ESD-safe throne. Women wept with joy. All was well with the world once again.

Actually, that isn’t what happened at all. I lied. One afternoon he just showed up at work.

Six months ago (give or take a couple of weeks) B-Rad lost his job. Management had made a fatal error by letting him go, he was one of those employees who was an expert in his area. His loss impacted the department almost immediately. Not long afterward The Bossman tried in vain numerous times to re-hire B-rad into the company but upper management wouldn’t allow it. The only way to get him back was to wait a minimum of six months and then bring him in as a temporary worker through an outside service. Lately that scenario has been playing out all over the company. Throw out indispensable workers, wreck your production area in the process, and then hire them as temps. Totally lame.

Years ago we had our own internal temporary worker service called Flex Force. It was somewhat of a good deal if you were into it. Basically you were hired in as an employee of Bill and Dave’s company but you didn’t get any benefits like medical or sick time. Your hourly wage was slightly higher than permanent employees’ pay to compensate for the lack of benefits. As a Flex Force employee you would be on a year to year contract and once your year was up you could sign on for another year if you chose to. Some of our managers began to abuse this system though, and after a while it wasn’t uncommon to hear of employees who had been working here for more than five years as an internal temp with no benefits. People who were trying to get themselves hired in permanent full time complained about it to some labor regulatory agency or other and not surprisingly the company was discovered to be breaking labor laws.

Flex Force came to an abrupt end and temps were forced to go through staffing agencies. It’s been that way here ever since.

I’ve been buried in work over in Button Up. The level of crap that I got dumped on me has been more than one person can handle. Really I don’t know how we got by this long without extra help. Funny thing about it is now that B-Rad is back I have to re-train him on stuff in the area. He’s only been gone six months and he’s already forgotten a bunch of stuff. That seems strange to me but it’s amusing to have to train the trainer so to speak. I’m sure he’ll be back up to speed in no time though. Timing is everything, we’re scheduled to move out of here in just a few days. I’m glad to have B-Rad’s help for packing everything here and setting up our equipment at the other site.


~ by factorypeasant on November 16, 2006.

7 Responses to “B-Rad’s Glorious Return”

  1. yay its p-rad!!!!!! yes, p-rad
    i nub j00 milton_bradley

  2. that b-rad dood sounds hot. can he come over and kiss my kitty?

  3. from time to time i will rent him out for services (kitty kissing etc,). how much l00t ya got?

  4. This is Leon, B rad is a ho and I own him

  5. leon, you are confused. B-rad is a h0e not a ho. get your h0s sorted out please.

  6. I’m still waiting to punch his card…think’s he can tell me what to do. He’s lucky garden gnome was there that day to hold me back from whoopin b-rads behind. The gnome was the man.

  7. http://hayho.ytmnd.com/

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