Factory Peasant vs. Miss Auschwitz: Round Two

Got word from Big Dog today that Miss Auschwitz poked her nose into the Ergo Lift situation. I am unsure what provoked this or how she heard about our area trying to ditch the lift here when we leave. She must still come out here sneaky like to snoop around. Apparently she has discovered that I don’t want it coming along for the ride to the other site location. She is going to force us to ship the Ergo lift machine up there by claiming some kind of safety violation if we aren’t operating it on a daily basis. Big Dog was unhappy about this because he doesn’t want the Ergo lift taking up available space in the back of a Bekins truck and he is well aware we don’t have room for it on the shop floor. Plus he’s already got a ton of more important things to be worrying about instead of this stupidity. It’s especially frustrating because we know that machine is pure dead weight.

Miss Auschwitz is definitely still angry over the beat down I served her concerning those two storage racks a couple months ago. She is craving revenge. Figures. I mean, I knew this was going to happen eventually but I did not foresee her throwing a wrench at me again for quite a long while. Miss Auschwitz just doesn’t learn. Like a bad skin rash, she keeps coming back. Guess I underestimated her a little bit on that one. Not sure how I am going to deal with Miss Auschwitz this time. Have to give it some careful thought to come up with a decent method of thwarting her again. Hopefully I can shut her down and burn Miss Auschwitz worse than last time, killing two birds with one stone. Perhaps for the time being I will play along with her bullshit and let Miss Auschwitz think she’s left me with no options. Miss Auschwitz can think to herself that the Ergo lift will be back in use when we move.

Well, here we go again…


~ by factorypeasant on November 10, 2006.

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