Planning A Move

Looks like this place is dust just like the rumors said it would be. In a few weeks we will be relocating our entire manufacturing division to another site in the county. Our home base here will be vacated and put up for sale. The Bossman has elected me to prepare all of MI/EI’s equipment for the move and come up with a floorplan for my area to use at the other factory location. A decent floorplan layout won’t be too difficult. Actually I’m more concerned about securing all of my gear and packing the workbenches to load them on trucks. Every move I’ve been through here has been a serious pain in the ass. Usually the hassles that erupt during a site to site move are caused by our own idiot employees. They fail to properly label or mark where items are supposed to go, who they belong to etc. So shit goes missing. Or they don’t pack critical items securely enough and then stuff inevitably is damaged.

I have six technical workbenches, three test stations, and a variety of random equipment and office furniture to concern myself with. That’s nothing compared to what the folks up in assembly or over in forward flow test are going to have to handle.

In theory relocating an instrument line should be straightforward and simple. The floorplan is created with each individual test system and workbench being assigned a corresponding number. Everything is labeled according to the floorplan layout prior to leaving on trucks. We pack our equipment and then professional movers come in to haul it all away. They use the floorplan numbers to properly drop our stuff in right spots at the other factory. Once that is accomplished we arrive shortly afterward and begin the process of unpacking equipment and firing up all our test systems.

Never seems to work out that way.

Big Dog has been tapped on the shoulder by the boss to be the floorplan master. I have to hang out with him to see how many square feet of real estate at the other site I’m being given to work with. He’s been real busy lately so I don’t know when he might have some free time to sit down with me and yap about it. Should be cool, we get along well together. I don’t expect any weirdness or headaches from dealing with him. I’m sure there will be plenty of other oddball junk issues that will mess everything up though before we’re finished.


~ by factorypeasant on October 25, 2006.

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