Crossdressing Halloween Horrors




Last year Greasy Guy showed up to work on Halloween dressed as what he called a “Female Soviet Wrestler.” He wandered around all four buildings in the factory showing himself off. As I recall, coworkers warned me when I started my shift that afternoon so I was ready. When Greasy Guy finally located me in the chamber area dealing with a test system that had completely barfed he hovered off my left shoulder until I acknowledged his presence. He had a big shit eating grin on his face and the only thing I said to him was “Get the fuck away from me.”

This year has been far more horrible. Greasy Guy ratcheted the eye-burning nightmare up a few notches by coming in to work dressed as Little Bo Peep. Ugh.

Some of us here are considering if there is an underlying personal problem, maybe this is a kind of cry for help from Greasy Guy. Crossdressing on Halloween once can be overlooked but doing it two years in a row is starting to make us wonder. Perhaps there is more crossdressing going on at home? Employees are speculating this is the case.

I’ve seen some terrible crossdressing costumes over the years here on the job at Halloween. Probably one of the all time worst was when Mr. Fussy appeared walking the hallways at work dressed in a sexy French maid outfit complete with spiked high heels and fishnet stockings. Just thinking about that mental image still makes me cringe. I enjoy spreading the hate. Every once in a while I will describe Mr. Fussy’s French maid costume to fellow employees who knew him while they have a mouthful of food at lunchtime and watch them promptly spit up their grub. It never fails.


~ by factorypeasant on October 24, 2006.

11 Responses to “Crossdressing Halloween Horrors”

  1. hey s…f..t, would you hit it?

    I thought so!!!

  2. i already have *fwap fwap fwap*
    you got sloppy seconds tho…
    how did i taste? wanna see?
    p.s. bring crisc0 (butta flavored)

  3. you always had a *thing* for crisca the clown’s buttocks didn’t you? i say YES.


  4. fuck that foot feller!
    ima gonna grease up my BIG NIGGER DICK
    and jamm it up in them white girly
    guts!!!!!!! *grunt* (sigh)

    p.s. shimboy sounds cute too!

  5. neato.

  6. uhm…yuck…


  7. yoiks!!!

  8. Dude those pics made me laugh. Big time. Thanks.

  9. TC- you are a trooper. most of the time the response i get from showing those two eyeburning pictures goes something like this:


  10. I never said you weren’t a bastard

  11. uuuuuuuuuuuuuh

    wax dat goobers arse!

    *splash* *splash* *splash*


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