Hang ‘Em High

Give someone enough rope, they might be able to hang themselves with it.

I handed Miss Auschwitz a whole heap of rope. Yes sir.

The Bossman gave me the word today when I rolled in that Miss Auschwitz had re-tested our instrument storage racks this morning. A representative of OSHA was present, I believe. Eagerly anticipating the outcome from her results I couldn’t wait to hear what the verdict was. According to the boss those racks are well within safe ergonomic physical limits. After measuring the force required to slide a heavy instrument across the surface of a rack she ended up with totally different data compared to her first evaluation some years ago. Nothing has changed in that time. It’s laughable how far off the data is between both tests she conducted. Miss Auschwitz mentioned to my supervisor how *surprised* she was to discover such a low amount of resistance. That means hardly any physical strain would be experienced by an employee shoving or pulling a unit over a storage rack.

Keep in mind her first evaluation test results showed the exact opposite data and was the basis for letting an employee go with a hefty disability settlement.

I have triumphed over evil once again. Miss Auschwitz has been served a humiliating defeat. Not only will she have to abandon hassling me about those storage racks but she will also have to answer to the Bossman and some other interested individuals concerning her work. Honestly I would not want to be in her shoes right now. Unfortunately I don’t think she will be fired over this incident although in my opinion she probably has earned getting canned. Things won’t be very comfortable for Miss Auschwitz for a while that’s certain. I’m entirely amused and don’t feel a bit sorry for her. Due to her vindictive, caustic nature I have a hunch this won’t be the last time I run up against Miss Auschwitz. She is going to remember this episode and carry a grudge against me. She’s mad as hell right now. I can sense it. All I have to do is be aware of that fact and stay a couple steps ahead of her…

Final score at the end of round one game time: Factory Peasant- 1 Miss Auschwitz- 0.


~ by factorypeasant on October 19, 2006.

6 Responses to “Hang ‘Em High”

  1. always a fun read lol


  2. Shitfoot,

    It appears that Tony Rutledge has a new best friend over on Boomer’s Beer Blog by the name of Beer Boi. Any idea who Beer Boi might be?

  3. Sorry for the double post. Blogger.com’s acting weird.

  4. indeed it was acting weird. no problem, double post is fixed.

  5. anon,

    i be look into it…



  6. yo w’sup my ppl

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